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Brainwaves Binaural Beats

By iMobLife Inc.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2011-08-23
  • Current Version: 5.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 77.80 MB
  • Developer: iMobLife Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 114 Ratings

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The No. 1 Brainwave App in 32 Countries! Top quality Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats combined with relaxing ambient music and soothing nature sounds. Including 110+ programs for Relax, Sleep, Meditate, Anxiety, Stress Relief, Positive Mind, Confidence, Focus, Memory, Healing, Brain Function, and much more! As world-renowned brainwave specialist, The Unexplainable Store® has been providing brainwave entrainment since the year 2000. All the brainwaves are meticulously created with the latest brainwave entrainment technology. And all the Isochronic Tones are 320 Bitrate! *** FEATURES - 90+ brainwave programs bring you to an altered state of mind - Download for free with a full Relaxation Brainwave session (a value of $6) - Compatible with both iPhone and iPad - Sync your purchases between iOS, Mac and other devices with one account - Time your session with built-in Timer feature - Build and save your own playlists - Elegant design makes it a pleasure to use on a daily basis - Free samples of each brainwave recording - No extensive practices required, and feel the effects in minutes - Support Apple Watch *** BENEFITS OF BRAINWAVES - Total relaxation of the entire body from head to toe - Reduce Anxiety or Relieve Stress - Feeling of sedation - Enhance cognitive ability - Increase ability to meditate deeply - Explore spiritual side of life - Place you in a state of hypnosis - Treat ADHD and personality disorders - Heighten your mood - Ease the symptoms of depression - Beat insomnia and sleep like a baby And a lot more is waiting for you to explore. Download now and experience the benefits of Brainwaves. *** PROGRAMS Solfeggio Frequencies, Astral projection, Lucid Dreaming, Chakra Opening, Aura Viewing, Past Life Regression, Remote Viewing, Meditation, ESP/Psychic, Shaman Consciousness, Automatic Writing, Telepathy, Self Hypnosis, Spirit Guide Contact, Christ Consciousness, Chanting, Yoga Enhancer, Healing Tones, Color Noise, Language Learning, Memory, Creativity, IQ Increase, Stay Alert, Manifestation, Prosperity, Motivation, Weight Loss, Sleep, Hormone Growth, Wake Up, Headache Remedy, Pain Relief, Good Health, DNA Stimulation, Endorphin Release, Energy, Fountain of Youth, Hair Loss, Eyesight, Sinus Congestion, Allergy Relief, Arthritis Aid, Female Health, Inner Balance, Mind Body Detox, Anxiety Aid, Addiction Help, Attention Disorder, Relaxation, Depression Help, Visualization, Makeover, Eat Healthy, Start Exercising, Improved Concentration, Anger Management, Confidence, Positive Mindset, Courage, Ego Control, Leadership, No Regrets, Public Speaking, Right Path, Self Esteem, Serotonin Release, Find Love, Braintuning Classical To Contact Us: *** NOTE Every person's brain works differently, but on the same basic principles. Some minds are more open to suggestion, while others refuse to let go. As each recording is specifically designed for a certain purpose, effects on individuals differ. Just be aware that your mind wants what you want. It takes some time to really feel effects, so don’t give up if you fail to reach where you would like to be after the first try. Also, headphone is highly recommended. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS We offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $19.99/month $119.99/year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Your subscription will automatically renew within 24-hours prior to the end of each billing period and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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download Brainwaves Binaural Beats appstore reviewdownload Brainwaves Binaural Beats appstore reviewdownload Brainwaves Binaural Beats appstore reviewdownload Brainwaves Binaural Beats appstore reviewdownload Brainwaves Binaural Beats appstore review

Brainwaves Binaural Beats Reviews

  • Crash

    By redapp333
    The app has gone from working perfectly to crashing as soon as I open it. What is going on? I depend on the beats in this app, I hope this gets fixed ASAP. Am disappointed.
  • Beautiful Sounds

    By d8ne
    Listening to 'Counting Sheep (Binaural Beats)', I feel like a cork has popped and the stress has flowed away.
  • Grateful for this app

    By Lord Cardigan
    Just done the gratefulness meditation and was so grateful for it I gave them five stars. No joke. Binaural beats are great, but the guided meditations are probably even more worth buying. Took me a little out of my comfort zone to trust to let go, but relaxed and empowered now. Enjoy.
  • It really works but price is absolutely ridiculous!!

    By Chazman360
    I hate apps like this, nowhere does it mention to have full access to the app you have to pay £100's for a subscription, it's utter crap. Why not just make a free version and a paid version? Would happily pay £10 for a decent app but I am not paying for your ridiculously overpriced subscription.
  • 5-star for this app

    By dioxit14091975
    I prefer isochronic tones to binaural beats, just not mean latter one is not good. I can take out the phone, listen to isochronic tones any time at any place, not necessarily with a headphone on. Such brainwave entrainment is really a good promoter for a better life. Just play this for 10 or 20 minutes I would relax quickly even after a busy day. 5-star for this app.
  • It's worth to pay for it

    By gangyjnv332
    I was a little anxious and downloaded this app occasionally in app store, with the feeling of giving it a try. In the begining nothing special effects occurred, but improvement showed up after one week. I sleep better than before and work in a peaceful mental state. Although these tones are charged, it's still worth to pay for it for mental health.
  • Helpful meditation course

    By alexxanderr818156
    I love meditating a lot and make it an usual practice. In fact the meditation music sounds good on me, with continuous chatter. Even though, i still found it hard to focus one thing without being disturbed. This mindfulness meditation is quite perfect, guided by Jason's voice, I entered the zone, where wonder and inner peace took place. After that a feeling of calm came along. I guess this is just what happens whiling meditating.
  • No better feelings

    By Herrera1776882
    Tried the lucid dreaming brainwave a few days agao, with the first time to experience controlling my own dream. One day I listened to the entrainment before going to bed but found no concrete results, so i just took the earphone out of phone and fell asleep. The next day i suddenly shocked that last night's dream was not as usual as before. I could clearly remember that I made a decision in the dream, also asked some questions as if entering an adjusted brain state. I would say no better feelings than this ever in my life!
  • This is the best

    By muraikaka156
    The best brainwave app I've ever used in the last two years. Having experienced so many apps almost makes me a specialist in choosing such apps. This app has a large categories and types, which helps to not only sleep, but also meditate or relax. It also has a smooth design, in my view. It would be perfect if it had more manuals. But so far so good.
  • It changed my life!

    By Monte Becker
    This app changed my life! I was a very pessimistic person, often thought about pessimistic things and experienced anxiety always. So maybe due to law of attraction, bad things often happened to me. I always lose things, encountered bad people. I have been looking for something that can change me, and finally found the right one for me-Positive Mindset. After listening to it every day, now I feel much more optimistic, and tend to think about things in a good way. Words cannot express my feelings.. Many thanks!
  • Life adjuster

    By Rufus Roth
    Actually i had this brainwave app in my phone long before, but never had the chance to finish a whole track. Back then just out of curiosity, i bought some binaural beats within the app. So last week I re-stared it and began to play some relaxing music whiling working. Then I came to realize that this was really a good stuff to adjust the body. Even if after a busy day at work, i was still full of energy. So now it is a routine for me to listen to the music. If you had the same situation, you can give it a try.
  • Amazing astral projection

    By BoniyaClis25
    Heard about this app from a friend and I used astral projection almost every day now. Each time i feel a little tweaks inside me. First i felt relaxed totally with the whole body, with a kinda clam coming up from within me. The breath then became heavy, the chest opened along with each exhaling. After a while, something amazing happened, it was feeling like the soul separated from body. Although with eyes closed, i could vision outline of the surroundings. In fact, I've never had a beeter experience than this one!
  • Highly recommend

    By Adriani02547
    Generally I'm not used to write a review for an app, except for this one. I've tried many tones for a rather long time. I like most about sleeping, relaxing, and meditation sounds, which all work well for health. With the progress of practice, now i tend to enter adjusted brain state easier, sometimes even without help of the sound. I'll continue to listen to this, also recommend this app.
  • Some small tips

    By AnnTonias17162
    Been listening to the tones for some time, with the intention to cure my insomnia problem. I draw some experiences during using, but not quite sure if it works for all. I use this always in a quiet environment with nothing disturbing. This is important cause it's hard to continue if interrupted by external noises. Although the manual syas no need for a headphone with isochronic tone, I suggest a good headphone is necessary to get better results and experience.
  • sleep better with it

    By Eileen Castleberry
    I use this self hypnosis to relax a lot and already make it a daily routine to open the app every day. Just try to shut brain off at night cause sometimes it is still too active to fall asleep. I just listen to this about 15 minutes and then the brain becomes sleepy. This is really easy and it has changed my life in a way.
  • It's making a difference

    By Manuson15
    I initially listened to binaural beats within this app, and it did work for me. As that needs a headphone, I gradually tend to isochronic tones. Actually these two kinks of audios both have the power to make a difference. But it would be perfect if there was a pure tone version. We'll have another option.
  • Love this app

    By Ann Klima
    Never payed for an app before but this one offers me a simple way to relax and focus. I bought the subscription and got access to all tones here. Been tried some brainwave app previously but I don't think there is a better app out there. This one is great. High utility and very easy to use. You can always benefit from various categories.
  • Use it daily

    By winterboad1831
    I use this app daily especially at night for sleep problem. I love the sleep programs most among so many categories. This is one of my favorite apps and the money spent is worthy.
  • Lucid dreaming is cool

    By heoloji19742
    Have watched the youtube link before and found this really exciting. I have used this for several days. So far no obvious result but I am getting to that point. Will keep using for more benefits.
  • Highly recommended

    By AnitaBoomer
    I use this app for sleeping and relaxing, often several times a day. It's easy to get the brain into a relaxed state. Listening to these sounds is really enjoyable. Can't recommend it more to my family and friends.

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