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Blue Iris

By Ken Pletzer

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-12-15
  • Current Version: 1.59.07
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 118.17 MB
  • Developer: Ken Pletzer
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 40 Ratings

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This app is a CLIENT for the Blue Iris Windows PC software. In order to make use of this app, you must have Blue Iris version 4 installed and running on a Windows PC or VM. Instructions for connecting this app to the PC software are found in the Networking topic of its Help file. This app provides a single point of contact to your home camera network. There is no need to insecurely open individual cameras to the Internet. This app connects using a secure and session-based protocol--no passwords are transmitted in plain text. Remote access does require router configuration, which you can test without the app by using Safari. You should see your Blue Iris login page. Key features include: - Manage multiple Blue Iris installations - Geofencing: set status, send alerts, and more in response to device location * - Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection - Receive iOS push notification alerts when a Blue Iris camera is triggered or there is a critical status message - Fast H.264 streaming - Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the Blue Iris PC - Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the Blue Iris PC - Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping - Review recordings as stored on the Blue Iris PC, up to 64x speed - Download recorded video from the Blue Iris PC to the iOS device - Selectively delete recordings from the Blue Iris PC - Broadcast live video from the iOS device directly into a Blue Iris PC camera window - Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices - Baby monitor functionality: continue to listen to audio with app closed or device in standby ** * Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ** Note that continued use of audio streaming running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Blue Iris Reviews

  • One of the best on market

    By Joereynolds89
    By far one of the best prices of NVR softwares out there! I have possibly 20 or so copies running and everyone loves it Only downside is lack of wallboard solutions that run fluently.
  • Can't view video any more

    By Kwaichi
    I have had the app for over a year. The app shows notifications but doesn't feed the video anymore. My camera server is still fine which makes this frustrating
  • Not working

    By pfgtedd
    It keeps asking for a license code which wasn't sent!!!!! Unusable at the moment
  • Essential purchase for Blue Iris owners

    By SadGamerGeek
    If you are running the excellent camera monitoring software Blue Iris, and you have an iPhone/iPad, there's no excuse for not buying this app. With the alerts functionality this gives me the reassurance I have pain free and immediate access to review footage wherever I am. Highly recommended and I haven't even started using geofencing yet!
  • Beautiful App

    By DauntlessEagle
    There are some many cheap CCTV apps on the App Store. This IMO is the best app I have found. I can honestly rely on Blue Iris to keep tabs on everything going on at home. Keep up the good work :)
  • Usually great update for iOS 10 required

    By Jamauk
    Since updating to iOS 10 the calendar no longer shows dates, just lines making it difficult to navigate through past footage.
  • Exceptional - worth the price

    By Michaels1980
    This app plus the accompanying Windows server software is the perfect solution for monitoring your security cameras. The developer seems very skilled and I found Blue Iris to be highly recommended in most forums. Pretty high price tag for both server and app, but you do get what you pay for. I would love to see an OSX or tvOS version in the future.
  • Amazing

    By Carpii
    I spent a fortune on Hikvision Cams and a HikViosn NVR, but I've constantly banged my head against the wall trying to get the HikVision NVR to do what I want (mobile push notifications won't work, reviewing incidents is painfully laborious, and the interface is cryptic and badly undocumented.) I decided to try BlueIris instead. Right now Im only using the trial version of the desktop software, along with this mobile app, but already its worth 5 times what I paid for my NVR. Both the Blue Iris desktop and mobile apps are just amazing, they're so configurable, and intuitive, and after just an hour or two I already have such great features set up. I'll be buying the desktop software very soon. Such attention to detail too. If you tell the desktop software that one particular cam doesn't support PTZ, then when viewing it in the mobile app, it wont show the redundant PTZ controls. I also had Mobile push notifications working within 10 minutes, which is awesome. I'm so happy you developed this software, thankyou!
  • Simply fantastic

    By ApAcHe-123
    Installed it. Remember to add port along with the IP address while adding a new server. Very good app to have. Well worth it. Push notifications are spot on. I feel a lot more comfortable while away from home.
  • Essential!

    By DavidFromMaldon
    Well, it's an essential app if you have BlueIris, otherwise less so! Latest version seems to be working fine for me.

    By brandycmcc
    Cannot now log in to server. My Blue Iris camera system is now unusable. Thanks a million. Avoid this version.
  • Excellent supplement for BlueIris

    By Nialled
    I have been a bit critical of this app in the past. However, after looking at other camera apps, I realise now that I was being unfair. Sure I have a few niggles but we are talking about a piece of software costing GPB5 that allows me to view any of my 6 cameras from anywhere in the world in good quality. Whenever I do get problems, I have reported them via the App and had a proper response within 12 hours. The initial setup could be a bit easier but once it is working, it is very reliable. The pictures are also a bit dark but I think that is something to do with the BlueIris server software rather than the app. Bottom line is if you are using BlueIris and you want to view it remotely, this is the App to get.
  • Clips Don't Work!

    By Rhino777777
    The latest version seems to have broken the playback of previously recorded clips. They play for a second or two and then stop and cannot be restarted.
  • David

    By Lumberjack104
    What have you done! This used to work really well. My iPad updated to the new version and I have lost 70% of the buttons and functionality. Needs fixing!
  • Excellent update

    By Alastair101
    Links to the PC software perfectly. Great clear and easy to use.
  • Blue Iris poor support

    By Bobbrigside
    This is excellent software unfortunately the same can't be said for their support. I had problems getting a picture after 3 days of emailing (only way to contact them) the response was very poor when they did reply it was like they had not read my email! Found solution myself I had version 3.2 on PC I needed to upgrade to 3.66 new version for PC is 4 which I would have purchased if they had helped me. When upgrading you must remove old version then install new verion. Now works a treat hope this helps others great software.
  • Magnificent

    By bienterry
    I was lucky to find Blue Iris following a Google search for some decent software to run my IP cameras on my local network The server software is superb and this App is the icing on the cake. Previously I had been unsuccessful in viewing my cameras away from home but with Blue Iris there is no such problem. Highly recommended.
  • Superb app

    By Zoot 2000
    This app complements the blue iris server I'm running on my laptop and works perfectly , making all my other security cam apps redundant I can now record remotely when I choose to full marks for this app.
  • The best App by a mile

    By Garpsworld
    Integrates perfectly with PC software Best software and App for cctv you can use.
  • Great app

    By Smakasx
    Great app,must have it if you have blue iris app on pc

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