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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-05-29
  • Current Version: 20.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 95.19 MB
  • Developer: MovieStarPlanet
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 10,083 Ratings

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MovieStarPlanet is the coolest social network & game for kids! Attention boys and girls! Are you looking for stardom? Then welcome to our planet filled with stars. Create a Movie Star today and make awesome Movies, ArtBooks and photos, and share them with your friends and fans. You might become a famous celebrity overnight. Let your creativity loose! Become the best fashion designer and design your own clothes, play Dress Up and model your creations. Create the most amazing art of all time to earn Fame, get awards and rise to stardom. There is tons of fun waiting for you on MovieStarPlanet! We are a family-oriented game that takes safety SERIOUSLY, and we always work to ensure MovieStarPlanet is a place where parents can trust their kids to hang out. Visit our Help Center Here's a taste of the fun and cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet: - Create an Avatar doll of yourself to show off your awesome designs - Make new FRIENDS and CHAT in cool chatrooms - Decorate your own Room - Take care of your own pet & Boonies - Create Looks, Fashion, ArtBooks & Movies using animations and crazy stickers - Design your own clothes and give your Movie Star a makeover - Watch YouTube Videos of your favorite shows and celebrities - Play fun games with other gamers and climb to the top of our Highscores What are you waiting for? Download the MovieStarPlanet mobile app for your phone and tablet. Join the fun online! See more at – the number one site for fame, fortune, fun & friends!

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MovieStarPlanet Reviews

  • Love This Game but..

    By AriixBaee Msp
    This game is amazing and fun and it gets you super into the game and its online and fun to meet new people and chat but some problems though 1.I wish you can win V.I.P without money and vip is expensive 2.Hackers and scamming.. Can you please make a way to stop this. 3.Can clothes please be less star coins even the best looking and popular clothes 4.Can we level up more faster like a way to make us level up faster Love this game though! :)
  • It's alright

    By zara1234352
    I love this app and my friends have got it now too and I love all the stuff like chat rooms, rooms and shops. But I think that VIP costs a lot of money and some people have been saying really mean things to me. And people say stuff like they hate pixi star and others are very ugly so I don't think this game is too good but I love that you can talk to your friends and get all sorts of pets on here.
  • Best game ever!!!!

    By Sana123456789000000
    I love it so muchhhhhhhhh everybody play it but also I can't seem to get username because everbody had taken it so yeah it is really frustrating
  • Cool but.....

    By Tasiyah
    Omg I've been crying so hard a girl said that she was going to give me VIP but instead she hacked me and she has ruined my account
  • Problems

    By Kawaiifoxgirlxx
    I love this game I have played it for 4 years now. But be warned people post inappropriate art books. VIP costs a lot and I think you should make it cheaper and make it easier to buy star coins! Add Wish list please everyone has said that for ages! Other than them issues (there is more) I love this game my user is Kawaiifoxgirlxx
  • Ehh

    By Millie_is_cute10
    MSP this game is good. A lot of errors though... when I downloaded this on my iPhone 5 the screen is black and it automatically shuts down. And to make it worse you didn't think to mention the hackers on this game I have been hacked a total of 6 times and I have had spent so much money on this app. So basically don't buy any VIP MY email was hacked on this game forcing me to change everything so yea. The game is well produced. They just need to sort out the hacker issue. Innocent users who spend REAL MONEY on this game get hacked and all the money is just gone and wasted. I think Msp should ban all hackers / glitches and fake hackers for scaring people..
  • Please read

    By maggie.p260605
    So first of all I don't think the VIPs should be that expensive! We should be able to have another recovery email for e.g I accidentally spelt my email wrong now I can't you it recover my password!
  • OMG

    By DIY moyna
    I love this game I play it everyday plz make vip free I omg I just love it
  • Amazing

    By this gam is AMZING
  • Bad

    By connorread04
    I got the game to try it out and it was enjoyable but it would always treat non VIP like second class and after a while with no explanation me AND my sisters all got our accounts shut down
  • NOT 4+

    By galaxy4820
    This game isn't for four and over more like twelve and over
  • Hackers

    By oreobaebae
    The game is 5 stars but the hackers are not ok
  • Msp

    By Magic muffins 10
    This is a great game but all I wanted to say is can you make the I pad more like laptop msp. Firstly can I pad have wish lists, diamond shop, background shop and all of that things. It is also very hard to get lots of money on msp so can we have the carriers. Oh and since lots of people get hacked can we have the option to change our passwords and enter our email and all those things that you can do on the laptop and not the I pad. And if possible can we have old msp back for a week or just a day? Like maybe one day all the cloths and everything go back to old msp? Just saying it would make people want to buy all the things and therefore since most people are poor then will want to get diamond packs and buy VIP :)
  • Amazing but one safety issue

    By 👉🌈👍
    I have found out someone knows my password but they aren't changing it, how do I change my password through this app? And I don't have a computer? Please make there be a way.
  • OMG

    By HG-star8
    I mean it is good but I forgot my password and on the find your password it said I had the rong email address and I cept getting hacked and getting rude comments
  • Amazing! But....

    By BlueKitten
    There was a MASSIVE misunderstanding, my friend did not in fact get hacked, she lied to me saying they DID but really she just gave them her password. I would also like to say that I really want MSP to make an update on the tablet/iPhone/iPad so it matches the computer version, as it is like a whole other game x
  • Amazing

    By Arcticwollfie msp
    Could u add fleek eyebrows? Too make it more realistic
  • Need

    By Someone 112837490
    U shouldn't have to keep leveling up for more friends it's not fun can u make it so it's unlimited so u can add as many friends as u want
  • Best game ever! Nearly XD😄

    By ellie stevens
    It's great I play this game a lot I just want 3 month v.i.p to be 8.00€ cos it means u get beta chances of ppl buying it also the new themes are great keep up the great work 👍🏻
  • It's good but could better

    By Snugglebear266
    I would really like the messaging area to be improved. I want to be able and to reread my whole message story form January or whatever. If you can't put this in here make a new just message app? I really want to be able to view messages properly.

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