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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer

By Ride with GPS

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2014-07-20
  • Current Version: 1.7.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.92 MB
  • Developer: Ride with GPS
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 30 Ratings

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Looking for rock-solid GPS logging? How about excellent bike navigation? With support for bluetooth cadence, heart rate and power accessories, Ride with GPS is the best bike computer on the market. Come experience our passion to make riding easy, safe and fun for cyclists worldwide. Ride, Record, Snap, and Share - Ride with GPS RIDE • One press and you’re off; we’ll provide a map, distance traveled, ride duration and more. • Designed to be stable and efficient; we’ll record all your stats while leaving battery life to spare. • See routes and cuesheets planned with our website • Love your Garmin? Keep it. Our product can stand alone or work in tandem with your existing bike computer. • Route navigation; turn by turn guidance with voice prompts and cue sheets so you never get lost while riding your bike. Basic/Premium only. RECORD • Rock-solid GPS Logging; accuracy and stability are important. Like you, our GPS won’t quit. • Comprehensive Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart support; capture power, cadence, heart rate, and more. Can also be used when riding indoors. • Bicycle profiles for more accurate data; keep your stats organized by equipment for a more complete look at your ride history. • We love all bikes; Whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike, our software is the perfect companion. SNAP • Make it memorable; take photos using your preferred camera app, and we’ll automatically associate them with your ride. • Remember great spots; photos with location data are geotagged on your ride. • Enhance your Garmin; even if you prefer your own bike GPS, the Ride with GPS app makes it easy to take and upload photos when you are done. SHARE • Be social; publish your rides to social media, or keep them within our community. Of course we value privacy, it's simple to hide any rides from public eyes. • Make it presentable; add additional details using the Ride with GPS website, and share your rides and photos in a format your friends and family will enjoy. • Between other software and devices; export GPX, KML, or TCX files from the website for use in other software or compatible bike GPS units. • Your data; we believe that our users own their data. We’ll never hold your ride history hostage. • With your devices. Enable Health app publishing in settings and we'll automatically publish your rides duration and distance to the Health app, so you can keep all your fitness data in one place. FOR OUR CUSTOMERS • Turn by turn navigation; whether you’ve planned a bike ride in advance, or you’ve found one from our catalog, we’ll keep you cycling in the right direction. • Keep it real with live logging; publish ride stats and photos in real time, so your friends and family can track your progress. •Never be lost with offline maps. Download maps and cues for a ride in advance and ride worry free. SUPPORTED DEVICES Ride With GPS supports all Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4/BTE/BTLE) sensors. We’ve tested the following: Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Strap Wahoo Fitness Blue SC speed and cadence sensor Wahoo Fitness RPM cadence sensor Stages power meter Polar Wearlink+ BTLE heartrate strap Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor Runtastic Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor Powertap BTLE speed and cadence sensor SUBSCRIPTIONS To unlock Offline Maps, Voiced Navigation, Live Logging, and additional features on our website, we offer these subscription options: • Basic ($5.99/month or $49.99/year) • Premium ($9.99/month or $79.99/year) Subscriptions renew automatically unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. DISCLAIMER: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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download Ride with GPS - Bike Computer appstore reviewdownload Ride with GPS - Bike Computer appstore reviewdownload Ride with GPS - Bike Computer appstore reviewdownload Ride with GPS - Bike Computer appstore reviewdownload Ride with GPS - Bike Computer appstore review

Ride with GPS - Bike Computer Reviews

  • Poor

    By rcc rider
    I find it impossibly difficult to download and sync routes with wahoo even as paid subscriber. Very annoying that have to use desktop version for some aspects rather than all on mobile!
  • Useless without paid subscription

    By Paul H
    Just get the free version of Strava instead.
  • Rubbish

    By Beavenburt
    Tried many times to sign up but keep getting message that email is invalid. I don't have a Facebook account so i can't sign up. Not cool.
  • Everything you need

    By Webstar78
    Great little app with tones of stuff to help you on your ride
  • Requires subscription to be useful

    By Hhk00
    Generic social network linked bike tracking app.
  • buggy - keeps crashing - the app closes, whhhyyy?!

    By PsychedelicMacWhite
    buggy - keeps crashing - the app closes, whhhyyy?!
  • Not working on iPhone 4 OS 7.1.2

    By jononono
    I have the IPhone 4 from late 2010 running OS7.1.2 its not in any way the latest technology and I doubt most people will have phones this old. The Ride with GPS app says it should run on OS7 and above. It doesn’t When I first installed it, the app launched fine but crashed everytime I hit the button to go to the login page. I re-booted the phone, now the app opens but freezes. If I wait a long time I can get it working again but then it crashes everytime I try to hit that login button. Now I just tried it again and it just goes to that button and crashes all on its own accord. I think there has been a recent software update. The reviews for previous versions are a mixed bag (often the complaint is only about the value of in-app purchase rather than functionality) but, so far, there is only one review from those who downloaded this latest version (not good functionality). Hopefully Ride with GPS can fix these problems (come on you can’t abandon the iPhone 4 crew!) - the idea behind the app is great and there is great web content too.
  • Lost all my data after saving route

    By Biscuit mc biscuit face
    This app is expensive for the in app navigation at 2.99 per week I had to use it to try out a British cycling route I'm doing for a fundraiser But I stopped at a pub, paused the app and 'saved' my route - it uploaded the route but has lost all my ride data. Not impressed
  • A game changer

    By plbs76
    I'd been looking for a bike nav unit for a while and whilst there are dedicated devices (eg Garmin Edge), I just couldn't justify their high price tags. When you think about today's smartphones having GPS and a sizeable screen, an app would seem a logical solution. Ride with GPS is the answer. Adv - Pay for app upgrade and get turn-by-turn navigation. - Clear, audible cues mean there's actually no need to even look at your phone screen. - Not too power hungry - 3hrs riding with an iPhone 6 used 33% battery. Would be even less turning down screen brightness and turning off wifi. If I was going out for a really long ride then I'd just take my Powerbank as backup. - Integrates nicely with Garmin Connect. - Website route planning tool is pretty easy to use. Dis - Didn't think it was made very clear that turn-by-turn is only on paid for versions. Suggestions - Would be good to see some functionality for rating users' rides eg based on scenery, road surface, traffic on roads etc - The ultimate would be ability to set a distance and/or waypoints for a ride and the software to mix together best user routes into single bespoke route. Strava and Garmin better watch out. 'Ride with GPS' brings bike navigation to the masses in a easy-to-use, cost-effective package. Keep up the good work.
  • Comprehensive Cycle Router

    By Derbyshark
    I've only recently started using this ap for cycling but it seems to have a lot of good facilities. It's based on Garmin so I shouldn't be surprised. The maps are detailed and have most features marked that I need.
  • Expensive Premium/Does nothing without

    By ohjoeyhh
    So, I'm giving this app one star because without an upgrade to premium most of the features don't work and at £2.99fpr a 7 day upgrade being the only premium option available, it really is expensive! I'd like to see a paid for version or lifetime upgrade option or even a yearly subscription but they would have to be competitive to attract me. Sort it out guys!!
  • Almost perfect

    By ariannedonoghue
    I used RWGPS on my iPhone 6 alongside the Wahoo RFLKT, TICKR and cadence sensor. It works well for navigation although it will occasionally tell me I'm off course when I'm not, and I love the ability to customise the screens. However, if I pause for any reason, I tend to lose connection to either my cadence sensor or HRM - it's very unusual to have both working at once and to be receiving data for both. This obviously causes issues in trying to pace my activity and record my rides and this bugginess is what's stopping me using this app as my primary recording platform, in place of Strava or Wahoo. Please sort it out - I now pay a monthly fee to help support development and provide the navigation, but I won't do so I definitely unless the problems are fixed. It'd also be great to see an export feature to Strava from within the app so I don't have to wait till I get in to muck about with computer exports. Btw, for those complaining about the cost to add-on navigation - sign up on the website and it costs about £4 for a whole month to get nav and some of the other features, vs £2.99 for a week.
  • No trial?

    By JumpingJonFlash
    o0timbo0o - what's wrong with a Garmin 810? I have the 800 and it doesn't miss a beat and the navigation and battery life are excellent (I've used it for 200 miles+ rides). I know loads of people who have the 810s and love it. As for 4hrs battery life on an iPhone (with screen on) - that sounds about right. Were you expecting the phone to have better life than a Garmin? That isn't the fault of the app either. Most Nav apps last around the same as this and some are worse. I'm interested in testing turn-by-turn voice navigation with the screen off for this app but £2.99 for 7 days is shocking! It would be nice to be able to trial it first as I'm not convinced it will work. Nobody else does it properly
  • Worked really well under iOS 7...

    By Louche Of Loaf
    ...beset with problems under iOS 8. The auto rotate map feature works only intermittently. Progress is not constantly tracked; the map randomly stops tracking and trying to pin point the current location only defaults to a random point already traveled. The standard map type is the only reliable option as other maps constantly zoom in and out of their own accord. Restarting iPhone & reinstallation of Ride With GPS do not this remedy this issue. Obviously, these serious problems need to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Really good

    By Moxo2020
    I paid for the one week's subscription whilst in Mallorca last week, somewhere I have never cycled before. Pick the start point , the distance and the elevation that you want to ride and it works a treat without any roaming charges and the navigation is a real highlight. The only thing I don't like about it is a really irritating alert when you're off course. I also used it for a London to Surrey Hills ride and that worked really well too. The fact is that you cannot rely on garmin devices for any meaningful navigation but I still need to use garmin for power cadence and heart rate readings. If this app and the iPhone 6 could read power, cadence and HR readings you wouldn't need a cycle computer.
  • WOW something worse than a Garmin 810

    By o0timbo0o
    I'm doing lands end to john o'groats in a weeks time and need something that will be more reliable than my wholly inadequate Garmin 810. 1st off I will say that the route planner and general website is quite good , exporting to TCX GPX and KML are handy but that’s where it ends. I went out on a limb and purchased a iphone 5 and a quad lock purely to run the ridewithgps navigation tool(nothing else). As part of the LEJOG we are taking lots of twists and turns as we are looking to avoid all main roads where we can , the Garmin can’t even hold its own on a 60 mile sportive so something else with reliability , battery life and decent Nav is clearly required. I actually thought there was something wrong with the battery on the IP5 so had a new one fitted , another waste of £10 , this software running drains a full battery in 4 hours , even messing around with settings that’s it , no more .. dead within 4 hours. It should be called ridewithgpstotheshoponlyotherwiseyourbatterywillbetoast The 'Keep screen on' button does nothing, turn it off..nothing . I was expecting the screen to dim and then when you approach a junction , the screen light up with next turn . No such luck, screen sits there blazing away regardless of the settings you select. Go off course ?? want to know a route back to the course ? , Don't expect this software to tell you , it just warbles and while we are busy tearing this rather poor excuse for a nav tool apart. Why do I always have to go to the settings and select 'North orientated' each time I run a route. Come on this is ridicules, it's basic basic stuff . How about a graphic showing complex junction manoeuvres in the pop up instead of the single signs that are so badly delayed that the voice is telling you what you did 30 seconds later .Garmin edge is the biggest pile of guano ever sold , a total embarrassment to the company who have the nerve to actually have the product on sale. ridewithgps has just walked away with that title, way to go.
  • Use on motorcycle - works well.

    By waterhead37
    My interest in this app is as a companion to the Ride with GPS Web site where I can plan my rides and then navigate them with this app. The website also acts as a repository for routes and tracks of my trips which can be accessed by the app. The ability to download relevant map sections so that I can navigate without an Internet connection is very useful. In use, the app works well and as advertised, although as a motorcyclist, I have no interest in heart rate and cadence type information, so can't comment on this. I get a clear, uncluttered display of my route, and below that a useful collection of data (even for my motorcycling needs) that is easy to read even on my small screen iPhone 4. It would be even more useful, were I able to select which data fields I wanted displayed and to be able to adjust the timing of the turn alerts that pop up whilst navigating - I need them earlier than a pedal cyclist on account of my higher speed.
  • Looks promising.

    By SteveGBuck
    Used this for the first time tonight on my evening ride (about 18 miles). Nice and stable app. With clear display that has a good balance of map view and vital statistics on a single display. Only issue I found is my Bluetooth heart rate monitor doesn't work with this app despite it working fine on strava and wahoo. Also some of the features that really separate this app from the rest require in app purchases which is fair enough but I think £2.99 for only 7 days is a little pricey.
  • Nearly There

    By JLTodh
    Just using the 1 month evaluation to see if its worth subscribing to. The turn by turn on the Rflkt is superb. Unfortunately connectivity to my RPM and Tickr X is a bit flaky. Connections need to be made and kept from the start. I had to keep stopping to try and restart the app. Make Bluetooth connectivity solid and you’ll have a winner.
  • Awful!

    By AlanWestwood
    The latest version of this app, with supposed RFLKT support including TBT navigation, is so spectacularly bad that its driven me back to Garmin (Edge 810). The app won't connect reliably with sensors for heart rate, cadence, power, speed, the RFLKT switches off even before the ride is started, customisation of the RFLKT screen is non-existent, and its impossible to see the ride data after finishing until its been uploaded to the website then back down to the phone. Its awful!

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