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LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception

By Deep River Development Ltd

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-02-12
  • Current Version: 10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 518.28 MB
  • Developer: Deep River Development Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 482 Ratings

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* * * Includes OFFICIAL DVSA Theory Test preparation materials and Hazard Perception Test Module * * * AND * * * 42 Official and Unique Custom Made Videos - - far more then any other app!!! This app is all you’ll ever need to pass your LGV Theory test! It combines 2 top rated applications in one and lets you prepare for both the Theory Test and the Hazard Perception part! LGV Theory Test UK uses the Latest 2017 Official DVSA (former DSA) revision question data bank in an intuitive, powerful way and is one of the most flexible applications on the market. REVISE MULTIPLE TOPICS at the same time! CHOOSE how many times you want to see the questions already answered in previous sessions! The main features are: ********** * Regularly updated. 2017 ready! ********** ********** * Complete. Includes ALL Latest Official DVSA Revision questions and answers as well as FULL Official DVSA Knowledge And Understanding Information for each question. ********** ********** * 42 HPT videos (Full Official DVSA and Unique custom made Videos with Explanations) *** ANTI CHEATING MECHANISM *** Check whether your clicking style has a potential to be judged as inappropriate by DVLA * Hazard Perception test overview – in addition to the official introduction we have compiled some very useful information about the test which will help you to better understand what to do and how to succeed! * Select any number of videos for your practice test ********** ********** * Works offline. Get as much training as you need when you need it. ********** ********** * Realistic. Try your skills in the Mock Test as many times as you wish! ********** ********** * Advertisement free! ********** ********** * Flexible ********** - LGV Theory Test UK intelligently takes into account which questions have been previously answered incorrectly! - Allows practice of any number of selected topics simultaneously - NO ANNOYING REPETITION: choose how many times you want to see the questions already answered in previous sessions - Choose the number of questions you want to answer during a practice test - Full statistics with the number of questions still to be answered on the front screen ********** * The Official DVSA revision question database ********** Over 1000 UP TO DATE questions from an Official DVSA revision question database. ALL TOPICS included. ********** * Easy to use ********** - Intuitive standardized interface allows you to focus on your test - Revise each question after test completion - Useful hints to make your learning more efficient - Highway code included

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download LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception appstore reviewdownload LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception appstore reviewdownload LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception appstore reviewdownload LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception appstore reviewdownload LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception appstore review

LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception Reviews

  • It's great app

    By Peyman198313
    I have passed my hgv theory exam and very easy to learn and work
  • Well done

    By brett0712
    Deffo 5 stars passed my theory and hazard perception first time new questions update automatically coach mode is awesome and probably the best feature some people moan about the quality of the hazard perception videos but I think it's bang on nothing to moan about here..... good work worth Β£10 of anybody's money πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸš›πŸšš
  • ''Tis the muts nuts

    By JosephFunFairs
    Really good app finding it very useful
  • A+ App

    By Cheesyste
    As teaching apps go this one is probably one of the best. The theory questions are bang on, the content is up to date. The hazard perception videos are really good quality and are really helpful as you go over and over them as often as you like. I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a teaching tool that is packed with everything they will need to succeed
  • Completely unrelated to test

    By Psi.G1988
    Only about 10 of the questions covered in this app popped up on the actual test, the other 90 questions I'd never seen before in my life; and not a single one of even the "official cgi" clips came up on the hazard perception component. Waste of money.
  • Such a great app

    By S. S. Bassi
    I learned a lot
  • Highly recommended

    By ted051
    Brilliant app would definitely recommend it I studied solely using this app and got 94 % on the multiple choice and 87 % on the hazard perception
  • Great Little App

    By Duony1
    A brilliant app for learning on the go, in bed or on your break at work. The questions are realistic to the actual test and if you put in the effort you'll pass your mock tests in no time. Highly recommend
  • Con Artists

    By Kly311
    Purchased the App in good faith.. stated working... made unemployed... wanted to use the APP.... COULDN'T, they wanted the full Fee again as they have changed it... when they change it, you have to pay again...contacted company never even replied... STUPID Idiots...
  • Great for learning!!!

    By AstonMartines
    All in all the app is great. Coach mode telling you straight away if you've got the question right or no. Bad points: the results from mock tests disappearing. Also I have it done 85% in coach mode but now it's back to 75% so I'm back to old questions as well since 4 stars instead of 5.
  • Would recommend

    By 66382992
    I would recommend this app I like the coach mode which tells you straight away if you are correct and if you are incorrect you can easily remember the correct answer for next time. You can also do it by categories too and select just the ones you have got wrong to learn. I like the way the app is set up and find it easy to learn. I haven't taken the test yet so can't comment on that. There are some glitches with the app though. The hazard perception each clip says you have clicked too many times and each time I selected more than one clip at once to do in sequence the last one went off before it started and scored 0. Mock test results don't store on there for future reference like it says they do. Flagged questions don't remain in the flagged category. If glitches were fixed I would score it a 5*
  • D

    By Daniel as in book
    It's pretty good it's very similar to the dvla theory test app if you've used that. The only downside is the video quality isn't amazing
  • Highly advised if your doing your Hgv

    By Ivonahumpalot
    Worth every penny. Fantastic app.
  • Worth the money but

    By mrp3sky
    The good news I passed the theory test first time today, but there were questions that came up in test that were not in the app. The only issue I had with app were poor quality blocky videos in the hazard perception test. Maybe you should get a desktop version for free.
  • Passed first time with this!

    By Craigstrr
    Worked through the coaching part of the app over the weekend and passed my test this morning. Great app for getting you familiar with the test questions.
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    By 7E071679
    Not passed my test or theory yet as I'm still learning but really cool app and worth the money, mock tests, hazard perception and multiple choice, loads to do and I've learnt quite a lot in a short time, definitely worth it buying this
  • Tamas

    By Mr Hgv
    Very Easy and good app so far.
  • Mr

    By Harry Hgv
    This app don't have audio so got read manually
  • One of the best

    By Not my real name Dave
    Used this app everyday, it's all in categories which helps, I can't fault anything on it. I've paid for a few others too and this is the best one.
  • Brill

    By Hgv salty
    Brilliant app passed 1st time

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