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Sound Sleeper: White Noise

By Michael Feigenson

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2012-03-19
  • Current Version: 5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 108.26 MB
  • Developer: Michael Feigenson
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 748 Ratings

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Help your baby relax and drift gently off to sleep with real sounds of nature and the city - also featuring a gorgeous vintage design, sleep tracking, and sound recorder. Sound Sleeper is a three-in-one sleep solution for you and your baby that will accompany you from birth to the toddler years. Use Sound Sleeper to put your baby to sleep in minutes with Play Mode, help her stay asleep with Listen Mode, and enable her to develop healthy sleep habits with Sleep Tracking Mode. Three operation modes inside: - Play Mode: a variety of high-quality sounds that will soothe your baby, including rain, womb, vacuum cleaner and more. - Listen Mode: Your baby’s cry turns on the app automatically to soothe her at night. - Sleep Tracking Mode: Automatically generated color-coded sleep graphs help you analyze your baby’s sleep patterns. - Plus option to record your own soothing sounds to play for your baby, using all the above modes. We are young parents who developed Sound Sleeper to help us stay sane when our first child was born in 2011, and are currently using it for our newborn daughter. He liked “Rain”; she loves “Vacuum Cleaner”…and we’re grateful that thanks to Sleep Tracking, he is already sleeping through the night. We invite you to download Sound Sleeper for free, and treat the whole family to a good night’s sleep! Here’s a small sampling of what parents have to say about Sound Sleeper: - “Amazing - This app really works thank you I got my first good night’s sleep since my baby was born!!” - “Life saver - This app has been a life saver. I have twin boys and the Womb noise instantly soothes them and put them to sleep even when they are in full on meltdown mode. My sanity thanks you!” - “Wow! - I’m amazed. The way our baby girl responds to these sounds and how quickly it works is unbelievable! Use this app!!”

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download Sound Sleeper: White Noise appstore reviewdownload Sound Sleeper: White Noise appstore reviewdownload Sound Sleeper: White Noise appstore reviewdownload Sound Sleeper: White Noise appstore reviewdownload Sound Sleeper: White Noise appstore review

Sound Sleeper: White Noise Reviews

  • Amazing

    By Skbdsjdnakannzbznaksjdhe
    Worked amazing well! My baby sleeps much better now! Life saver.
  • My best app

    By Nicolasunny
    When I’ve tried everything an my bub is still crying, put this on an she calms down - thank you for this app !
  • Excellent free app

    By Pasifx
    Amazing free app - worth a downlad
  • Fantastic

    By Mol20081977
    This Fantastic app saved my sanity!!! Have recommended to several friends who completely agree!!!
  • Womb sound and remote

    By zantelou
    Love the womb sound and remote! Just wish it wasn't quite so expensive to buy the full version so I don't have a timer on it (us mums don't have much spare cash hanging around you know) Otherwise a really great app!
  • Don't know what we'd do without this app!

    By Sassy Sa
    Helps my infant, preschooler and husband sleep, which lets me sleep--yay!
  • It's been a God send!

    By NeenaUK
    The app works perfectly and has all the sounds we need. My baby loves it.
  • Full app worth every penny!!

    By LJloop
    We used the free version of this app for ages when he was in our room. At four months he started napping in his room and then the whole night in his room. As we have a town house, keep getting up in the night to settle him back down with it was becoming exhausting. Cue full app purchase, listen mode and a baby that now sleeps until at least 7am!!! As I said, that really is priceless. Listen mode will play automatically when he is coming round out of a light sleep pattern and starting to stir. The app kicks in and gets him straight off before he wakes himself up too much in a state. It plays for 10 minutes and as we have the fade out option too, it’s not an immediate cut off. Ideal for anyone who struggles with a baby who normally starts waking up at the 5am point, as the listen mode will help them stay asleep until a more reasonable time. I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, but at the moment it is working for us. Good luck to any parents reading this, remember you are doing a fab job :-)
  • Helps my Baby Relax

    By Mb-Martina189
    I downloaded this app when my baby was a newborn, I used the vacuum cleaner and womb sound a few times to help him relax and it often even helped him sleep. I use it all the time now that he is 3 months old. I use the Rain sound, which is much more pleasant for everyone, I currently use it every nap time and before bed so he knows when it's time to sleep. If he's crying, it often calms him down and it definitely helps him nod off! Love, love, love it! A must have! Oh and it's all free - you can buy a full version that plays the sounds longer than the free 30 mins but I've found 30 mins is more than enough time to get my baby to sleep.
  • Bubs can't sleep without the ocean

    By leanne&Logan
    My son literally cannot sleep without this app. And the ocean is his favourite. Before I put it on he thrashes about and makes all sorts of noises and as soon as the sound comes on he relaxes and the noise stops !!! He wakes many times in the night and I put it back on within seconds he's gone again. Was going to buy a myhummy teddy for £50 but with this app there's no need to spend the money xx Winner winner winner.
  • Soothing for both Mummy and baby!

    By Mrs_Jingles_UK
    I downloaded this app on the recommendation of a friend who had found it to be a lifesaver with her young baby. We've used it since first days in the hospital when he was newborn, and now use it every night, as well as to calm him when in meltdown in the pram or car seat where it can work wonders to sooth him. It's not a magic wand, but certainly seems to have a calming effect on our baby, who now associates it with sleep time. More effective and less expensive than the Ewan The Dream Sheep toy, which we also tried. Particularly good for getting him back off to sleep when he stirs in the night. We tried the Womb noise when he was newborn, but have had most success with the "Shhhhh" noise. I also find the Shhhh noise so soothing that I've used it to help me to get off to sleep even when baby is not with me!
  • Love the app

    By Becky Sly
    My little one falls asleep within 5 minutes of me turning this on. It's a live saver especially when he's throwing a tantrum!
  • Great App!

    By Emma Hurst
    Really easy to use with a number of sounds to help soothe baby. My soon loves the hairdryer noise and I love the feature that allows you to select how long the noise plays for before shutting of. Highly recommend.
  • Could not survive with out this app

    By Amzie27
    This app is a game changer! Highly recommend
  • Great app and customer service

    By skimonkey298543
    Great app and incredible customer service. All concerns answered and addressed immediately. Fantastic guys, well done!
  • Love it!

    By BlackheathMum
    The "hairdryer" noise really does help my baby fall asleep. And it was a lifesaver on a long car journey last week.
  • Amazing

    By Eccles3
    Thoroughly recommend! Puts both baby and mummy to sleep. An utter life saver!!
  • Great!

    By Jojojo6784
    Really helps my daughter get to sleep, used it from 2 weeks and still have to use it occasionally at just turned 2!
  • Essential!!

    By BramptonHorritt
    This app has been a life saver helping get our newborn to sleep. Highly recommended!!!
  • Baby loves it!!

    By Blissandbeau
    I thought it broke my speaker but it hasn't!!! Baby sleeps so well with it ! Great app

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