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By Alessandra Saviotti

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2013-08-14
  • Current Version: 7.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 28.60 MB
  • Developer: Alessandra Saviotti
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 43 Ratings

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The only scientifically validated HRV app that doesn't require an external sensor. HRV4Training helps you optimize your goals and prevent overtraining by measuring your Heart Rate Variability and providing tailored feedback on your physical condition. HRV4Training does not require a heart rate monitor, since it can accurately assess your HRV using the phone's camera. HRV4Training is also the first app that goes beyond simple measurements and provides insights on: 1) acute or day to day HRV changes in response to different stressors (alcohol, travel, sick days, training, menstruation, etc.) 2) long term multi-parameter trends to look at the big picture 3) correlations between physiological measurements and annotations 4) training load analysis, fitness, fatigue, readiness to perform and injury risk 5) VO2max estimation for runners linking the app to Strava or TrainingPeaks 6) Training Polarization analysis (or 80/20) 7) Weekly and monthly summaries to track progress. All data is processed inside the app in order to provide you with actionable interpretations that can help optimizing your training plan and performance. Supported devices for the camera measurement: iPhones 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X Currently unsupported devices for the camera measurement: iPhones 4S, iPads and iPods - These devices require a chest strap. Other features: - HRV-based advice helps you to adapt your trainings based on objective measures of recovery - TAGS: lets you tag your sleep, mental energy, muscle fatigue, stress and all other parameters that can help you understand what is influencing your physical condition and physiological stress - Works with Bluetooth SMART heart rate monitors (a Polar H7 is recommended) or simply your phone's Camera - Configurable test (single or orthostatic, choose test duration between 1, 3 or 5 minutes) - Extracts and stores the following features while lying down and/or standing: heart rate, mean of beat-to-beat intervals (AVNN), standard deviation of beat-to-beat intervals (SDNN), square root of the mean squared difference of successive R-Rs (rMSSD), number of pairs of successive R-Rs that differ by more than 50 ms (pNN50), low frequency power (LF, 0.04-0.15 Hz), high frequency power (HF, 0.15-0.40 Hz) - Shows the PPG signal view to ensure signal quality during the test if the camera is used instead of a bluetooth SMART sensor - HRV4T Recovery Points to provide a single, straightforward metric to analyze your physical condition - Population summaries and people like you comparisons to put your data into perspective - Analysis of compliance and consistency - Integrates with the Health app (writes heart rate, and sleep, read sleep time) - Data export via email or Dropbox - Integrates with TrainingPeaks, SportTracks, Genetrainer and Strava More details on HRV and app usage are available here: More details on HRV using the phone's camera are available here: HRV4Training requires to register an account with your email address, so that your data can be backed up safely and retrieved in case anything happens (app issue, changing phone, etc.).

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download HRV4Training appstore reviewdownload HRV4Training appstore reviewdownload HRV4Training appstore reviewdownload HRV4Training appstore reviewdownload HRV4Training appstore review

HRV4Training Reviews

  • Very good app for age groupers

    By 10xAdam
    Such a great tool for managing training loads. Personally I use it with training peaks and it works wonders.
  • App broken

    By AppMan001
    This update has broken the app on the iPhone 8Plus. When trying to take an HRV reading the flash fires twice and then goes off, which means the app can’t take a reading. Had a look on the website for a support contact but couldn’t find one so left this here.
  • Really impressed

    By Ryn D
    Hope to add more comments as I get more data but up to now very pleased with capability of app and how rMSSD relates to how I feel on a given day. The tags are very useful for interpreting your readings and shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Thriving app, great features and experience

    By Cap'n Sensible
    I’ve been using the app to track my HRV daily for many months now. I use it in many ways and it’s provided some fascinating insight. For instance when I’ve tried a change in diet I’ve been able to see very clear and rapid feedback in the HRV baseline view that it’s doing me some good. When I ran an ultra marathon that took me 22 hours, I could see my recovery progress over the next few weeks in the chart. I love the dedicated team behind the app. It’s wonderful to see the lengths they go to to establish technical validity of the method. They’ve replied to my messages several times. The blog posts are always fascinating and helpful. I’m also impressed by the company they keep, they’ve been mentioned recently by for instance the guys at Nourish Balance Thrive and also Alex Ferretti. I’m confident I’ll be a happy customer for as long as they keep this going.
  • Great app

    By business writer
    I use it every day, it guides my training and provides feedback on my progress and status.
  • Great Fitness Tracking App

    By AppUser9998765
    I find this app incredibly useful to track my fitness and general wellbeing. It has many great features such as VO2 Max estimation, and new features arriving regularly. Top app!
  • Excellent

    By Glasg00d
    I had doubts about the accuracy of this app reading heart rate with use of the inbuilt camera on my iPhone 6. It really is excellent and as accurate as my Garmin wrist based HR watch. This app is a brilliant aid for my running activities. Thumbs up 👍🏻
  • Excellent training tool with unique measurement

    By Mikki TriDubai
    Having used this for the best part of a year after researching the HRV concept and the numerous tools available, HRV4Training has become an essential part of my triathlon programme. Extensive and informative data, practical and visual format, as well as integrated measurement makes this ideal and invaluable.
  • A very Informative HRV App

    By flometjim
    I've been using this app for a while and find that it's just about spot on with the results from my training. I have contacted Marco and have received a swift reply to my questions and find there service/backup to be first class. I have no problem whatsoever recommending this app and would give it 10 stars if I could.
  • Great app!

    By jonbollinger
    Highly recommended, I use it every day. Really useful in monitoring training load.
  • Excellent

    By Francis Jago
    Despite lots of 'it can't work using an iphone' comments, I went ahead and bought HRV4Training to see for myself. I have found it to be invaluable - well designed, effective and constantly being upgraded by the team! Thanks!
  • Superb app with superb communication from developers!

    By tommy060289
    An excellent well rounded app that you can tell true care attention and professionalism has gone in to! The research is in depth and robust and you can have high confidence that this isn't just a gimmick! The HRV trends I have measured have really helped guide my training and can feel the benefits of training using the guidance and trends highlighted!
  • Essential tool for monitoring training

    By Klankey69
    I have been using this app now since the start of the year. It is easy to use and has worked flawlessly. The data is well presented and explained, integration with other platforms and training tools is seamless and easy to configure. It's really helped to gauge me training levels and planning.
  • Amazing training insight

    By LGBear007
    Using just your finger and camera this app delivers some amazingly detailed training insight to help improve your fitness and reduce risk of injury.
  • Excellent

    By Vbnm9
    It is easy to use, accurate (compared to expensive equipment), and has good documentation. Recommended.
  • Great monitoring tool

    By Psailab
    I've been using this app for about 4 months now and have found it to be a great tool. It's allowed me to detect oncoming illness, but also give me confidence on some days to really push the training. I was not surprised that the day my scores were all positive and it recommended that I go for it, I promptly smashed my Half-Marathon PB!

    By Mommy_Ed
    Easy to use app. Accurate. Gives good data.
  • Best by miles

    By D-N-S
    If you want to track you fitness and adaption to training based on heart rate this is head and shoulders above all the other HRMs.
  • Heart rate not stable or accurate enough

    By Jfgebekvivn
    Getting a refund on this. I tried several techniques for holding my finger on the camera/flashlight including all those recommended but it is no where near accurate enough. I did direct comparison with ear clip infrared device. Shame because the app looks like it has a lot of functionality
  • Invaluable training tool

    By Fenderbender500
    Have been using this app daily for over 3 months now. The daily results from this app are invaluable if you want to step up your training to the next level. If I get a low rMSSD value then I know to back off my session for that day. On the flip side if I was planning a recovery run and I get a higher score then I know I'm good to go for a intense workout. So many times in the first few months I didn't take heed of my results always ended with a failed session if my scores were low. Now I know when to put in a hard run and when to hold back. Fantastic app.

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