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By Afterlight Collective, Inc

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2012-11-05
  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 78.57 MB
  • Developer: Afterlight Collective, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,933 Ratings

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Afterlight is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds. 15 ADJUSTMENT TOOLS Use any of our 15 uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease. 79 FILTERS Afterlight has 31 fully adjustable Original Filters, 14 Guest Filters by various Instagram users, 18 Seasons filters, and the new Wander pack including 16 filters. Now including the new Fusion filters, allowing you to mix tools, filters and textures to create your own personal filters. 78 TEXTURES Afterlight includes a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures. CROPPING & TRANSFORMING TOOLS Crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets. Transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening. Now with the new Double Exposure tool. FRAMES We provide a list of 128 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. Now including the new Wallpaper Pack. Have any questions? Contact us! @afterlight

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Afterlight Reviews

  • Not re-buying in-app Purchase’s again..

    By Shinotama
    So they’ve re-released this as another app and we ant transfer purchases.. another person wrote a better review saying the same thing but I wanted to put in my 2¢
  • You screwed up.

    By DDSE2014
    So I’ve been using Afterlight for 4 years as a great little on the go editor but you’ve just screwed over all your current customers who have poured money into this app for all the add on features. I payed because they were good. You could of simply overhauled this app but no. You’d rather be a greedy company and get more money out of it by releasing a completely new bloody app, not okay afterlight, not okay at all...
  • Why make a second app when you could just update this one?

    By directors_cuts
    Want more money, do you? Nice try but I won’t be a customer of yours any longer.
  • Perfect for what I need it for!

    By MissLCV
    I always use Afterlight to put my pictures in a frame! Perfect!
  • Not for me

    By ziggzagger
    Money grabbers. Could have easily just updated the app instead of making a new one
  • Disappointed

    By KorraII
    So upset that the app is now free of charge, when I paid for this app a while ago. And afterlight 2 has been released - it’s even more expensive than the original one! Why can’t users who paid for the original app get Afterlight2 for free, or something?
  • Not paying again

    By KatieCakesss
    Bought the original app, and now they’ve hoping I’ll buy the second one for double the price. Not happening. Probably wot update this one anymore. Don’t see why I have to pay twice :(
  • Shame

    By onthequiet
    Why are you putting your development energy in Afterlight 2 when I have already paid for Afterlight?
  • Rip off merchents

    By lewiscont
    Why not just give free update to existing customers! No, lets call it Afterlight 2 and release it as a new application so that you can squeeze more money out of us. The original wasn’t that good in the first place, shame on you. I will be uninstalling this version .
  • Disappointed

    By Truth42
    Just purchased this because it was iPad app of the day. When I open the app I find it’s the iPhone version. If the developer can furnish me with the proper iPad optimised version I’d be happy to up my rating to 5 stars.
  • Disappointed

    By Charles how
    Having recently bought this app I’m disappointed to find it is now free. To get the new version which is paid for I’d have to buy again.... It’s a good app but such a shame you don’t give your current Afterlight users the Afterlight 2 for a limited time. You would definitely get better reviews....
  • Uninstalled

    By Phynix
    I bought Afterlight many years ago and it was almost a daily use app for my editing and many of my images benefitted from Afterlight features. Now it seems that Afterlight 2 has arrived at a higher price and whilst it has new features I see that many things I loved in Afterlight have been removed. If is isn't broken, do not try to fix it. At this time I see this as just a money grab by the creators who are using terminology like iPhone X ready to justify a price increase. I would prefer either a redesign of Afterlight or add the miss features to Afterlight 2 and make it the same price as Afterlight was at release. At this time I can not and will not support or recommend these app to any. Dave - Photographer.
  • It’s lights out on Afterlight. So disappointing.

    By rycariad
    I’ve used Afterlight since it’s original release, and now that Afterlight 2 has been released, I’m the one who feels used. In the original app, I bought it, loved it, downloaded every extra in-app purchase, used it all the time and now the makers of Afterlight are probably hoping I’ll buy Afterlight 2. Hate to disappoint you, but that’s not going to happen. It’s lights out on Afterlight. So disappointing.
  • Now I Have To Pay For Afterlight 2?

    By mattybest
    So I paid for Afterlight - now you’ve made that free, released Afterlight 2 and are asking us to pay for that as well? Not cool towards the people who have already spent money with you. You could at least make Afterlight 2 free to previous customers for a limited time!
  • They’ve released an Afterlight 2!?!

    By itslexyhbu
    Like seriously, you pay for the original and then they release a new version that you have to pay for again? And the original is now free? You’ve got to be kidding me?? Why not just update the old app instead of grabbing for more money????????? Not a happy bunny.
  • Great app but...

    By Matreox
    I loved the app but feel a bit duped that it’s now free after I got it not long ago. Maybe recent buyers can get Afterlight 2 for free or something?
  • scam

    By sakins23
    Did I pay for this to pay again for an updated version? go to hell
  • Good but...

    By Abbieptv
    I like this app a lot, but I’m pretty annoyed to see they’ve released an Afterlight 2, seeing as I’ve paid for this app you’d think they’d just update this one. It’s as if they released new features but wanted more money for them, so releasing it as a new app means they can get more money off of people who have already paid. Not really impressed.
  • 👍🏻

    By nikimbenim
  • My Secret Weapon

    By Jolly Rogére
    The BEST. My favourite app I own. This makes my life look awesome and when I scroll and get reminded of my memories they feel cooler. I fckng love having this app in my life

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