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Mobile Strike

By Epic War LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-11-11
  • Current Version: 3.22.515
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 244.33 MB
  • Developer: Epic War LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 5,064 Ratings

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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield! Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game! - Join millions of players from around the world - Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might - Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies - Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies! - Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter - Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower - Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers - Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast mulitplayer world of Mobile Strike. Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:

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Mobile Strike Reviews


    By fiendd21
    This game should be avoided at all costs, once you're into it - you (and mainly your BANK ACCOUNT) will regret it for a long time. Completing 1 action, like research, building or training, can sometimes take up to a million days, yes, A MILLION!! Once you've bought the cheapest pack (£5), you will only ever be able to buy them again for £100/£150. Unless you spend £1000s on the game, you will never be able to compete with the top players, or progress past certain stages/levels, leaving you feeling like you've wasted both money and time. And then there's the untested, unnecessary, and UNWANTED UPDATES that completely change and even ruin the whole game, not to mention the number of new bugs these updates bring to an already very glitchy game. Please please avoid this game, or prepare yourself for huge amounts of frustration and debt.
  • Me

    By Mick aldridge
  • Good game

    By Poundsie
    Early days but the game seems decent right now.
  • I love the mini game advertisement

    By Starlyght6901
    The one and only thing I do love about this game is the advertisements it puts out on other games... it keeps me happy for a while, then I go back to my other game, I get excited to play the mini game but dread going on the ACTUAL game... how lame is it when the ad is better than the game? Pretty lame.
  • Decent game

    By MadHead_93
    Gets a little addictive. One improvement could be the option to hide or remove the live chat thing that just gets annoying af
  • Worst

    It was good before now it is becoming worst cos of heavy and costly in app purchases and idea of mega march is another worst idea if you separate players from there alliance and state many of the players are going to stop playing our state is STIL is already on STRIKE we re not participating in any thing and if out state is deleted them many many of us are going to deleted this game
  • To much

    By agzlat
    Everything is expensive and new things come out everyday im only a guy whos in secondary school still and i have to pay over 300 pounds everyday so that i can be with everyone else

    By General489
    This was a great game until as others have said you need to spend £100's weekly to have a chance of competing. The developers have got greedy & are releasing new items everyday. 1 day you can buy a £100 pack for the latest gear which the pack is also full of items you don't need & cannot gift to smaller players then within 24hrs they have released new supposedly better gear. The game constantly glitches/crashes & boots you out of the game which is frustrating if you are in the middle of a battle. Don't play the game unless you have a big wallet & are willing to spend a fortune on it.
  • Expensive

    By davylfc
    Way to much money required to stay relevant, new items which can cost as much as £300 in certain packs now only lasting days before new items released
  • AVOID!!!!!!

    By Mickyc2007
    What was once a very good game has now been ruined by the greed of the developers. Unless you have thousands a month (sometimes even a week) in disposable income to waste on this game, don't download it and get sucked in. You CANNOT play and compete in this game without spending thousands. And after you spend the thousands to get too the top? They'll release something else the very next day which almost makes the previous release completely obsolete. Then the day after that? You guessed it another release! Absolutely zero customer service and game lags almost to the point that it's unplayable. So just to recap, AVOID!!!!
  • All good things come to an end

    By Sjiwork
    You can't get very far without paying to play. I have no issue with this but.. soon you pretty much can't compete unless you spend a huge amount of cash. At the max level they release things days after you have just upgraded making it obsolete. The game has a great community of alliances and players but unfortunately they are being ripped off, pure and simple. This game has moved from a pickup mobile game to an thriving online community but the developers have not adjusted their model to cater for this change.
  • Rip Off / Poor Customer Supporr

    By Charlie1349
    So I have been playing this game for a long time now...and have invested a lot more money then I care to admit. Don't get me wrong it has the potential to be a great game but MS have got so greedy over the last 6 now have to buy daily so unless you have unlimited amounts for money you will never be ahead in the game, they don't give you enough time to enjoy your hard earned cash and if you don't spend money you don't get anywhere. It's such a shame that greed has taken over this great game. On top of that when there is an issue I.ei missing items in packs...customer service don't help to resolve this. If you are mega rich it's a great game, if you are not I wouldn't bother...
  • Great at start, but.....

    By JasonGee
    Like others here have said it's impossible to keep up unless you spend spend spend. Some objectives are utterly impossible unless you buy items. I'm losing interest fast.
  • Insignias

    By TIG3RACE13
    I've just won some Insignias and I can't use them this game is just pay to win I want to be able to use my insignias
  • Lasts five mins on iPad then crashes

    By Mal108
    Don't download this glitch ridden game, it snoops all you apps and files in the background while your playing. If the game makers were not so greedy with their pack prices and actually delivered a game worth playing it could live up to the hype. You will spend days clicking on endless research files when one for each piece of research would suffice. You go from zero mins to millions of days on research alone. There is no real game play because bully boys run the show and steal what you pay for. Don't get it go back to console games where at least you'll get your money's worth and a full glitch free game to play.
  • Addicted

    By Widsj92
    Played for a week and I am hooked.
  • Good

    By kyleAaronx
  • Hopeless

    By Sammo21051992
    Game requires you to spend £££'s a week to continue playing else you sit under a shield for your entire playing time, new stuff comes out daily, and unless your willing to spend, there's no point playing, concept of the game is 'fun war game' it's anything but, lag is shocking, new updates 85% of the time don't even work properly, contact the 'team' to get an automated response which avoids any questions you want answering. My opinion: Find a free/cheaper alternative, the greed by developers on this game is disgusting, so many on the game spend their hard earned cash only for them to be outdated and shielded the next week due to updates. Absolutely disgraceful.
  • Pay to play

    By !bailie!:15
    Very good game ruined by the greed of the makers there is a server wide strike happening on the game right now as players are sick of having to "pay to play". The makers have made the game very one sided where it's all attacking to make you have to buy more packs to rebuild from any hit! They destroyed a great game with their greed..!!
  • Over hyped

    By Probably Chris
    It's actually not fun it's more of a chore to play

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