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War Robots

By Pixonic Games LTD

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 641.50 MB
  • Developer: Pixonic Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 13,839 Ratings

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War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors! “Saddle up, pilot! It’s time for some mechanized, armor plated, missile firing, machine gun shooting, nuclear powered fun.” - Technologytell “War Robots is a fun online multiplayer zone capture game with energetic robot battles.” -Engadget “This one could break big, so educate yourself now.” - AppSpy “A mechanized MMO battler with some teeth.” - “If you like Robots and real-time PvP battles, the game will be your best choice.” - It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle! MAIN FEATURES: – 28 battle robots with different strengths; – more than 20 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose? – many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own play style; – create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories; – join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world; – complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the Best Pilot title. Onward, soldier! Victory is yours! You want to talk about the game or find allies? Then join us on Facebook: or follow us on Twitter: @WWR_by_Pixonic and YouTube: Important note: This application requires a stable internet connection. In case of any problems, please contact us at so we can work on a fast resolution. Enjoy the game!

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War Robots Reviews

  • Brilliant!

    By Wavy H
    Boss game at the moment can’t wait to have the best bots and mega weapons!
  • One star is generous...

    By DanTeeMan
    Matching is no better, even after the update... Game was fun but is now a joke! Match rewards and ratings have no logic to them. Progress is frustratingly slow as earning enough for upgrades takes ages as do the upgrades themselves. You can obviously pay for new weapons and upgrades but at a ridiculous cost. Matching is nonsense, you often battle with robots who are levels above or sometimes below you.
  • Pay to win

    By Лесной гомосек
    Game used to be great, but is now purely pay to win. Don’t waste your time if you don’t want to spend thousands of $$$ - and believe me, it’s not worth that. 2 year veteran speaking here. Game is a complete joke. Steer well clear.
  • Please change

    By Moochaw
    Change the thing of gold it too hard to get and needs and easier way to get it also please make it so the drops for the unlocking the new robots and guns cheaper thanks
  • Pay to win

    By guy_that_plays_the_game
    Good game but yeah all my robots are soo weak when facing ribots you can buy. People spend hundreds on these... Also to be honest this is also very repetitive. Add some new maps Good for 2 weeks
  • Orkan Bummer

    By Orkan Bummer
    This game is fantastic!! I think it drains your battery though?!
  • A perfect waste of time and money!

    By Carlylia
    What a perfect waste of time and money! I ❤️ it! Rich kids like me get to blast away to our hearts content. It’s great buying and upgrading expensive robots and weapons that kill the enemy in a matter of seconds. The matchmaking is so bad it’s always to our advantage! Thankfully the developer keeps creating the expensive stuff so rich kids always get to win! Now of course I'm taking the pix, this really isn't me because I'm no fool that parts with more money than the average game console game; I've got more sense; have you? This game isn’t for the likes of sensible people. We have better things to do with our time and money. Great concept though for making loads of money; but developer you’ve managed to sink so low and made this game into one of the top money grabbing enterprises on the app stores. Let this be your demise! 😀
  • Was a good game completely ruined by the latest updates

    By Nick freer
    Game was good with decent graphics and interesting levels but it has recently become impossible to last more than a few minutes in a game without spending lots of money. They have recently introduced robots that you can only get by spending huge amounts of money. They are impossible to beat with anything else making the whole game totally pointless for everyone else. I have a many names for the inadequate w****ers that choose to use them rather than play with the same equipment as everyone else. Also to add to the tedium it has those pointless build times so you have to wait a day to upgrade anything. Really, save your money for something more worthwhile
  • Was Great but now Gone Downhill

    By Pjohn78..
    Have been playing for about 6mths and sadly the game has slowly deteriorated over that time due to the increase money you’ll need to have any really chance of advancing. Was fantastic fun until the crazily unrealistic rewards system was put in place. Costs a ridiculous amount to buy then update bots your bots. Time for me to delete. Don’t waste your money or time with this game, there are plenty more out there that cost less and reward you more!!
  • The game is 4* the pricing is -2*

    By Funjunkle
    It's a fun game, a really fun game well executed, but it’s not call of duty, and that’s the issue. Call of duty is £50, this game values just one of the bots at close to £100. It’s not that you have to pay, you should want to for a good game, but this game on the PS4 would be £20 at most. Pixonic appear to value it at a couple of hundred pounds. They would probably rake it in if they had sensible pricing.
  • Great game!!!

    By BigDick903
    It is a very fun and entertaining game that has a lot of competition but not too much. Great weapons, abilities and robots. I love the fact that there is no lag, very good graphics and gameplay. P.S. How do you change the game modes?
  • Brill

    By Chunk157
    Awesome online game it gets better new stuff to do all the time love it who ever made this game you legend
  • A lot of potential, but pay to win.

    By Bewn
    As the title says, this game really has a lot of potential. Unfortunately in recent months the addition of overpowered and expensive weapons and robots have really ruined the game, imo. Add in the frankly horrendous matchmaking and this isn’t new player/free player friendly in the slightest. If you have money to burn (and lots of it), then it might be worth a look. If not, avoid. At least until the devs fix the matchmaking. Edit: after looking into the Halloween event and how the loot boxes work, I have to rate this down to 1 star from 2.
  • Great game in the lower levels.

    By Pokemadman
    I'm sure you've read all the pay to win reviews, and I'm bad at keeping reviews short so I'll try to make this quick. The first 20 or so levels are great, the game is fun and there's plenty of variety. Level 21 onwards in comes the try hard players and paid users. These peeps make the game less fun and more competitive, so I've been creating my own fun in the game instead. Due to my lack of money, most of my bots in my hangar are griffins. Also, I really don't like snipers, especially on sniper maps. Therefore I've decided to mess with them by pushing my teams snipers around and launching them in the air by jumping. It's great fun! 11/10 would jump again.
  • Pay. To. Win

    By CookieLiker69
    Literally spend £300 for ONE robot, it’s ridiculous. I will not invest, and you cannot win in the “lottery” system as it is rigged, and pretty obviously so.
  • terrible match algorithms - AVOID

    By Fitzns828384!
    Money grabbing game. It was once great. Avoid. There are many other great games out there.
  • Sad

    By hate pxonic
    Game is play to win and used to be amazing but now it’s destroyed, view Facebook comment recent
  • Doesn’t require any skill, just ur wallet!!

    By Kif eyval
    This used to be a great game but now it has gone down the toilet. So I’ve been playing this game so I know that when new bots/weapons are released the old ones get nerfed for a while. But I’ve never seen it like this! They usually still make it competitive but if you done spend a serious amount of money now then you don’t stand a chance! There are a lot of us who have been here since the early days and have spent a long time upgrading bots and weapons without spending money and have gotten very good ratings. All that time and effort means nothing now. Don’t bother playing this game. It requires no skill anymore, just your wallet!
  • VIP

    By Tis a good game
    The vip makes everything better if you spend all your money
  • Keeps you coming back for more

    By toxic shock11
    Great game loads of action. once you start you won’t stop!!!!! Loads of fun to be had😀😀

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