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Maths, age 4-6

By onebillion

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-12-19
  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 223.96 MB
  • Developer: onebillion
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4
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'Maths, age 4-6' helps your child to master maths. It works! Trials by the The University of Nottingham showed children moving ahead in maths by 18 months, in just 6 weeks of using this app. ‘Maths, age 4–6’, is the second app in our maths series. Like ‘Maths, age 3–5’, it is packed with engaging activities, and already a hit with children and parents all over the world. What’s more, as a nonprofit organisation, we use the proceeds from our apps to help deliver education to children in Malawi. The first topic in 'Maths, age 4-6' is free. So you and your child can try it out. Further topics can be unlocked through in-app purchase. 'Maths, age 4-6’ features: - 18 core topics for the early years of school, with over 120 activities - a teacher figure, who shows ‘how to’ - variety, and fun - progression, and plenty of practice - a quiz at the end of each topic, with a certificate - a ‘naming’ button, to personalise the app for your child. Topics covered: 1 Shape and position (yours for free) 2 Counting to 20 3 Sharing 4 More counting 5 Tell the time 6 Add and subtract 7 Count in tens and fives 8 How tall? How long? 9 Counting to 100 10 2-D shapes 11 Number lines 12 Fractions 13 Weigh it! 14 More number work 15 3-D shapes 16 Measure time 17 More + and - 18 How much can it hold? Most topics are available in over 30 languages, all within the purchase price.

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download Maths, age 4-6 appstore reviewdownload Maths, age 4-6 appstore reviewdownload Maths, age 4-6 appstore reviewdownload Maths, age 4-6 appstore reviewdownload Maths, age 4-6 appstore review

Maths, age 4-6 Reviews

  • Absolutely outstanding!

    By sadge10
    This app is expensive, but it's worth it. Clearly a lot of careful thought has gone into making it. I am hoping there will be a follow on.
  • Good maths games

    By No2468
    I've had this for a while. However, there is an issue on the sharing topic activity 3. Can this be rectified please. Thanks in advance.
  • Excellent but why am I forced to keep on repurchasing it

    By Pamela Isabel
    A from family favourite but his will be the third time I am forced to buy it. Am I mistaken in thinking it's a one off payment?
  • My child leaped 2 years ahead

    By AppleID:7523825
    My child started when 2 years old on both the math apps. The preschool is blown away by his abilities in all the skills he learnt. He is now 3 and has the abilities of a 5 year old at least. My child was also 2 months premature at birth and they said he would always be behind but he is far from it. Somehow it also inspired him to read and write. So those abilities are also way ahead of his age. It's crazy expensive but just worth it no matter which way you slice it.
  • Excellent - expensive but a bargain!

    By Maxster man
    This app is really good and managed to get both of our kids fully engaged in learning maths. The 'games' are well explained and ensure that they can follow the instructions and enjoy learning maths. Overall: Whilst it's one of the most expensive apps I've bought it was well worth every penny. We'll be looking out for the 6year plus version...
  • Fabulous app!

    By Lihknur
    Loving this app I downloaded for my child who has recently started in reception.
  • Good

    By Ghimdhlinfdvhu
    It's quite good but a little confusing
  • Good App loved by the kids

    By Karonkith
    Apart from the price, the kids like the app and are learning quite fast!
  • Very good one

    By Florence6
    Easy to understand so the kids can teach themselves! Brilliant! I'm looking for older kids version!
  • Excellent

    By Asdrewsdrf
    One of the best app for kids.... Please keep creating like this for next levels as well....
  • Exceptionally Good

    By Heartmate
    Amongst the plethora of apps available in education, this is a very well designed app. There are quality graphics and simplified tutorials before moving on to tests after each section. My daughter enjoys it and her skills and knowledge has improved significantly with the use of the app. Worth the extra money. Hope the developer would now make an app for 6-8 year olds. No hesitation in recommending
  • Great app - at a price

    By Ted&Sam
    I have 3 kids, they loved the free levels of the 3-5 version, and this one, so I payed for the full set of 4-6, which was waaay more than I have ever spent on an app. However, it has been money well spent. This is an excellent learning tool to supplement or even give a head start at school, and the kids enjoy playing it at times when they aren't allowed to play less educational games (mine craft), which I limit to 2 nights a week.
  • The best educational app I've seen

    By choddiec
    This and 'Maths, age 3-5' are simply the best and most engaging educational apps we've ever come across, anywhere. We've tried hundreds of apps over the years with our now older son but seeing the reviews I can't believe that we've never come across these. I've never taken the time to write an app review before but these deserve it. What is immediately appealing is the clarity of the speech and instructions from the simple cartoon teacher. Our 4 year old daughter was hooked straight away and completed 3-5 in a few days. She moved straight on to this one and now at half way she has met her level is determined to meet the challenge to the end. This is providing her with the perfect boost to her maths and she prefers it over games or videos. An enormous amount of hard work in research, design and development has obviously gone into making the learning journey easy, seamless and therefore enjoyable for the child. The price of the apps is high but the value for money for the quality is reasonable. Having then seen that onebillion is a non-profit and proceeds go to educating children in Malawi and Uganda with the same apps then it feels great that the purchase for our daughter is directly enabling a disadvantaged child in Africa in parallel. It also gives the sense of a personal connection as I was born and spent a part of my early childhood in Zambia myself, and I can appreciate how this is exactly what is needed at the grass roots in Africa. Go for it onebillion - 'oneclass' is inevitably the future!
  • Fun & educational

    By heer2014
    My 5 & 3 year olds both love this app. It's really helped with the 5 year old's maths too.
  • Outstanding

    By _rrricccxxx-_
    My 5 year old daughter worked through the free levels and was so engrossed that I decided to buy the whole series of levels. It was quite a lot of money, but I'm so glad I did, because the content is brilliant. Unlike most maths apps that are either simple arithmetic games, or just a series of questions, this app actually teaches basic maths concepts as an actual teacher would. My daughter loved it, was completely engaged and completed the whole app over the course of about three weeks. Her maths knowledge and skills have really been given a big boost forwards. Thank you for making this app, and please do another one for the age range above!
  • RIP OFF 😡

    By Kaz-123*
    My daughter has finished the first level and enjoyed it. However, if you want to do the other 17 levels you have to pay £30!!!!! Complete rip off!!! I don't mind paying a bit but £30 for an app is a complete rip off and is disgusting!!!
  • Ms

    By Sunshine1076
    This app is outstanding. It is detailed and consolidates learning. It is well worth the money and proceeds go to helping educate children in Malawi. One of the best to date.
  • RUBBISH!!!!😡😾

    By Cat fun!!!🐈🐈
    Just got this and daughter has just finished 1 level and you need to pay for others! Do not buy this game!!!😫😫😫
  • Engaging games

    By Rhysbobby
    4yo son finds the games very engaging but the upgrades are exorbitant!
  • Outrageously expensive in-app purchasing

    By stevekeys
    More than £10 to get 5 lessons and approx £30 to get all 17. I was willing to buy more levels as my 5 year old was enjoying the maths games but it never occurred to me they would be so expensive.

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