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By Tend Insights Inc

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-04-24
  • Current Version: 1.0.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 22.70 MB
  • Developer: Tend Insights Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 2
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This is the official app for the BT Smart Home Cam 100. The Home Cam app lets you view your BT Smart Home Cam 100 from wherever you are in the world using your iPhone or iPad. View live video, record or take snapshots. You can also adjust the settings of your video stream, share your saved images and videos with friends… and so much more. HOME - Keep an eye on your home & receive motion alerts when you're not there. PETS - Make sure your pets are ok while you're at work. FAMILY - Check the kids are back home from school. SMALL BUSINESS - See what's going on in your store or business at all times. Check for more information regarding the BT Smart Home Cam 100. Key features - HD quality video - Night vision - Motion detection alerts - Push notification when motion detected - Record clips to your iPhone or iPad - Easy 3 step set-up - Auto-login - Safe and secure - Premium plans to automatically record images and video when you’re not there Important information: - YOU MUST PURCHASE A BT SMART HOME CAM 100 IN ORDER FOR THIS APP TO WORK - BT Smart Home Cam 100 works with all broadband providers.

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download BT Home Cam appstore reviewdownload BT Home Cam appstore reviewdownload BT Home Cam appstore reviewdownload BT Home Cam appstore review

BT Home Cam Reviews

  • Was good but now cannot link to Network.

    By rockhound2
    Have had this product for a few years and was happy with it. However, it will no longer link to the network, I just keep getting an amber light. Reinstalled both app and camera but same thing. I can link to the camera during installation, but it will not find the network when you switch the button after set up. The above was on my home hub 4, wondered if it was a problem after a hub update, which BT send periodically. As I was in the process of upgrading to infinity, I was also able to try and link it to the Home hub 6 they sent me. This does not even list the hub in the network list, even after a refresh. The app does not seem to have been updated since 2015. Could it be that it is no longer compatible.
  • Unreliable, problem after problem, disappointing from BT

    By SPow64
    Just when you think it's working find it lets you down. Latest problem is event recordings won't play back even after reinstall if app, so my subscription is money down the drain and if I'm robbed I can't see the video event! Too unreliable to be worth the initial outlay and then £8.99 monthly subscription. Great idea, great camera, crap service.
  • BT Smart Cam not so smart

    By PaulT5912
    Dire! Absolutely dire!!! 3 times the cost of original camera now not compatible with the new BT HUB.. 3 days to get it to work.. "Events" sent me 385 emails in just short of 2 hours.. Complete nightmare.. Sending it back tomorrow.. Avoid at all (considerable) cost..
  • Hopeless nonsense

    By Sangrpat
    Don't buy it , absolutely rubbish app and customer service
  • Quality images

    By TraceT
    The quality of the image is really fantastic! I was also quite impressed with the ease of setting the app up. It was very simple to do with my 2 cameras. I only have to open the app to view a live stream. Brilliant features of taking a quick screen shot or recording to your device. Both options have worked well for me. If you have push notifications on screen, tapping takes you straight to the camera that triggered the alert. I do like the option of the in-app purchase for £6.99, for auto cloud recording (saved for 14 days) for subscriptions of 30day chunks. This will come in handy for when you're on holiday. Not so good that it it is per camera! This should be free to us that are already BT customers on a top package! My only other complaints are, it's far too sensitive to the changes in light especially at dawn and dusk. For instance, the sun moving around the room triggers alerts and the images are quite dark in the corners. I also have the app working fine on iPad so don't understand others complaints that it doesn't.
  • Okay - 'ish'

    By Basherdrummer
    We use it for checking on our dogs so don't have the motion sensor turned on. It does work on both iPhone & iPad - you just have to force the iPad to download the iPhone app as there's no dedicated iPad app - BUT - it does crash often and you have to switch off and on again, not ideal if we're all away from home!
  • Rubbish

    Just bought the camera today and one minute I have a picture the next it will not connect and blames my broadband width?? Very inconsistent. Picture quality is fantastic but the app doesn't seem to want to work with the camera.
  • Rubbish

    By Aphydia
    Refuses to connect half the time despite being close to the router and using fibre optic broadband at 40mb download speed. When it does connect, I only get a still image despite the app notifying me every time a leaf blows outside. App and cam are both trash sadly.
  • Crashes when recording

    By BabyAbyss
    STILL NO UPDATE! Since iOS 9 update I'm unable to record from the camera as it repeatedly forces close. Can you please fix. Thank you
  • No longer works

    By DonaldKiddick
    Can no longer access more than a few most recent events! Useless when I'm trying to see prowlers spotted this afternoon and my neighbour lets me know this evening! Costly issue! Paid for access to 30 days of events and can only see the last few minutes.
  • Fraud

    By Realtelford
    The selling of this product is as near to fraud as it gets. No amount of sensitivity adjustment will eliminate the dozens of false alarms per hour. Dare not use email notifications as it sends me one every one or two minutes. Despite paying for the premium service The app no longer allows me to view more than videos more than an hour or so old. (the arrows which used to select previous recordings have stopped functioning). The positive I can state is that the quality of the image is quite good albeit it is slightly delayed rather than 'live'.
  • Useless and disappointing

    By Chapploe
  • Just obtained this

    By Drangle
    Pretty poor so far cameras keep going off line lets see how it develops although movement messages come through by the bucket load
  • Can't access clips/events

    By Bnmjkiuyn lk
    App was very good until last Thursday when it stopped me accessing all my recorded clips. I can only access the last few, when I click on next page arrow it doesn't work. Was good, now disappointing. Can it be fixed?
  • Poor overall

    By Steven Buckley
    App controls are poor, no granular control of recording times. More importantly the app doesn't control the camera at all well. As others have mentioned the camera senses non existent motion so you get way too many alerts, no matter what the app settings are. As a result you quickly learn to ignore the alerts. There are much better alternatives on the market.
  • Useless

    By Wrjxr03
    Just keeps activating and sending alerts to my mobile, nothing in the room with curtains closed, tried moving the settings for larger objects but still the same. Waste of money !
  • No iPad App !

    By Cappaccino Girl
    Purchased this BT Home Cam so we can see what's happening whilst away only can get app on iPhone not iPad searched and it's just not there !!! Also don't seem to get a live link can only view as an event ! Think this app needs a thorough overhaul .
  • Never had a serious problem

    By PaulWhiteOfSystemsEngineering
    I have been using this for several months both form my phone and from my iPad. The only complaint is that the motion sensor seems to be to sensitive and I get messages when a bird flies past the window. Other than that OK.
  • Why does it not work on iPad?

    By chrisjdarby
    It says it is supposed to work on the iPad but it does not appear on the apps for iPad - it only appears to work on the iPhone. Customer services say "...that this item does work with the iPad as long as the iPad is running iOS 5.1.1 or higher. I am running iOS 9 so why does the app not appear on the iPad???? I am going to call the helpline but I do not hold out much home. Does anyone have anything good to say about this product??
  • Poor app control.

    By Dozza2k
    View from camera is good. Control of camera through the app is woeful. Motion detector detects thin air, then emails you 50+ a day. Turning off emails and motion detector in the app has no effect, as once you leave app is defaults back to on. Ive had to unplug it from power. Terrible product, do not buy.

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