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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-12-19
  • Current Version: 5.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 47.99 MB
  • Developer:
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 92 Ratings

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Are you Curious? Get a daily workout of lessons, puzzles(including Crossword), and Curios and grow your Curious Quotient (CQ)! Who knew exercising your brain could be this much fun? “Curious has mastered making learning addictive.” -- PandoDaily “A Netflix For Learning” -- Forbes “Curious stands out from sites like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and by focusing on learning 'for learning’s sake.'” -- VentureBeat “Curious Helps Hobbyists Share Their Skills” -- Mashable Curious helps people reclaim between 5 to 30 minutes a day to learn something new! Ready to learn? Here’s how the game of lifelong learning works: - First, we start with a brief interview. - You tell us how much time you want to spend learning a day: 5, 15, or 30 minutes - We customize your learning experience and build you a beautiful CQ wheel. Every wheel is unique! - You receive a daily, personalized learning workout via email and on your Curious dashboard. - You complete your workout by reading Curios (our well-loved daily fun fact), solving puzzles, and watching lessons. - Add lessons and topics to a focus area for longer term learning goals. - Track your progress every time you learn. You’ll be so much more interesting! Learn from over 25,000 video lessons on virtually any topic. Whether you want to learn how to crochet a scarf, plant an organic garden or play guitar, Curious helps you stay happy and healthy with a daily learning workout across eight key knowledge areas: Aesthetic (crafts, photography, sewing, drawing, interior design, crochet, graphic design) Humanities (public speaking, languages, storytelling, political science, history) Mind / Body (cooking, fitness, nutrition, confidence, meditation, yoga, mindfulness) Music (music theory, piano, guitar, singing, drums, ukulele, harmonica, violin, DJ skills) Play (home DIY, sports, travel, games, gardening, camping, puzzles, biking, running) Relationships (psychology, parenting, communication, marriage, dating, pets, leadership) S.T.E.M. (science, web development, math, biology, hardware, computing, engineering) Work (Microsoft Office, entrepreneurship, budgeting, marketing, finance, blogging, analytics) And you get recommendations from your (and our) favorite NPR shows: Science Friday, PRI's The World, BBC World Service, Marketplace, and more! You also get 5 new puzzles every day: classic crossword puzzle, math mayhem with KenKen, and more. Download the Curious app and start for FREE! Daily Curios and intro lessons available to all users; subscribe for full access to the entire lesson library. FREE trial included with each subscription. What have you got to learn? Get addicted to the game of lifelong learning & stay Curious! -- Curious offers the following all-access subscriptions: 1 year: $29.99 These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence. Your Curious subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off. Subscription renewals cost the same amount as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may turn off auto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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download Curious - the game of learning appstore reviewdownload Curious - the game of learning appstore reviewdownload Curious - the game of learning appstore reviewdownload Curious - the game of learning appstore reviewdownload Curious - the game of learning appstore review

Curious - the game of learning Reviews

  • Great app if you have tolerance and time

    By china_and_mongolia
    This app took me 5 mins to complete the questionnaire-kind profile before one setting up his own account. Then filled your whole expectation and tolerance with 7 days free trail only. This is my first review of any app and it is worst app experience ever.
  • Cautiously very optimistic about this.

    By Grace 55
    So far I'm enjoying this app a lot,the biggest problem for me is that it's American. Nothing wrong with that as such but it does mean some of the content is USA specific, so in looking at legal definitions and so on it's not applicable to the UK. Also doing crosswords or other word puzzles designed in USA English while having a UK English vocabulary and slang certainly makes for an extra challenge. The site works by giving frequent feedback and reinforcement on questions answered, material being presented in bite size amounts. It's a good way of checking comprehension, and I'm beginning to quite like being told I'm "awesome!!" Though it was initially something of a culture shock. I've found it a fun way of noodling about while either refreshing my memory on something or exploring something new. All content starts very basic, I'm interested to see how things develop.
  • Eirlys Evans

    By Snowdrop36
    I liked this app because it is a good opportunity to learn new things every day.
  • Not Great

    By Highness back
    States thinking I would slowly but surely become more "curious" and full in knowledge with a few minutes here and there with hands on stuff but all the app is is podcasts on interesting stuff, which actually get very boring after a while listening to them, and a hassle when there is no wifi. If you like podcasts go for it if you don't like me DONT
  • Learnt watercolouring basics in less than 30 min

    By Jackie1999999994
    Been trying to sift through YouTube for water colouring lessons that are short and straight to the point with no luck. In love with this app so far, beautiful platform to learn so much on. Can definitely see this app becoming the perfect go to for learning new things 😍
  • The only app

    By Cobraboy65
    I absolutely love this app. In fact if I could only have one app, this would be it.
  • £65

    By elleduf
    Falsely suggests app is at least a little bit free. The only free part is the annoying questionnaire at the beginning. Then a 'claim free trial and then £65 for the year'. no thanks
  • Well

    By TheGameaholic
    Really well made app, simple, minimal and pleasing to the eye. Except it isn't pleasing to my finance as I expected a free app to be free. There is pretty much nothing to do unless you pay near £8 a month! Ridiculous...
  • Great app to broaden your horizons!

    By Sweet*chilli
    Love the amount of information that I can access through this app every day. Given to me in bite sized articles just right for a short coffee break :) Perfect!
  • Expensive!

    By FTR93
    This app is very expensive at £11+ per month (you don't find this out until you have completed an extensive questionnaire. The quality of teaching for the price is also poor, I recommend just using YouTube if you would like to know more about particular topics via video.
  • Curious

    By Scotts67
    Very addictive! A few moments of "meditation", each day, that open doors or show you doors you may want to open later.
  • Superb

    By SeahorseV
    I've only been using this app for a short time but I have found it to be so inspiring in a really surprising way. I love it!
  • Not free

    By Zazaboom2011
    Not free you fill out wheel then they ask for money
  • Awesome

    By Kwatts90
  • It's not fully free!

    By Kitty cat puss puss
    I'm warning you my friends , I'm warning you.👹👺😾😡😈👿👿💩👽💀🤖💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • Excellent

    By Uefgfehvfidwhovg
    Love this app it has helped me to learn so much hope more people have the same experience as me on it.
  • I was curious

    By Spuggybee
    So I downloaded this and after I had input my interests a whole load of lessons are there for me . Very impressed, you can get a taster of the lessons but you have to pay for most content. I think it's going to be worth it. One of the best things I've found on Apple Store.
  • Only rated this app 1 star because 0 stars wasn't an option!

    By Olive1313
    This app has charged a total of £40 without my contest or knowledge which I needed to fund other vital expenses. This app is a waste of time and not all all beneficial pr education as it advices. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! 😡
  • Would I get bored

    By Scotsboi
    I downloaded this app to see what it had to offer and after completing 5 minutes worth of questions based on my likes - was then taken to a page where I was asked to sign up using my payment details for 30 free days and then the subscription kicks in. Personally, I'd rather have the 30 days AND then if I thought it was worth it...give over my banking details. So I didn't sign up. I did try one of the videos (one of the few I could access) which was an introduction to Microsoft word - which, and I apologise to the tutor - but sounded pretty boring and there are better free videos on YouTube . This app maybe wonderful, but the fact they hide it behind a "give us your bank details first" - makes me wonder if that is because they hope we'll forget to cancel and make some money out of forgetful me. But, I've learned not to do I'm sure the makers of this would be proud!
  • Won't work

    By Mellows1965
    Been through the questionnaire twice and it won't load. So disappointing. Shall not be trying again

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