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Natural Cycles is certified for use as contraception and helps you keep track of your ovulation, period and fertility. The app will show you when to use protection to effectively prevent a pregnancy. It is clinically tested to be 99.5% effective*. *Natural Cycles has a method failure Pearl Index of 0.5, which means that 5 women out of 1000 get pregnant during one year due to a falsely attributed green day. Natural Cycles has a typical-use Pearl Index of 7.0, which means that in total 7 women out of 100 get pregnant during one year due to all possible reasons (e.g. having unprotected sex on red days, failure of the contraceptive method used on red days). Natural Cycles analyses your temperature, period and ovulation to calculate when you are fertile and should use contraception (e.g. condoms). Our algorithm is the brains behind the app. It takes care of all the complex calculations and tells you everything you need to know about your cycle. How it works: Measure your temperature first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. You will need a two decimal basal thermometer to do so. Enter your measurement and other data such as period, sex and LH test results into the app. Check your daily status. A green day means you are not fertile and cannot get pregnant. A red day means that you are likely to be fertile and should use protection. Make sure to read the instructions of use before you get started. For the app to effectively work as a contraceptive, you and your partner should be comfortable with using protection such as condoms on red days. Natural Cycles does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Planning a pregnancy: Natural Cycles goes way beyond contraception. With our ‘Plan a pregnancy’ mode you can get to know when you are most fertile and time your sex to increase your chances of conceiving. The app will let you know when it’s best to take a pregnancy test. Once a positive test is entered into the app, it switches colours and your features change. You will now be able to track the development of your pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth you can easily switch to Natural Cycles ‘Prevent’ mode as a contraceptive. KEY FEATURES - Red and green days to tell you exactly when you should use protection. - Ovulation calculator and detector - Intuitive data entry – temperature, ovulation test results, period - Interactive calendar showing your current and upcoming fertility status - Personalised and reliable fertility predictions up to 5 cycles in advance - Informative and interactive graph view - Statistics from your cycles and fertility - Integration with Apple Health app - Personalised messages ‘Plan a pregnancy’ mode: - Personal fertility scale to pinpoint the optimal days to conceive - Pregnancy detector - Information about your baby’s development, including videos SUBSCRIPTION Natural Cycles includes In App purchases for the auto-renewable subscription to the application. After a free trial, the user can choose to pay a monthly fee of 6.99 GBP or a yearly fee of 59.99 GBP. If the users chooses to pay for a year directly, before the end of the free trial, a basal thermometer is included in the price. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The account will then be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the price described above. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be viewed here:

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download Natural Cycles, Contraception appstore reviewdownload Natural Cycles, Contraception appstore reviewdownload Natural Cycles, Contraception appstore reviewdownload Natural Cycles, Contraception appstore review

Natural Cycles, Contraception Reviews

  • Freedom

    By ZamboPh
    Can't take the pill any more - The side-effects are crap. I'm in a long distance relationship and was tested properly last month. I mean, don't be stupid with it. Nothing is 100% airtight so paying attention to red days and acting accordingly is important. So simple and quick and easy. Learning so much about my body and my cycle.
  • Great, but it needs some love

    By Tuniviel
    The app works perfectly, however you need to give it few weeks before it really knows your cycle. After few months, the algorithm starts to predict perfectly the first day of period, hence the ovulation day. If you have very irregular sleep pattern I would recommend to use some LH tests as well (very cheap on Amazon, I bought a pack of 30) to make sure you cross the info and you don’t miss your ovulation day. It gives a great insight of your own body, it naturally makes you aware of what your it’s doing. I think many of us would find that, when you are experiencing some mood swings, you’ll soon get a notification hat your PMS is coming. Definitely worth a try.
  • A Godsend!

    By bellejolly123456789
    No pill. No implant. No IUD. This thing is heaven! It’s super easy to use and instills confidence in you so you can trust it! I was so sceptical at first but as a person who hates the way they feel on contraceptives, this really is a godsend! I strongly encourage people who don’t like hormonal contraceptives to give it a go!
  • Amazing app - will never go back to medicinal contraception.

    By Sarah Cripps
    I have been using Natural cycles for nearly 3 months now. I had real problems with the pill (migraines, bloating, acne) so I came off the pill about 7 months again. I have never been so in tune with my body as I have been since using Natural cycles, I know my ovulation dates and I know exactly when I will experiencing PMS. My boyfriend was sceptical at first but it has worked completely fine and no problems! :) I encourage every woman to use Natural Cycles.
  • Empowering

    By Jenny_fur4
    Easy to use, habitual in the morning although it takes a few seconds longer than the pill. Definitely feel more in tune with my body, healthier and more feminine. I can even share it with my partner so he knows when to buy chocolates and when to buy prosecco!
  • Fantastic and easy to use

    By Telle7891
    My cycle is highly irregular so finding knowing my body very difficult, so having this app is just literally fantastic!
  • Life changing

    By MMMMM1119
    The best fertility tracker app I have used, have been using it for a year now and I’m not even super good at putting my data in but I love it. Member for life!
  • Wish I’d discovered years ago!

    By Kb.123
    This is brilliant, so simple and with the messages you get to help keep you on track or tell you when you reach a milestone it’s reassuring that it’s working. Have only been using 2 cycles so excited for how it gets to know me even better as I record more temperatures etc. I can’t use hormonal contraceptives and the copper coil was causing me so much pain, so to discover this means so much more freedom but with confidence too!
  • Brilliant

    By Owl28
    Lovely to be rid of the contraceptive pill. It's been interesting learning about how my body feels during the month too. Really pleased and would recommend this 😊
  • I'm off the pill after 20 years and it feels great

    By LJSimp
    What a great idea and so simple. This technology (measuring ovulation etc) has been used for years to help women get pregnant so why not use it to prevent pregnancies too? I've used the pill for a long, long time and I don't like the idea of it any more. I don't even take paracetamol so I was cross with myself for being on the pill. My other half took it well. I didn't think he would as he worries about becoming pregnant at this stage in our relationship. I've never known what my own cycle is and I've never known when I may be ovulating. To be really honest, at 37, I've never had to think about it. Now I'm starting to understand and i find it fascinating. We might put it on my boyfriends phone too so he can see what stage I'm at whenever he likes, which means he has knowledge and control too. How cool is that?! I'm very pleased :-)
  • Don’t trust this app

    By Anonand on
    This app predicted green days up to 3 days before I ovulated. When I complained to the management they “corrected” my data which made it look like I’d been irresponsible. They are not prepared to refund annual subscription fee even when their app is clearly at fault. I’m absolutely fuming. Thankfully not pregnant. I suggest potential customers would be better off learning Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) using Sensiplan rules or similar which is a sympto-thermal method and much more trustworthy.
  • Fantastic natural contraception!!

    By @kimedian22
    Before using Natural Cycles, I was in the depo pill patch. I changed it once a week then had a week off. It was good because I didn't have to remember to take a pill and I knew exactly when my period was due. The downside was the unnatural hormone boost which made me irrational and teary. I found NC and I'm 5 cycles in. I now have loads of green days!!! ( I was starting to doubt there were any for a while) and not only do I understand my cycle better but I'm more educated about LH hormone and breast examination. I also love a bit of praise when it tells me 'good job this week' ☺️ha. Get this app and a 2 digit thermometer- it'll be the best thing you've done for your body!
  • Brilliant alternative

    By Kaz2208
    I love that this app offers a hormone free solution to contraception. After years of not settling with pills or coils (causing pain and anxiety), I now feel happy and confident that I’m learning more about my body each cycle! Thank you Natural Cycles!
  • Very highly recommend!

    By Mrswhiffo
    Really impressed, much better than stuffing your body full of hormones.
  • So great to have hormone free birth control

    By Skinnier after 10 days!
    So great to finally have a clue what's going on with my cycle
  • Highly recommend

    By Holly Jakeson
    I would not consider going back to any other method of contraception when this completely natural method can be used. I have been using it for 6 weeks and am completely hooked.
  • Took some getting used to, but...

    By K_Todd
    I agree with others, it takes a month or so to get used to measuring temperature consistently, but now that I have, I can really see monthly patterns. Much nicer than hormonal intervention!
  • Excellent app

    By CatW13
    Easy to use, intuitive and informative. Great way to get to know my cycle, would recommend to anyone for this reason or any other reason such as wanting to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Love the feedback the app gives me.
  • This has changed my life

    By Siy13
    I did a lot of research before starting this. Having been on the pill for 10 years I reached that stage of not waned to put unnecessary hormones into my body and I wanted to give it a chance to take over. My friend suggested this and I just couldn't believe that this could be an effective method of contraception. After all the research into the menstrual cycle and it's relation with temperature, I thought it's time to give this a go. It was frustrating for the first cycle as most of the days were red, but from cycle 2 the app started to understand my cycle and I'm gradually increasing on green days every month!!! I'm so happy with this and feeling so much better for not being on the pill. Such a nice feeling being in control of your body
  • Great at first... but now I'm pregnant

    By AppleReview4444
    I've waited a good while to leave my review as I wanted to fully test it out. I started using this as a contraceptive and my boyfriend was dubious, but we discussed it, evaluated the statistics and he agreed. We had used it for some time and I was additionally inputting the LH data. Back in July I was telling my friend what I use, that I don't like to mess with my body and that I was so happy to find something out there that can cater to that. My friend starts telling me that she's been using it for about 18 months and thinks it's great. My boyfriend is happier that someone has been using this for that time and it's worked. Ironically, I found out last week that my friend was in fact pregnant and didn't realise, all while she was telling me how great it was. So skip forward to last night, after noticing I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms and a period that was a week late, I get two lines on the test... 'pregnant'. I will be going on the pill.

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