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ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5

By The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Publishing) Limited

Score: 4
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The OFFICIAL ABRSM Aural Trainer contains interactive challenges to help develop your music aural skills (listening skills). Anyone can use it, but it is designed around ABRSM’s aural tests for Grades 1 to 5. The app can be used in any order, however often you like, on your own or with your teacher. Use ABRSM Aural Trainer to: • Improve your sense of pulse and metre (feeling the beat). • Exercise your musical memory (remember how music sounds and be able to repeat it or spot differences and mistakes). • Develop your confidence and accuracy at sight-singing (reading and singing the music you see). • Learn to describe dynamics, articulation, tempo and tonality. • Practise identifying the features in music that make-up its style and character. • Develop the skills to know when a piece of music was written. The app covers the following ABRSM aural test content: • Pulse and Metre • Echoes • Differences • Melodic Repetition • Sight-singing • Musical Features • Rhythmic Repetition • Metre Tackle each element in stages using the preparation exercises. All exercises are fully interactive. Each one gives you the opportunity to repeat the question, or to compare your response to the correct answer and hear the music again. The app also features supporting tools including an interval trainer, progress tracker and guides to the aural tests in ABRSM graded music exams. Many exercises are automatically marked by the application. Self-review and critical listening are also key to successful development of the musical ear, which is why the app provides tools for you to review and evaluate your performance against sample responses in all cases. Your progress is logged whenever you use the app, so you can always see at a glance the areas you might want to revisit.

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download ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 appstore reviewdownload ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 appstore reviewdownload ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 appstore reviewdownload ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 appstore reviewdownload ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 appstore review

ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 Reviews

  • Not great

    By Damosin
    Not as good as book / CD. Tapping the screen doesn't really work in practice. Also there was some overlap between CD examples and this so it's not all new material.
  • Not good value for money

    By SomePersonReviewingStuff
    The tests were ok, but the tapping doesn't always register even though I'm tapping on time. Better to buy the CDs than use the app, esp. as it is much more like the real exams.
  • Doesn't work on older iPad

    By cklk6KP
    Recommended by the piano teacher, and as Scale Trainer worked so well, I went for the full version of Aural Trainer. What a disappointment. Any test that needs a tap on screen response doesn't work - so no pulse and tap, or differences. Ok, so this is an early 4th gen iPad, but running first IOS 9 then 10.1, it should have been tested before release. It's too late (for me) for this year's exam, but please get this updated!
  • Very good

    Well worth the money, though it would be easier to use if pressing the answer bar initiated the answer rather than finding the little 'next' button in the corner....
  • Great app!

    By _pocketdynamo
    This app is so easy to use, and the activities are so good, that independent aural practise is now as useful as time spent with my teacher. I love the feature that overlays my echo singing on the played notes so I can see how I did melodically and rhythmically. I just hope the database of activities is big so that I don't run out of exercises before my next exams!
  • Highly useful. Can't reset progress

    By Wanielyo
    Fantastic app, would recommend for all students preparing for exams. As a teacher I would however love ability to reset progress or ideally to track progress of several students by name.
  • Sight-singing doesn't work on iPhone

    By Asinno
    I was disappointed that the application didn't work properly on the iPhone especially sight-singing - it asked to be placed horizontal in order for notes to be visible but it still wouldn't work. When I tried to download to my iPad the application asked me to pay again for upgrade!
  • Not worth it!

    By drouli
    A little disappointed after paying £6!
  • 6-8?

    By Joseph Nash Cardona
    Good App. But a 6-8 version would be great.
  • Disappointed no auto-assessment on the singing

    By Strongas
    Good idea but disappointed that there is no assessment on the sing back.
  • Buggy on iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8

    By MAGEEMusic
    Please update the app to support iOS 8 and the screen size of the new iPhones. Good app, however quite buggy.
  • ABRSM aural trainer

    By Dediblade
    cant get the full activities screen, and the helpful hints just slide up and off before I can read them. so far a waste of money
  • ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5

    By Yet Another Music Teacher
    Very useful. Recommend it.
  • Great for engaging children

    By Higglety
    My children who are not hugely enthusiastic about aural tests, particularly sight singing, have really enjoyed this app and found it helpful in making some progress. Many thanks!
  • Fantastic

    By cmmca
    This is a great app for taking students through how to prepares for the Aural section of ABRSM exams. Bonus in that it also helps you learn the best descriptive words that are used for the interactive describing tests. Works great on iPad for lessons, also works well on iPhone so students can practise on their own. Best thing is it draws students in and makes them want to engage in the aural exam prep. Initially a bit fiddly to learn how to navigate to make the best use (otherwise this would have been a five star review)
  • Really handy!

    By Timmons 22
    If you need help telling your 6/8 from 3/4 this app will help! Sight reading is my favourite though....tells you if you are in tune or not! The singing back exercises let you compare your recording to the piano.....this was really good to do with my teacher as it doesn't mark this bit. Where's grade 6-8?!
  • Why can't classical do aural?

    By V. Busy
    Very badly designed. I become more and more convinced that the 'classical' approach as epitomised by abrsm is totally the wrong approach. This app completely inept
  • Good content but....

    By Eddie_trumpet
    Nicely covers all the requirements but not terribly user-friendly. Takes a while to figure out what button to press when and what the hell a 'fly-by' is. My pupils are enjoying it though. Looking forward to grades 6-8.
  • Extremely useful

    By Helen Sharp
    Takes a little working out. But excellent otherwise. Especially useful are the sections for training. A hit with all of my students. When is the app for grades 6,7&8 coming out?!
  • Cracking App!

    By L Sykes
    Just what the world of music aural has been looking for! Students can access it easily and can practice at anytime. If you're familiar with using iPhones apps then it's easy to use and instructions are very clear. The instant feedback is excellent, I look forward to the grade 6-8 app!!

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