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Zombies, Run!

By Six to Start

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2012-02-27
  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 290.44 MB
  • Developer: Six to Start
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 783 Ratings

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Get ready for the run of your life. Join 4 million runners on an epic adventure! You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan - they’re everywhere. Zombies. There’s only one thing you can do: Run! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home. BBC NEWS - “The only way to save yourself is to run for real.” WIRED - “In the style of Runkeeper, with an exciting undead twist.” LIFEHACKER - “A really cool way to get outside and exercise.” CNN - “Turns exercise into a game - a terrifying, terrifying game.” TIME - "Takes all the fun of a zombie game and funnels it into a fitness app." WHAT PLAYERS SAY: “Evaded all zombie mobs :-) One of my best sprints ever; this app works!” “This game will make you sweat. Perfect junction between game design and run tracker.” “Just tried @zombiesrungame and for the first time in my life I feel truly alive.” WALK, JOG, OR RUN ANYWHERE Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed. You can jog in a park, run along a beach, or walk along a trail. It even works on treadmills! YOU ARE RUNNER 5 Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You’ve got to rebuild your base from a few shivering survivors into a fortified beacon of civilization by collecting critical supplies and avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse? A WORLD OF STORIES You become the hero in an epic story of humanity’s struggle for survival where your running really matters, and there’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered as well. Play the first four missions for free and unlock one extra mission every week. UPGRADE TO PRO Unlock 260+ story missions for unlimited play, plus Interval Training and Airdrop Mode. YOUR OWN MIX Choose your own custom playlists: the story unfolds in between your tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings. ZOMBIE CHASES Saving the world not exciting enough? When you hear zombies on your six, it’s time to speed up. Can you escape every mob or will you drop some of your hard-earned supplies to distract them? KEEP THE SURVIVORS ALIVE Every run, you’ll automatically collect vital supplies like medicine and ammo. Use supplies to build your very own post-apocalypse community. Do you strengthen your defences against the zombies or build a new farm? Share the results with your friends and find out who can make the brightest future for humanity. VIEW YOUR RUNS ONLINE Register on our free ZombieLink service to view and share your runs, maps and stats! SYNCS WITH APPLE HEALTH! Pro Membership subscriptions for Zombies, Run! are $2.99/month or $19.99/year. Legacy Membership is $7.99/year. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account after your confirmation of purchase. Your monthly subscription will automatically renew each month and be charged through your iTunes account, yearly subscriptions will automatically renew each year. Pro Membership renews at $2.99/month or $19.99/year, and Legacy Membership renews at $7.99/year, automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. Full terms and conditions and our privacy policy are at and respectively Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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download Zombies, Run! appstore reviewdownload Zombies, Run! appstore reviewdownload Zombies, Run! appstore reviewdownload Zombies, Run! appstore reviewdownload Zombies, Run! appstore review

Zombies, Run! Reviews

  • A phenomenal app

    By Maltese Falcon
    I can't begin to describe how much I love this app. It has improved my running enormously. Download it. You won't regret it. So much amazing content, hugely motivational and the gateway to a great community of supportive runners of every ability.
  • Scarily Amazing

    By Fredie12
    I don’t usually write reviews, but I had too for this app because it’s so good. I used to hate exercise. Now I can’t wait until I can get out and experience the next instalment of zombies run. My dog is thanking me for it. A couple of things are stopping me from giving it a 5-star rating though. 1) the app assumes you’ve ran before, so on training mode there is no ‘beginner’ regime, or even an ‘intermediate’ one. 2) the app doesn’t sync to my Apple Watch, which is kind of a bummer and something I think would make the experience even cooler. If these two things were adjusted, it would be the perfect running app. Even so, it’s still the best zombie game you’ll ever play.
  • Could be amazing... but it’s crap.

    By Coco Banjo
    The idea is amazing and the storyline somewhat intriguing, however the bottom line is... the effects are awful. The monotone ‘zombies approaching’ voice really put me off. It needs much better sound fx. It could do with an option to import a route so you know how far to run to get an item as it’s otherwise completely random whenever you pick something up. For the future I think this could be integrated with AR so you can hold your phone up and ‘see’ the zombies behind you and ‘see’ items ahead of you. A fantastic idea but not pulled off very well.
  • This is awesome

    By playa pirate
    I run twice as often with this app.
  • I'm Addicted!

    By littlelucylu
    Very rarely am I so excited by an app that I actually write a review. Zombies, Run! is absolutely brilliant. It really helps keep me motivated on long runs, as well as improving the pace on shorter runs. I don't tend to stick to the plans that are provided, but it's great to give me a guide as to how I should be running in order to achieve my goals. Also, I absolutely adore Jack and Eugene, who make the end of a mission so enjoyable! (I might be a bit in love with them) It's almost like I'm binge listening - as soon as I come back from a run, I want to go for another, just to find out what happens next.
  • It's helpful

    By blah blah blah 2007 Teddy
    I've found this really helped keep me motivated to run and I've enjoyed being able to build up my base. If I could add one thing to the app I would suggest getting to create your own profile. Similar to the characters they have a name and a back story; it would be interesting if we as Runner 5 got to make our own (maybe in the form of a quiz). Possibly set up like a file, where our running stats would appear (like fastest run, most supplies, longest run, etc)
  • Fun with minor flaws

    By Nic Bunce
    Great way of motivating you to get put and run. I'm a few missions into Season 1 and it's kept me amused so far. Problems include: 1. The zombie chases are disgustingly hard. I'm pretty fit, but even breaking from slow jog to flat out sprint, the zombies get you half the time. 2. The build-a-base mini game is token at best. It looks like awful - like Newgrounds circa 2002 - and has no discernible reason to even looking at it... if it unlocked extra audio or something, that'd be cool, but I don't see this as likely. Shame really, it could be cool if it actually tied into the game. 3. The voice acting is passable at best. Still, you get what you pay for. Maybe it'll bother you, maybe it won't! Other than that, cool app :)
  • Brilliant

    By A few shades dark
    I love this app, I'm finding excuses to go out for a run or walk just to listen to it.
  • Best running app I've come across

    By Busylizzy85
    Often this app is the only reason I bother putting on my trainers; its combination of narrative, plot and goal-directed aims is fantastic and actually drives me to want to run and find out what happens next-I love it!
  • Crashing

    By Waldinho15
    I love the idea of this game but I can never get it to work. It crashes every time I try and do the very first mission which is extremely annoying considering I paid for the app. Please can you help?
  • Gave up almost straight away

    By The Real Halian
    The accents... ok fair enough. Irritating they might be but perfectly understandable. However in minute one of the "story" when your helicopter is hit by ground fire and someone calls to you to "bail out", "use your chute" I decided this was not going to work. Suspend disbelief, yes maybe. That relates to made up stuff. NOT to bailing out of a bleeding helicopter - which generally is not encouraged. Shame - I wanted to like.
  • Looove it

    By rocky_raccoons_friend
    I seriously love this app. It's cleverly done, motivating, captivating, fun and a great way to get into (and stick with) getting in shape. I love all the little details like the emails you get and think the voice acting is fab too (except a few soso minor characters). I think the price is justified and will be using this for a long time to come. Love it!!!
  • Great!

    By Ugvhfsxbkhdsa
    I'm really enjoying it, the base building keeps me motivated to run everyday, something which I always struggled with before. Would like to see development of the base building. Animations of attacks or something?
  • Iphone 5C

    By Tiabird
    This app seems to no longer work on an IPhone 5C, which is really annoying because it was useful
  • Great

    By Robstarclarkey

    By Dan0502
    This app is soooo good. Motivates you to go on a run / jog / walk
  • Incredible!

    By ChrisDesign84
    Without this app I wouldn't run, and with it I run 10k easily. This makes running fun!
  • Needs work

    By System96
    I love the idea of this app and I think it's great. But, the integration with other apps is poor, it just doesn't share the data with the apple health app and the calories burnt is sporadic at best (600 then 233 for the same run on different days). The Apple Watch app I've only for to work once and it froze that time. I hope this coming updates really move this app forward.
  • Great novelty value

    By Eddymondoni
    The concept is great, I was excited to get going and it does get you running. While the story and performances are patchy, it is mainly free so I can't expect the RSA! The only reason that this isn't a 4 or 5 star review is that the distance and pace counters differ a lot from more precise running apps. The calorie counter, meanwhile, is farcical. They might as well have a random number generator. Good idea to get you going but not a serious running app.
  • Annoying

    By Madoweraqi
    The concept is great but the British narrators are very annoying and the story is wooden. It would be amazing if it was just a radio report running intermittently in the background and you could occasionally hear zombies and hear them getting closer if your pace drops. We tried it a couple of times but it is too annoying and distracting for us ok afraid.

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