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Fun Hospital

By OrangesGame Technology Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-11-20
  • Current Version: 2.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 119.82 MB
  • Developer: OrangesGame Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 2,054 Ratings

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You are invited to build a fantastic theme hospital! Build a hospital with your smart strategy NOW! And expand it to the most famous and supreme hospital in the world! ▶ BUILD A HOSPITAL FREELY There are plenty of rooms with different functions, as the boss you need to decide which, where and when to build these to save more patients. Building, placing and upgrading your rooms strategically will keep the treatment going and your profit growing. ▶ CREATE YOUR MEDICAL TEAM Hire doctors, nurses and cleaners according to their capabilities, place them in work positions to treat patients! Train, equip and upgrade them to improve their work performance, and manage their work and rest policy to keep them in a good condition. ▶ CURE VARIOUS PATIENTS Enjoy your leisure time watching hundreds of cute little patients walking, sitting and receiving medical treatment in your hospital! Each of them has unique appearances before and after treatment. More importantly, the rooms, facilities and staff members will have a real-time influence on patient’s behavior, in other words, your decision and strategy determine their treatment results! ▶ CHALLENGE HUNDREDS OF DISEASES Upgrade your technology to unlock more diseases. You will be able to save patients from the pain of fever, baldness, OCD, pregnancy, fart, zombie curse, blood phobia, pig head, muscle injury, smoking addict, game addict … ▶ COMPETE TO EARN REWARDS Create or join a union. Help your union mates and complete union tasks to increase your union ranking in the weekly Medical Tournament! The Top Hospital Unions will earn great rewards and trophies every week! ▶ PLAYER REVIEWS: “I have been waiting for a game like this on IOS devices for ages. Take me back to the old theme hospital games! Hilarious characters, funny dialogues and clever game design which brings me tons of fun. “ “An excellent fun game. Unlike many other build it & management games, this one afford you many hours of continuous enjoyment. Very interesting and addictive“ “Great time killer! Classic theme & tycoon game style. Funny as hell! “ Tycoon’s back! Fun Hospital is the greatest hospital simulator ever on mobile! Play with people all over the world in this amazing online building & simulation game! Requires iOS7 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4 or later, iPad mini. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, and iPad 2 or later. Fun Hospital is free to download and play. However some in-app items can be purchased for real money. Like us: Email: FB messenger:

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download Fun Hospital appstore reviewdownload Fun Hospital appstore reviewdownload Fun Hospital appstore reviewdownload Fun Hospital appstore reviewdownload Fun Hospital appstore review

Fun Hospital Reviews

  • WTF

    By Llrene1234
  • Where has my game gone?

    By Madsocks21
    Erm what have you done to my game? It has gone. I am being forced to start again.... WTF?
  • Game won't load hospital disappeared

    By Susie218495
    After this recent update the server on NA-01 has gone down 3 times during a tournament making players unable to finish tasks after spending cash on extra diamonds to help, it got up and running again but today it has gone down again and my hospital has disappeared at level 116 I have purchased extra diamonds to get it at the stage it's at and I refuse to start again, my message from fun hospital was 'the issue is sorted sorry for the inconvenience' the issue is not sorted, it's time for me to say goodbye to this once enjoyable game 😔 gutted !
  • Problems quickly resolved

    By Lil_Laurs
    Love this game and how quick issues are resolved!
  • Long term player disappointed

    By Loz2381
    I have been playing fun Hospital for some time now. In the beginning I loved the challenge. I joined a union which has now become a little family it’s all been good. However after That playing for so long the challenge has gone, the small things we enjoyed as a team have been changed so we can no longer do them such as transferring Special’s. Which I do recognise as a glitch but sometimes it’s the glitches that actually make the game play more interesting. Instead the developers have added an achievement system that nobody who is an established player is interested in and removed things we are. They also haven’t added anything for their loyal players who have continued and contributed to the game via the union system and the purchase of additional gems. My union are losing players who no longer have any interest in playing due to boredom and no updates. These are people I consider friends. Its sad that the developers are doing so little to reward loyalty.
  • Disappointed

    By David_kingdon
    Was really enjoying this game until the last update. It seems the developers are getting greedy and making the upgrades etc take far longer to do enticing you to buy more diamonds.....
  • Do Not Update

    By Mrs.Bartolozzi
    I installed the update today (wouldn't let me play the game without it) and now the game won't load. Waste of time!! This was my review from the last time they updated. It's exactly the same with this one.
  • Update no update

    By Jannielou
    Very annoyingly I cannot update game and so will have to delete and start again.
  • upgrade has ruined the game

    By Sar1872
    they have just done a stupid upgrade where it now takes days to upgrade anything and cost so much more to do stuff, so they have ruined a good game due to there greediness of us buying gems and spending them to play the game
  • : (

    By Cocol123
    Used to love this game, but it comes to an end once you reach level 115. Nothing new or updated for high level players in months and months. The tournament is the only good thing at high level but even then, you have a team of 30 and 12 tasks that take half an hour to appear so 30 people waiting is ridiculous. The tasks need updating. Needs new patients and new rooms. If your new to game you will enjoy it but eventually you become bored.
  • Dissapointed

    By Not a happy bunny 0708
    Well since the update I have not been able to open the game I'm on level 39 and have spent a lot of money and time getting to this stage and now I can't even play it I'm very disappointed it used to be a very enjoyable game but not anymore as just won't open
  • Useless update

    By C.H.O.L.E
    It is a great game and for the lower levels there is a lot to look forward to. However, it really seems like the creators of the game are looking for ways to slow down gamers advancing levels too fast. Most likely so they do not have to add new patients, challenges and stages etc for level 100+, when the game becomes quite repetitive. The new update includes sharing our achievements in the world and union chat... no one cares for it. Plus it has proven to be useless because you can share achievements you haven't even met yet. It also include an extension in time for room updates which is ridiculous. People already hate waiting 9hrs+ for one room to level up so how does 25hrs seem reasonable!! They should focus on adding new fun features for higher levels, instead of making it increasingly difficult for the lower levels to advance to the next level. The entire concept is in the name, it's called "FUN HOSPITAL" for heavens sake. So make it FUN for the gamers. Don't make people wait over a day just to upgrade one room because they can't play if certain rooms are under construction.
  • Absolute garbage

    By Robertodemateo
    Takes ages to upgrade rooms, lack of good patients, big pockets needed to play this game, developer take you for a ride! Not worth the hassle.
  • Used to be 5 star now only 1

    By Quick_im
    Bad update. Change upgrade times back!
  • Update

    By Charlieb87
    New update is throwing me off game! Wont even load
  • Highly addictive!

    By Louise1984a
    This is very similar to a game I played years ago on the PlayStation!! Love it!
  • Addictive Game

    By Alma109
    Have had problems intermittently after updates but now sorted out successfully by the Support Team who also gave me 30 diamonds for my troubles. Great game when it’s working properly.
  • Not impressed

    By Bakeey
    The games dull, glitchy, repetitive. If you have any issues and message them on Facebook, all you’ll get is ignored. There’s some really nasty, vindictive players and the developers ignore this completely and don’t help.
  • So far a fun game!

    By Tribal Matriarch
    Started playing it to see what was absorbing my other half so much... not totally addicted yet, but probably will be soon. Amendment, I can totally see why this is so addictive. So much fun!
  • Reset?

    By iPad mini 10101010100101
    So I was a level 28 I believe hospital, loved playing the game and logged on and the game reset everything? I have to start again now? 😡 level 1 I’ve tried logging in and out of Game Centre, deleting and installing the game again... nothing Game is now deleted! What a joke! All that time and effort wasted!

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