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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-03-01
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.56 MB
  • Developer: VIZAR
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
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"Laminitis" the iPhone App was created to provide horse owners with a practical tool to help monitor weather conditions in a way that can be used to warn when grazing on grass posses an increased risk to horses prone to laminitis. Local weather conditions are monitored and are used to predict the rise and fall of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC's) in grass. When the predicted NSC's increase, this is shown as a rise in risk. Under extreme weather conditions grass can become stressed and in these circumstances significantly increase the risk of a horse becoming footy or suffering a laminitic episode. When this type of weather pattern happens the risk gauge will rapidly increase to High and maintain this level until the NSC and grass stress levels are predicted to have lowered again. Today, laminitis is a huge problem for horses all over the world and is one of the most common causes of lameness. With the help of this app as an educational tool it is hoped that fewer horses will suffer from this condition going forward. Current Coverage: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland), Ireland, France, Belgium DISCLAIMER This application is not intended as a replacement for correct animal husbandry or to replace veterinary advice, it's role is simply to act as an additional early warning tool to advise when grasses at the location you have selected are likely to be 'under stress' and therefore to have accumulated excess non-structural carbohydrates (NSC, i.e. sugars, starch or fructan) which could significantly increase the risk of a laminitic episode should it be grazed. This app can give you a warning when the risk of grazing induced laminitis is rising or high. However, individual horses vary widely in their ability to tolerate fluctuations in NSC levels so what is safe for one horse may not be safe for another. In addition, grazing is only one risk factor for laminitis and you need also to be aware of the risks posed by other causes, including toxins, metabolic problems and sugar and starch levels in hard feed, which cannot be measured by this app.

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Laminitis Reviews

  • Stopped working

    By Blackmse
    Used to be useful stopped working about four weeks ago still nothing in spite of reinstalling and phone says all updates are up to date ..
  • Update, please

    By GilliyanC
    Thank you so much for the IOS 11 update, brilliant App. I use this app a lot with my pony having EMS. PLEASE update to work with IOS 11, ponies lives depend on this! It’s a fabulous app & many of my clients have purchased it on my recommendation. Support is required, thank you
  • ISO 11 not updated

    By Honeyb1706
    States app updated for ISO 11 but not updating can someone help I have I phone 6
  • Excellent

    By Sarahyf
    Wouldn’t be without this app helped so much however since the new update I can’t use it.
  • Need update ASAP

    By Hiphop50
    Please upgrade soon please as need for my native pony. Excellent app
  • Great app

    By K7ett
    Love this app as need it for my 5 native ponies. Just updated my software on my iPhone and sadly this is no longer available for me to use as it’s not compatible with the new update’
  • Superb

    By Horselife123
    Brilliant- really useful to have realtime prediction, it said high risk when I thought it was low but it made me think about the previous few days weather and realise I was wrong - my horse has not displayed any of his usual springtime footiness since I started restricting the grass on higher risk days that I previously handnt thought about as being high risk - thankyou!
  • Poor - no prediction!

    By Pqxj115
    This app has a delightful meter (showing low to high risk of sugars in grass) and a small amount of help information. But it bases its readings only on the current temperature. So its warnings come too late. And I've not seen any of the alerts it claims to produce. Given that weather forecasts are now pretty accurate I was hoping for advance warnings. Disappointing!
  • Great tool for insulin resistant/laminitis prone horses

    By ~.Nicki.~
    I use this as part of my management of my horse's suspected metabolic syndrome, in conjunction with soaking hay and dry lot turnout, at night when the app shows that the sugar levels are low, I'm able to put him out at on a grass paddock. His feet and weight have improved markedly doing this for the past 8 months, with no recurrence of any laminitic symptoms. The developers are incredibly helpful, they respond to emails within 24 hours and work on any issues rapidly, so they're resolved quickly. Highly recommended.
  • App location service doesn't work!

    By JoBillyBoy
    Would be great but location service doesn't work, so you can only 'assess' the risk at your current location. Utterly pointless as my horses are some way away so I must be there before checking. Very poor!
  • V useful!

    By Lami-Owner
    Very useful app - clear and easy to use. A really useful piece of kit for any owner of a laminitic horse. 4 stars only because I would love to see a bit more info explaining why the current setting is high or low - eg 'due to sudden drop of temps overnight, risk is high' or some such! Future and historic info would also be helpful! Otherwise very impressed!
  • Not impressed

    By !Oxfordgirl!
    Whilst it is useful to see the risk for the current day it would be more useful to see a forward forecast so grazing could be planned and risk checked on actual day. Had I known it only gave the current day I'd not have bothered would also like to see historical trend. Not currently worth the money in my opinion
  • Really useful

    By Amyg2000
    Very handy for checking grass sugars and grazing risk!
  • very good

    By flittie
    This is a fantastic app for people with laminitic horses the times I have thought my horses safe because of the time of year and then one has come down with a bout of laminitis this is literally a lifesaver. I still only give them a max 2 hours when its safe and none when its orange or red! I will say i bought a 3rd gen 8gb ipod for this app, however what apple dont tell you is it must be min 32gb 3rd gen fortunately I had an understanding seller and was able to swap the 8gb for 32gb.
  • Invaluable help for daily management if laminitic horses and ponies.

    By Blippie
    Invaluable App for any laminitic horse owner! Easy info to interpret which helps daily decision making on the management of my laminitis-prone horse. Thank you!

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