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Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more

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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-11-13
  • Current Version: 5.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 85.62 MB
  • Developer: Duolingo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Duolingo is Apple's iPhone App of the Year! 23 languages to choose from. Totally fun. Totally free — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too. "Far and away the best language-learning app." —The Wall Street Journal "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." —TIME Magazine PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Language Learning: "Among iPhone apps for learning or practicing a language, you can't beat Duolingo." "The most productive means of procrastination I’ve ever discovered. The short lesson blocks are painless and peppy, and reaching the next level (and then the level after that) becomes addictive." —Slate Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages. With Duolingo, you learn a language completely for free. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

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download Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more appstore reviewdownload Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more appstore reviewdownload Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more appstore reviewdownload Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more appstore reviewdownload Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more appstore review

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more Reviews

  • Just brilliant!

    By Tim-Cardiff
    I had never thought of myself as a linguist though as a non-Welsh speaker born and brought up in Wales, Duolingo has helped me become fluent in what should be my native tongue. Since completing the Welsh course I've turned to German lessons and now begin everyday with half an hour of language class. I love the way I can have this bit of 'me time' everyday and learn languages whilst I'm at it. What's totally mind-blowing is that ALL of this is free! Thank you, diolch and danke schön Duolingo! Tim (currently on a 146 day streak... with no cheating!!)
  • Used daily for a year - new update has ruined it

    By Soclosetibeinggood1859
    This app has been absolutely fantastic, but the new update destroys everything it was about. Streak freeze is now prohibitively expensive, double or nothing (the main way of earning lingots when you're revising old material) is gone, the health system is absurd - penalising mistakes when the whole point of learning anything is not being afraid of making mistakes, gems are awful (I had 60+ lingots - enough for 6 streak freezes, now apparently I only have enough for one), I could go on. Ruined what had been one of the best apps available.
  • Excellent tool to learn a foreign language

    By Shjjghjhjjjj
    This app is a very simple motivational tool that is helping me to learn Italian. I use it daily for just a few minutes at a time. It couldn't be easier to use and to measure my progress. I love it!
  • Need to be allowed to make more mistakes

    By Biolyon
    I'm enjoying using this app. I'm feeling pretty motivated at the moment (three days in) and I've found you need to write stuff down if you are really going to learn. But I've found autocorrect has changed a correct word at least twice which has subsequently locked me out of a lesson. This is the opposite of motivating! Greek is hard to learn due to the alphabet and so just five mistakes before lock out is too few. Especially considering trying to spell words in Greek that you've only just encountered and finding out (through trial and error) that a new sound is made when you put two Greek letters together! I want to learn, but at my own pace.
  • The best software for learning languages

    By E Ali
    I have never found such software which can easily teach you different languages there method is so good that you can learn a new language within week if you give enough time and the best thing is that it's free as well and believe me better than most paid apps.
  • Really good app, update problems

    By Ggtygtgrrrr
    Love this app and I can see the value in encouraging people to do extra practice before they continue, which seems to be the principle behind the health upgrade. It is annoying to 'lose' health, though, for voice recognition problems. It's easier to disable the microphone and lose the benefit of attempting these questions, than lose health. I use the app for three languages now, one (Vietnamese) that is a new challenge for me and two (German, Spanish) to reawaken old skills. I've been mistaken for a German native speaker in the past, yet still I fail these pronunciation tests. No big deal as long as I do not lose 'health' for it. Removing the 'health loss' feature from speaking questions would be a big improvement. As others have said, losing health for typos is annoying (I have even mistyped, gone to hit delete immediately and accidentally hit 'return', which is under the 'delete' key, and accidentally submitted an answer when trying to correct a typo). Slightly annoying, I agree, but I could live with it. The voice recognition problem is the big one, though. I will now have my microphone permanently disabled rather than have my progress in other skills slowed down by losing 'health' on these questions, which is a pity as it is always good to encourage learners to practice pronunciation.
  • It was stellar

    By Gary Flello
    It was the go to app for simple language learning and I will always be grateful. But since it's been trying to monopolise the market and turn into a cash cow it's lost the essence of its being. The introduction of adverts was fine, I understand that the company needs to be financially viable, but the new learning concept of gems buying things at a far inflated exchange rate to lingots is daft. Losing the 'practice' learning facility is just silly. Sadly after a long and loyal streak it's time to go and learn a language somewhere new.
  • Health check has ruined a good app

    By tonysemail
    Get you hooked then rips you off!
  • App update: money grabbing and progress hindering.

    By AliceOP1
    The update to the app today has turned a great app into a disgrace. You now lose "health" like the old hearts when trying to test out of a section, for every mistake you make. You have 5 chances and once they're done you have to either wait 4 hours for another life or pay to buy gems to refill it. I'll be looking for a new app.
  • Previous version was better

    By Hhebron
    The new health system is frustrating, the app was much better before. As other people have mentioned, I would much rather pay for the app than be presented with irritating (and at some points almost unavoidable) micro-transactions.
  • Ruined.

    By Spore°
    I am sorry to change my review, but this used to be a great app. Now, full of in app purchases, and this rubbish new "gem" system. It is so uncreative. What was wrong with good old lingots. I used to love this app, but now, with the new gem system, health feature and nasty in app purchases, I am disappointed. I loved it how it used to be but this just overcomplicates the app. If only it was changed back to before. I am very upset and hope that the old system is brought back. ☹️☹️☹️☹️.
  • great app ...

    By Jan447
    ... excellent way to learn, revise and strengthen language skills and knowledge. Only problem, I keep losing 'health' as it doesn't understand italian spoken with a scottish accent 🙃
  • Used to be excellent, not now

    By PeteonD13
    Been using this for 15 minutes or so daily for 3 weeks and really beginning to think I am making progress. After 200 plus days consecutive use app now ruined. This health and jewels lark means that the sensible free use of the app is virtually no more. Will have to find another app. Shame
  • This version is awful - used to be amazing

    By Jd1251
    Love duolingo - it's a brilliant app - but this update has bugs and terrible new features. A) it doesn't update practiced lessons, so you just continually lose percentage. I've contacted duolingo twice about the issue and no reply B) without updating, the app has suddenly added the health feature which means you have only five chances to get something wrong before you're locked out the game. Either you pay for more health or do extensive practice on previous lessons. Many of us learn from making mistakes and it's stopped any chance of moving forward. If you're like me and learn five different languages with duolingo, you have one shot for each language of getting a sentence wrong. I often lose a mark just through autocorrect on my phone. Fix it guys - you're losing users left right and centre. Otherwise it's a phenomenal learning resource.
  • Great app

    By KeithJChandler
    This is a really good app but Scottish gaidhlig would be a good language to add
  • Duolingo good but not a Gem

    By CLbella
    I have really enjoyed this app but since the introduction of ' gems ' that you have to buy when your 'health' runs out or else wait hours to regenerate I have been put right off. I Would rather buy the app and not have to have all the stupid game aspects. I hate that you are 'penalised' for making a mistake,im dyslexic i make a lot of spelling mistakes and it seems contrary to the learning purpose and process of the app to make someone less inclined to venture an answer . disappointed
  • Disappointed

    By Emhsy
    Thought this app was great but am now giving up on it as fed up with redoing exercises when it is the unnecessary difficulty of 'passing' the spoken exercises which is holding me back.
  • Great App to learn a new language

    By Aces4Bases
    Very good app!! Easy to use, keeps you on track with daily reminders, keeps you motivated as it's kind of in a game format. I love using it. Thank you guys for creating this app!! I very much appreciate it.
  • amazing!!

    By djxkfkxxk
    amazing app that instantly fell in love with but it would be better if there were more languages - i'd really love to learn hindi!!
  • What jolly fun!

    By Viva lontras!
    Amazing app. Would recommend to anybody wanting to learn another language instead of spending all their time knocking over pigs or taking pictures of yourself as a dog or something. If you've got to do something with your phone, why not learn something? Why not improve yourself? The pigs did nothing to you!

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