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Memorize the Holy Quran (Full)


  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-07-05
  • Current Version: 4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 610.75 MB
  • Developer: BIGITEC GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 5
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Memorize Quran aims on helping you easily learn the Quran by heart, featuring various methods like creating profiles, a progress indicator, pause between recited verses and more! *** Features *** - Short-Breaks after recitation to repeat the verse - Easily creatable playlists to focus on specific verses - Multiple user profiles with avatars and names - Memorizing Progress Indicator - Super-Fast Accessable Suras & Verses - High Quality Audio recited by various Shuyukh - Approved Uthmani Font Type - Supports Multitasking - High Quality Graphics Memorize Quran has been created by dedicated and honest Muslims, thus quality tested and verified to avoid errors and mistakes. Still - to err is human - if you find any errors or mistakes which we missed, we kindly ask you to report it to us by using the upper mail button or contacting us through our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions! يتضمن برنامج "حفظ القرآن" عددا من الخدمات، مثل قائمة الآيات، فاصل بين الآيات لتكرار تلاوتها، وعرض مراحل ما تمّ حفظه، ممّا يجعله الخيار الأول لكل من يريد تعلّم القرآن الكريم. الخدمات: - فواصل قصيرة بعد تلاوة الآيات ليردّدها المستخدم بعد التلاوة - إعداد ميسّر لقوائم المستخدم للتركيز على آيات معينة - ملفات المستخدمين بالأسماء والصور المميزة مع عرض مرحلة الحفظ لكل مستخدم في ملفه - عرض جيد للآيات والسور المحفوظة - تنسيق واضح للسور والآيات مع سرعة الوصول للهدف - تلاوة مع جودة عالية - اعتماد الخط العثماني المعترف به للنص القرآني - دعم تعدد المهام البرمجية - عرض تصويري فائق الجودة (متلائم مع نظام العرض ريتينا) تم تصميم برنامج "حفظ القرآن" وتنفيذه على أيدي مسلمين حريصين على إسلامهم، واختبرت جودة البرنامج والتحقق من خلوّه من الأخطاء، وليس الإنسان معصوما، فإن وجدتم أخطاء فاتنا اكتشافها، يرجى التنويه بها عن طريق الزر العلوي الألكتروني لتصحيحها أو عن طريق الاتصال بنا عبر موقعنا الشبكي، وجزاكم الله خيرا. نرحب باتصالكم لتلقي الأسئلة والاقتراحات‬

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download Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) appstore reviewdownload Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) appstore reviewdownload Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) appstore reviewdownload Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) appstore reviewdownload Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) appstore review

Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) Reviews

  • Subhan Allah

    By Yousefzai
    Jazakallah great work
  • Great app

    By bedawia
    Such an easy to use app. Not complicated and just does the job.
  • Amazing App

    By shadia sayed
    Would recommend
  • Very useful to track memorised surahs

    By Ca10047
  • Just what I wanted thank you

    By 5S4K
    Jazakallah for making an awesome app to help memorize. Any chance if word meanings can also be added and possibly a bit more control around the repeat and speed and as well as making a loop between ayats
  • AK

    By Losergoat553
    Great app- really useful when trying to memorise
  • Masha'Allah Amazing App

    By Jammy4163
    Quick and Easy way to memorise Quran. Alhamdulillah. Jazak'Allah khayir
  • Best

    By Louthfx
    Very easy and useful tool to learn and remember Qu'ran. I will highly recommend it.
  • Super app

    By MickyJ
    Best Quran learning tool I have found on appp store in all these years of searching
  • Masha'Allah very nice app

    By Rafi rahi
    Very nice and easy app to memorise Surah.
  • Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

    By Ways fan
    A brilliant aid to all those wishing to improve their recitation and learn Quran. Thank you to the app makers .. May you be rewarded for all your efforts.
  • Amazing.

    By Jubeeyste
    Complete teacher in your phone!
  • Amazing app

    By Ammu......
    I really love this app. This app is really useful for my children they really love to memoriz Quran from it thank you so much to make app like this zazakallah👍👌👍👌👍👌
  • Jizak Allah kheer

    By Zulfiqar Haider
    Absolute wonder, what a nice app. Some improvement in selection of multiple ayat ( eg. Recite from ayat 12-17 and repeat) for recitation will further improve and shine this app
  • Learn easy

    By Al hamdulilahi
    Ma Shaa Allah Baraka Allahou Fiki I learned most of my surah by the grace of Allah wa ta ala. My support was thaïs application . Recommended 100% Jazaak Allahou kheyran
  • Amazing app

    By Salma_design
    This is the best app around to help memorise the Quran. I use it for my kids as well as for myself. Couldn't have achieved what we have so far without it! Very easy to use with one of the best reciters. You can use it for individual ayats or it gives you the option of selecting sections that you need. Highly recommend
  • Excellent

    By MSK36A
    Fantastic app. Very easy to use.
  • Easy to learn

    By Jaslet
    Loop mode to repeat lines. Lovely recitation, easy to learn. Highly recommended.
  • Greate app

    By Star1056748
    I strongly advise to get this if you want to memorise the Quran in the comfort of your home. It is good for all age people
  • Excellent

    By Babbelryan
    The perfect app for memorisation.

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