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Toca Life: City

By Toca Boca AB

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-06-25
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 233.56 MB
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 874 Ratings

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Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures — there’s something in every corner! INTRODUCING TOCA LIFE Thanks to the great response to Toca Town, we're bringing you Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. First out in the series is Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City! CREATE Try, experiment and customize. It’s time to get creative in Toca Life: City! Change outfits, dye your hair any color and switch hairstyles in the Hair 3000! There are millions of ways to personalize the characters — we dare you to create them all. EXPLORE Say hi to 6 locations and 34 characters! Go shopping at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends over to your loft. Characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be transported between locations. DISCOVER There are treasures hidden everywhere in the City, and with Life Weekly it’s easy to find out about them. Located in the top right corner on the start screen, this feature gives you fun insights in the world of Toca Life: City! RECORD Record and play with the new recording feature! Create stories and record, save the video to your camera roll before sharing with your friends. What are your friends in Toca Life: City doing today? You decide! FEATURES: - 6 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon, food park, theatre and tailor - 35 characters that are customizable in over 4 million ways! - 47 hairstyles to test, 37 colors to choose from and various outfits to try on - 7 different food stands at the food park — have some sushi with your burger and try the famous fish ‘n chips! - Shop for clothes, kitchenware, pets, toys and groceries at the mall - Write a play and perform it at the theatre - Record your stories in the app and share with your friends! - More fun videos and games for the TV - No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like! - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases About Toca Boca At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at Privacy Policy Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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download Toca Life: City appstore reviewdownload Toca Life: City appstore reviewdownload Toca Life: City appstore reviewdownload Toca Life: City appstore reviewdownload Toca Life: City appstore review

Toca Life: City Reviews

  • Game

    By lilylotus123
    I think the game is amazing but please can we have a Christmas update with everything Christmassy available thx xx
  • Great but more apartments

    By Elzicle
    I think this game is great but I think it would be even better if there we more apartments aswell 👍👍
  • Greatest game ever also game ideas

    By Byemiddleageflab
    I have a good idea for a new game! This game gave me the idea. You could have an underground train station and there could be buttons like on an elevator and each one could symbolise a game that you made like Toca life city and Toca life hospital and Toca life stable but all of the and you could travel round but say you were in Toca life city and you went into the train station and went to the hospital you could still have the same character so you can be one character but go to all the games and there could be little baby prams but if you press and hold on the character that you want to hold the pram with the pram that you want it to hold ( there could be different colours of them) and then they will hold it. And also those prams are for the little baby’s from Toca life hospital but if you can make more of the baby’s as well. But for the toddlers,make prams that are like buggy’s so they are bigger but the same for the toddlers.also if you do make this app can you also make a little neighbourhood with a back garden as well If you like this idea please make it ❤️
  • Great Game! Suggestions😊

    By I love unicorns😍😍😍
    This game is so good my little brothers play a lot and so do I! I would like more apartments in the block as then you could choose kind of like toca vacation. Love all the Toca life games Great and I enjoy making stories with the different characters and I like doing their hair and dressing them up. I would love a shoe shop. I enjoy delivering parcels and letters to different people and places with the post office. I also enjoy going shopping at the mall and making shows at the theatre. Great game overall continue making amazing games can't wait for the next toca game(especially toca life as I own everyone so far as I'm obsessed!😂) Thanks for the great games and for keeping my brothers quiet!😊
  • Omg love this ....... but

    By Minionjeff21weekago
    I love all Toca life games they are so amazing but to make it even better you could make an app called Toca life world and say if you had them all , like me , then you can just carry them in one app instead of 8 different apps
  • It’s good but ya,know

    By Dam wizards
    Toca Boca Life City is really good i like the new update where u can just get any of the gifts without a code but this could be better.Maybe put a mall in or another city that u can go to or a village or town or even make a Toca Boca Life: Village or a Toca Boca Life:Pet store. It would be good if there was a bigger apartment or some to choose from but the next update I think should be a really big update well if u do consider any of these it would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.
  • Switching games

    By shfbjdnrjnj
    You should be able to join games like if you had toca life: farm you should be able to take characters to the other game. You could also make a new person on there

    By Howlymcslithers1
    hi Toca. I absolutely love this game and the life SEREZE!!!!! But I have an idea for this game and new game ideas!!!!!!! In this game pease add more houses and ad a HAT SHOP so they can shop for hats!!!!! For new game ideas do........ Toca life zoo Toca life police Toca life fire fighters Toca life pool Toca life wedding Toca life mall Thx for reading👍👍👍
  • Make a new game!!!!!!!

    By Huuuuuuuu.
    Plz can you make a Toca zoo I have all your games so far and would really enjoy a Toca zoo
  • Toca city Iife

    By AmazingAmy13428
    So glad I got this when it was free! It's really good like all the Toca life games. You don't need to pay for anything! (like most kids games nowadays) My little cousin loves these games so I always get my IPad stolen by him! He really does love all of your games and always says the "Toca Boca!" Opening before the game starts! He also always hums the little songs that play in the background. Thanks for keeping my little cousin occupied when ever he needs something to do.
  • Amazing

    By Jay3pm
    When I am bored I play this its so fun to create my own story
  • Why is there only one!!!!

    By squidgy pink purple porpoise
    Hi Toca boca this is a great game. But could you add more beds/more flats in the apartment block, this would make the game way better thanks😀😀
  • Cool but really...

    By Cool But needs more updates
    It’s awesome the game the credit and all the characters but.., maybe there should be more building e.g Maybe a daycare for kids or maybe somewhere where others work . By the way all the other toca games should be for free soon , I wanna try them
  • Just an idea

    By Bilboobaggins
    I thought of an idea for a new toca game, it could be a leisure center with a swimming pool, gymnastics room, shower and locker rooms, a main reception desk and things like that, it would be awesome if you took my idea into consideration
  • Forgot 🤦🏼‍♀️😄

    By Dark light 2017
    I forgot to tell you toca space, toca large, toca candy land, toca zoo, toca artist, toca sandwich shop, toca toy factory, toca pharmacy, toca science lab,toca medical school, toca France, toca Spain, toca vet, toca dog centre, highlands toca mountains, toca diamond shop, toca jewellery, toca hair salon, toca nail salon, toca bar, toca takeaway that's all thanks for reading hope you like my idea everybody's ideas are great 👍🏻
  • MUST READ THIS!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁

    By idknow😝😛😋
    AMAZING GREAT BEST APP EVER YEY !!!! 👌😁😁😁😄😄😄😄🤓🤓🤓#no.1 plus plz plz plz make toca life sea or toca life country or toca life house with a masive house and u select a room Thx by idknow

    By Liv 💜💜💜
    I love all the Toca Life apps. But I have one thing you can add to all of them. 1.on toca city please add more floor levels in the apartment block and a bank 2.on toca town please make a pub. 4.on toca stables please make a house, like a mansion because my idea was posh people own horses. Thats all please consider doing them! Thank you xxx
  • Buttttttt

    By imposter unicorn🦄:)
    I like this game but there is not enough places to go thank you make a toca mall please thanks
  • Good 😋

    By Random Kid in the Drive
    This game or what ever it is it's good for little kids❤️💛💚💙💜🖤
  • Great app but I have an idea

    By Author Ari
    Love this app so much but I have some ideas! More beds for the apartment A bigger apartment More children that aren't babies New apps you could make: Toca life: village Toca life: activity building/ swimming,tennis,football, rugby and the manager has an apartment at the top of the building. These are just suggestions and you don't have to use them because overall all the toca boca apps are amazing!

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