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OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager

By Eturi Corp.

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-02-10
  • Current Version: 4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.27 MB
  • Developer: Eturi Corp.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,291 Ratings

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OurPact is a breakthrough parental control app and family locator that enables parents to manage their family’s screen time, locate family members using geolocation and teach time management through Internet and application blocking. Parents use OurPact Parental Control & Family Locator for complete family management: • Blocks/Grants – Block internet and block apps at-a-touch • Schedules – Schedule screen time throughout the day or week • App Rules – Block specific apps • Screen Time Allowance – Set daily screen time limits for your kids to budget as they see fit • App List – Discover what apps are on your child’s device • Block Texting – Use OurPact parental control to block access to texting apps • Find My Family – OurPact’s Family Locator allows parents to locate any family member using geolocation • Find My iPhone & iPad – OurPact’s Family Locator also lets parents locate all of their individual devices paired to their parent account in case of lost or stolen items. Our parental control and family locator solution allows parents to foster healthy habits and manage their child’s screen time using screen time allowance, blocking specific apps, blocking texts, and scheduling daily screen time according to a child’s daily routine. OurPact also gives parents the ability to discover what apps are installed on their child’s devices using App Lists and their children’s whereabouts with Family Locator. OurPact is a complete parental control solution that gives parents control over screen time and the peace of mind, knowing their children’s location at any moment. Enforcing bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time throughout the day has never been easier. By pairing your family’s iPads, iPhones, iPods or other device platforms to OurPact parental control, you have the power to manage your entire family’s screen time & device locations from one powerful application. Rest assured OurPact parental control gives parents the ability to limit child’s device use at any time, and locate your family from anywhere. Recommendations: • Use OurPact as a parental control solution to reinforce spoken or written agreements with your child regarding screen time limits and device use. • Set daily screen time allowance and teach your children how to budget their screen time effectively. • Use OurPact parental control to block social media or games with a single touch, while leaving apps that help your children learn and grow. • Find my family or locate lost or stolen items using Family Locator • Set one-time or recurring schedules for your child to manage screen time on-the-go. OurPact parental control and family locator was designed with the family in mind as an effective, guidance-based screen time management solution. Whether you are introducing a younger child to device ownership, or struggle to connect with a teenager who spends too much time on social media, OurPact is the perfect parental control and management solution for your family. OurPact offers a Plus and Premium monthly auto-renewing subscription for $1.99 and $4.99 USD charged to your iTunes account. Try one free for 1 week. You will be billed monthly within 24 hours of the end of the current billing period. You may cancel billing or turn off auto-renewal of your OurPact subscriptions at any time by going to the user's Account Settings. To avoid being billed for an additional period, subscriptions must be canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. For more information visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: If you have any questions or need technical support, do not hesitate to reach us via: Email:

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download OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager appstore reviewdownload OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager appstore reviewdownload OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager appstore reviewdownload OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager appstore reviewdownload OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager appstore review

OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager Reviews

  • P

    By Petulahoo
    Best thing I've ever put on the kids devices
  • Did it

    By goldilox01
    So what happened with the app I tried it on my iPhone that had ourpact jr on and our pact parent app NEVER CLICK BLOCK ON YOUR DEVICE !
  • I'm a kid

    By Elz on a mission
    I'm a kid n I did this on my parents as a prank 😂 so funny
  • Good idea, but too glitchy

    By Ugmike
    When it works, it's fine. But most of the time it doesn't. Problems were: 1) The installation process was tortuous. It finally worked for some seemingly random reason (support were helpful, but their standard answers didn't work). 2) We found that the app often told us that time had been used up, but this was not possible (e.g. One minute after tablet was activated, one hour of time used up). Increasing allowance still resulted in being blocked. The result: we found ourselves manually setting times and granting access in a way that we could do manually by restricting physical access to the devices. So overall, not worth the money. Subscription cancelled.
  • Best way to embarrass your kids and make them resent you 10/10

    By Geussgishsheodgsgsg
    If i could give this 0 stars i would it is a show of the worst parenting i have ever seen and the statistics are all lies they have no way to track this and if u do this to your child they will not get along with u they will get offended that u dont trust them and its stupid.
  • Total rubbish

    By lewis303
    Installed this app on to my sons iPhone 6 and within 1 hr he had found a back door into the app and removed it from his phone . He went into settings selected general scrolled down to device management then selected device system profile and then deleted the app !! What a total waste of time this app is parents have NO control over any device this is on 😡
  • Premium version - awful!

    By APC100
    Never normally write reviews but feel incensed to do so. Upgraded to premium version to have more control over specific app management. The whole process is extremely cumbersome and involves making a full back up of each device via iTunes! We have 6 devices to backup and I don't have enough storage on my MacBook to back up 1 device!! (Started with my daughter's phone which has a 128GB phone which she inherited following upgrade which she has now filled!). The instructions advise deleting files from the device if this occurs but I'm not prepared to do this as the whole process has been glitchy (user interface for Mac took 2 days to download initially due to a recurrent server error!) We have paid for 2 months of premium service so far and not been able to use the service at all - subscription most definitely cancelled!!!
  • Kids suss glitches

    By Midgethemouse1
    It was great to start, but I quickly found that the average 11/12 year old quickly works out glitches to circumvent the software, still being able to access non-wifi games after the cut off. We're still on the free version, if upgrade becomes compulsory then it's getting ditched - can't be going with recurrent subscriptions, I'd pay a one-off but that's all. The developers needs to become cleverer than the kids!
  • Ruined phone!

    By Fletcher Masterson
    Would not recommend! The scrabbling of apps is ridiculous and also permanently blocked and ruined my sons phone - even on premium! Love the idea but clearly the software needs updating.
  • BAD APP!!

    By Gjghvgjvghgygf
  • Nioce

    By Elmo114
    Got dis app to linet me daddys access
  • 😭😭😭😭

    By Qwertypop1967
    All my photos have disappeared after using this!!!!! HELP!!
  • Really good app

    By I shahzad
    I tried few different apps and I was very disappointed but after start using this so I am very glad it's work very well
  • Horrible

    By Bpt123😍
    It has deleted everything when it came back on I will complain about this 😭😡😡
  • Why

    By bad parenting
    This app is invasive and terrible, your child will not appreciate this or love you more because of it, this will only do the opposite and make them more inclined to disobey you and seek internet access elsewhere. Instead of saying "this is bad, no more." We should teach them the dangers of the internet and let them understand and respect the digital world as it's not going away anytime soon and teaching your children to live in fear of you and the world is no way to let them live.
  • Great technology BUT bad idea

    By Brooke_Summer
    This technology is amazing and it works! But for a parent to have to use this app in my opinion is ridiculous!!! This means you've lost control of your child and your allowing a child to dictate and control you. If a child is misbehaving and you want to take their social media away then take the phone and make them understand what they did. It's actually an incredibly lazy way of teaching your child right from wrong. And most children these days are better at technology than their parents and as stated in other reviews you are able to remove this within the settings. And reviews stating that Apple and the app need to fix what's wrong with their app - how about you fix your parenting techniques. Overall the app is really good if you buy premium if not it's a bit of a waste.
  • Premium Does Not Work

    By Willg65577
    We have 2 kids. First one we can't use premium features. Installed and uninstalled repeatedly, according to instructions given by support. Still now working 2nd kids, premium features available, but locator about 5 miles out and timed access doesn't work. Waste of money and large amount of time spent installing extra features.
  • Lmao, you wouldn't need this if you could parent properly :)

    By Randomnessexplode
    Maybe listen to your kids when they're talking to you because that could be one reason why they're always on their phone, and adults don't think you're not guilty I see my parents on their phones 24/7 when I'm trying to watch tv, this sort of behaviour is LEARNT, if you don't want your child to have bad habits don't teach them...maybe also stop controlling what they do too, maybe they're talking to friends but no lets go and make sure that they're ALWAYS with their family and can't have time of their own...
  • Wasted money

    By Kjfully
    In theory this app was going to help, in reality it was pretty useless. Purchased the premium subscription, couldn't even install it on one of our iPods. Had real problems scheduling time on all of our devices and the final straw was how easy it is for any of the devices to remove the pairing and app altogether ! Sadly I feel I've wasted my money on this app.
  • Get it now don't waste time reading and download it

    By jake18122003
    Is is very helpful and cool my son now does his homework and goes bed on time

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