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Join other people in losing weight the affordable way! Track your food values, exercise, weight & measurements all in one place. This is the ultimate app for you! With this one time low cost app, you have everything in your pocket to succeed! Just look at what you get included for your one-time purchase: - - No membership or ads - pay once use the core app forever! - Food, Alcohol, Exercise & Daily goal calculators for our standard plans that calculate using the standard macro nutrients of protein, carbs, fat & fibre. - Large Online Food Database > over 3 million items with sorting - Full of day-to-day foods, snacks and alcohol items. - Restaurant Listings - 460+ searchable and sortable. - Barcode scanner with > 3 million barcodes We could go on (and have listed below!) all the other features included for your price, but we have a few PREMIUM features that take this and your weight loss to the next level, these are: Additional Premium subscription also gets you: - Latest Premium Plan Support - a comprehensive version of our latest value plan that is based on Calories/Kilojoules, Sugar, Sat.Fat & Protein with a large food value database, exercise & daily goal calculator - everything you need to succeed! - Pedometer support - Record your steps on your fitness band or smart watch and have the app automatically convert them to exercise earned within the app for all plans - syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone & Apple Health. - Cloud data backup & restore with automatic backups and ability to copy data between Apple devices. - Premium support just an email away. Other AMAZING free features included in the one-time purchase price: - Free online community section to chat, swap tips & lend support to others. - Ability to create reminders. - Passcode locking. - Meal Maker allowing you to group items from any source together as a meal with automatic portion calculation. - Exercise database. - Full export of diary to spreadsheet and text files. - Track healthy choices plus record daily notes. - Weight loss & measurement progress tracking with advanced graphs, target & milestones. - Clear diary functionality. - Easy reuse of foods with Frequently & Recently used lists. - Unlimited food & exercise favorites. - Integrated Help. - Remaining goal badge and weigh day reminders. ------- Disclaimer: Please consult your health care provider before undertaking any diet. If you experience any issues please contact us by the built-in contact support option, we cannot help via marketplace comments. Please note, we are not endorsed or affiliated with any weight loss system.

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download Ultimate Food Value Diary appstore reviewdownload Ultimate Food Value Diary appstore reviewdownload Ultimate Food Value Diary appstore reviewdownload Ultimate Food Value Diary appstore reviewdownload Ultimate Food Value Diary appstore review

Ultimate Food Value Diary Reviews

  • Not reliable anymore :(

    By Oopsiedaisydoo
    I used this app a year ago which was almost always right but since I've started using it agin I've noticed a lot of thing are not pointed right. Takeaway costa points are totally wrong. I'd be careful when using the app and double check points.
  • Lost all my data!!

    By Dsuttle88
    This app would have easily got 5 stars but ever since the update it lost my weight progress and all my measurement progress from when I started which is upsetting.
  • Great app

    By CJbounce
    Really useful. I didn't like the new weight watchers plan, this app allowed me to stay on the plan I like. I like that you can link it up with Fitbit. Only criticism is that I've sometimes found it hard to find some food items in the database.
  • Fantastic app

    By Pissedoffmandy
    Love this app it's fantastic love doing pro points in my opinion it's better than the weight watchers app, love the fact that you can scan as you shop 😃😃😃
  • Give it a go!

    By yasminlovesgrapes
    This app is well worth the money. has a great database with the option of adding to that. has calculators for points for not yet added foods. you track points, healthy oils, exercise, water intake, multivits, five a day fruit and veg etc. add your height weight age etc and daily + weekly points worked out for you. click the community icon and that takes you to the equivalent of the WW Connect. also has a diary section so you can log how you feel that day, very useful for making a note of food intolerances and cravings if you discovery any. Very easy to use. if you use the weight watchers app, think of this as an advanced version. if you're coming over from Slimming world.....well you're in for a treat. this is everything a weightloss app should be. i really cannot fault this app. i use it to track Propoints. ok, rave over. good luck
  • Love this app

    By Kateconnolly
    Great app if you are doing WW. For a small upgrade fee you have SP scanner. Much cheaper than WW app
  • Excellent

    By p0kers0ph
    Perfect and so much cheaper than the actual WW app
  • Really impressed

    By 196265
    I've been pleasantly surprised how easy app is to use,
  • Brill app

    By Angie mini
    Brilliant app, well worth the money not had any problems at all
  • Fantastic app

    By flamecasper
    Great app with a huge database. Easy to scan things and the plug in for Fitbit etc makes life much easier as you have everything in the one place
  • Handy App

    By EmsyAlf
    Helping me manage my weightloss in an inexpensive way
  • Losing Weight!

    By Nitetro
    40 lbs lighter since xmas 2016, target 60 lbs, almost there !
  • Just as good as if not better than WW app

    By Shaz369
    Brilliant App does everything I want it to.
  • Great little App

    By Cinnamon-Moon
    Brilliant app for the price. Has everything you need to follow the old propoints plan (UK) including syncing to digital gadgets and comprehensive database. Smart point plan offered too so can save oodles of money on WW membership. Recommendation to improve it would be to change the colour scheme to make it brighter and more user friendly. Too much grey used!
  • Pretty Good

    By Ali Loaker
    This app is pretty good. Good to be able to track food and exercise in one place. Shame that the bar code scanner doesn't recognise more things, I have to keep manually putting them in, one star lost for that.
  • Excellent, better than WeightWatchers!

    By Patricia777
    This app is by far superior to the Weight Watchers one and offers so much more for free (or with a few additions at such low cost) that it is hard to do better. In fact, The Ultimate Food Diary has no rivals! It is the best in its field and I highly recommend it! You can save and email all your data and progress. Fabulous app!!!
  • Fab

    By feez
    Brilliant find smart points too restrictive so to have all this for the money is amazing thanks so much!
  • Too complicated

    By Mrs roly
    I cannot make sense of this. You need to be very technical to work it. Only for the young.
  • Good app

    By nvOHvOHv
    I like this app. Not the easiest to use but you get used to it. You can use the old Pro Points which is good as I never like the new version. The dining out section seems to have a lot of American restaurants but not too many uk, so that would be a great addition.
  • Will be really good with some tweaks.

    By Maxinemouser
    First, this app is really comprehensive. The layout is quite complex but workable. If you want to follow the points diet (I follow the pro plus uk) then it's a great alternative to the original points diet. I have only been using it for a week, so this review may change, however, so far only two things have let it down. It will not sync between devices. There are ways around this by backing up data and then restoring on the other device but it says Apple devices only and is a bit faffy to be honest. The second point is it constantly drops my connection to Fitbit. I have no idea why. Again, it's easy to rectify but shouldn't be happening. I will contact support to find if there's an answer. Overall the app is great and even premium price (if you want to add a pedometer) is very well priced over the year compared to the original points app. With the tweaks added I think this will be a really excellent app. I have used other apps to follow the points system and this one wins hands down.

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