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Walking Dead: Road to Survival

By Scopely

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-08-26
  • Current Version: 8.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 146.43 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 5,074 Ratings

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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead strategy game, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic series. Build your team of Survivors and develop battle strategies to lead them into battle in an uncompromising story, fraught with danger. Fight for survival against walkers and humans alike, using strategy to attack enemy weak points and deep RPG progression to decide your path. Build a town to keep the walkers at bay, but be warned – The horrors that lurk outside aren’t the only threat, and your decisions are all that stand between life and death. Based on an all-new story from award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga, the dark aesthetic of this game reflects the uncompromising decisions you will need to make as you strategize for survival. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Features: • UPGRADE YOUR TEAM – Recruit a ragtag team of survivors, and customize them to increase their battle strategy, skill strength and weapons prowess. Use RPG strategy to make your Survivors more powerful as they cut down the walkers. • YOUR DECISIONS HAVE MEANING – Use battle strategy to make life or death decisions during missions that will change the outcome of the game. Write your own story in this dynamic and compelling strategy game. • RECRUIT ICONIC CHARACTERS - Recruit famous survivors from The Walking Dead comics, including Michonne, Rick, Andrea and Glenn. • BUILD THE ULTIMATE BASE – Build an airtight city to protect your survivors from the horror that lurks outside. Upgrade your Town Hall to expand your city into the wasteland, craft items at the Workshop and protect your survivors by building houses. • FIGHT WALKERS AND SURVIVORS – Fight with strategy, using special melee and ranged attacks and deadly weapons, including Michonne’s katana. Obliterate opponents using careful battle strategy and precise executions. • EXPLOIT STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES – Build your war strategy with unique, character-specific strengths and weaknesses to score powerful hits. • JOIN ONLINE ALLIANCE FACTIONS - Don't be left behind! Band together with friends and allies to create a battle strategy, pool resources and survive in the harsh world of The Walking Dead. • EXPLORE A NEW 3D MAP – Discover a 3D map of the Eastern United States, with points of interest and iconic areas from The Walking Dead comics. • RULE FAMOUS WALKING DEAD LOCATIONS – Fight alongside your faction for dominance of famous locations from The Walking Dead universe including Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary and more. Earn Boosts and other rewards for successfully capturing and defending your territories. • RAID ENEMIES IN STRATEGIC PVP BATTLES– Use cunning strategy to make your city come out on top. Take your survivors online, and use battle strategy to raid enemy strongholds on a wide-open world map. • LIVE IN-GAME EVENTS - Play to obtain valuable resources and new, exclusive Survivors. Walkers tear at your city’s walls from the outside, while desperate Survivors rip apart the town’s foundation from within. When the time comes to fight, what will you do? Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Join the online war against the walkers today! Please Note: Walking Dead: Road to Survival is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

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download Walking Dead: Road to Survival appstore reviewdownload Walking Dead: Road to Survival appstore reviewdownload Walking Dead: Road to Survival appstore reviewdownload Walking Dead: Road to Survival appstore reviewdownload Walking Dead: Road to Survival appstore review

Walking Dead: Road to Survival Reviews

  • Awful

    By Stef.Willett
    Downloaded it, was terrible, I lasted five minutes and it was completely uninteresting.
  • Yes 5*

    By Zombileena
    Well good init, like proper addict like heroin
  • The game used to be amazing but now

    By Hellwarlord
    The game was fun and interesting at first when you get Glenn who was a 3 star back in 2015 but in 2017 your getting 4 and 5 star characters and free weapons food and materials. Instead of working hard trying to earn those 4 and 5 star characters they give u it within an hr along with some other stuff. The game is broken in my opinion and I'm a massive fan of the walking dead and this has ruined it for me
  • Great game

    By Meg2289
    Love the game, but they need to fix an irritating bug where raids instantly time out! I have lost loads of reputation and it keeps happening.
  • Loves it!...... Or I DID.........

    By Pottsy8008135
    Ok so I've had to change my review.... firstly the game is great, no doubt about it but unfortunately when you buy packs, from your own hard earned real money to not receive them and then get fobbed off saying it'll be 12 hours and a week later they won't even respond to you. Having to claim the money back through your bank. Not great at all. Hence the one star for the crooks!
  • They just want money

    By Unwind snazzy
  • Frustrating

    By kru1978
    Great game up to level 6 then it puts you back to level 5 until you get back to level 6 then it puts you back to level 5 and so on and so on
  • Well done💯

    By Marco3033
  • Unpleasant

    By Blue Maniac
    This title has a great many issues. A mildly interesting, if illogical, story mode is pretty much the only redeeming characteristic floating in a sea of ridiculous features such as unnecessarily complex crafting, endless building, absurdly convoluted character training and upgrading, repetitive and unrealistic combat, a horrible interface, and disproportionately expensive IAPs. If you intend to compete at all in the many, many, many, many game modes and different events, you'll need to spend a lot of money and play the game more or less constantly. Just don't. Don't sell your house, your car, or your kids, don't quit your job, and don't download this utter mess of a game.
  • Awesome game

    By Morrigan the bloody
    Highly addictive, still playing it
  • Amazing

    By Guvhfhf
    Its a great game, quite addictive, would recommend to friends to download
  • Good game

    By Andy the fish
  • Alex

    By Alex118247
  • Greedy games developer

    By RazAkhtar
    Literally no meaningful progression unless you are willing to spend real money - this is the sad future of mobile gaming.
  • Best game ever

    By jake_smith_5803
    Very good
  • Unimpressed

    By Chris 1uz
    Tried several times to get past being level 5 but to no avail. Total waste of time!!!! Won't be trying another one which is a shame as I actually enjoyed the game play up to that point.
  • Update????

    By Dan death
    Same as other reviewers,tells me to update which I had already done now can't get back into game. Spent time and money on this game, so ------- disappointed
  • Perfectly fine.

    By my awesome name is JEFF
    Nothing to fancy, but a really good mix of town building/recourse collection and turn based fighting. Haven't run into any major problems within it, so there's no reason to give it any less than five stars.
  • Good game

    By Diki1990
    It's good game just need to the ability to gain better character easier overall well worth downloading
  • Junglequeen666

    By Drawing deluxe 2246
    There's a bug at the very start of the game that won't allow me to access the actual game. It keeps taking me to the App Store and telling me to update . How does it expect me to do that if I've already got the latest version available ?

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