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Dream Talk Recorder

By MobiUtil Ltd

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2011-08-23
  • Current Version: 7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 33.51 MB
  • Developer: MobiUtil Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
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Over 3 million people use Dream Talk Recorder to record their sleep talks and snores at night! Do you talk or snore in your sleep? Find out tonight! About 5% of the world adult population talks in their dreams. Do you know if you, your kids or someone you know talk in their dreams? Do you know what happens in the darkest hours of the night? Do you know how many times your kids wake up at night? Find out today! Dream Talk Recorder for iPhone intelligently records your talks while you, your partner or your kids are talking or snoring in dreams. Our superior technology records only when you are talking or snoring in your dreams. Touch a button in Dream Talk Recorder before going to sleep and in the morning you will be surprised and delighted to hear everything that you or your partner said at night. Also now you don't have to argue with your partner if he/she snores at night. You will have a solid proof and can play it at the breakfast table :). What do our customers say? -------------------------- ***** If your bed partner (is) someone that talks, mumbles, laughs, farts, etc. while sleeping you will get a hoot out of this app! ~Abenator - USA ***** Thought it was really good. not stopped laughing ~Rose Reynolds - UK ***** Absolut cool.... was es so gibt. Letzte Nacht probiert , geht 100% ~mmsmms - Germany **** Good. Now I know why my husband frequently kicks me in the night! Lol ~linedancer2010 - UK Benefits -------- - Records your dream talks - Keeps a complete history with start/stop time and number of recordings - Copy funny dream talks to favorites - Listen to the recordings and see the voice visualizations. - Delete all recordings from the last night with the swipe of a finger. - Share your favorite dream talks via email & Facebook/Twitter with your friends. You can also share on with the rest of the world (This feature is available in Full Version only). You can also share the "World" dream talks of others on Facebook. Just tap on the row to share it with friends. - Set activation delay to start recording after a certain delay e.g., 30 minutes after you have went to bed. - Auto stops recording after configurable hours e.g., 7 hours (Note: free version supports Max. 2 hours of dream talk recording where as Full/Pro Version provides unlimited hours of dream talk recording. You can unlock the full/pro version from the Settings tab.) - Listen to relaxing sounds or white noise before recording starts - Set recording sensitivity level to let the app automatically filter noise. We recommend to keep it at "Medium" level. Benefits (Full Version) ------------------ - Unlimited recording hours - Completely ad free - Dropbox integration so your recordings are automatically uploaded to Dropbox under folder /Apps/Dream Talk Recorder/. You can also manually save recordings to Dropbox. To play recordings on Windows, please use QuickTime media player from Apple. - Share your personal favorite recordings with the World Start your every morning with a laugh by listening to your hilarious, funny and some times scary dream talks from the previous night! Note ---- Leave the app running on the screen to be able to record your dream talks and keep the device connected to a power source. Please keep the microphone side towards your bed. To use it with older versions of iPod without a built in microphone, please connect an external microphone with iPod. Dream Talk Recorder on Facebook : on Twitter: ** iOS 7 users, please make sure that access to Microphone is ON for this app. Please check Settings>Privacy>Microphone. Otherwise, the app wouldn't be able to record.

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download Dream Talk Recorder appstore reviewdownload Dream Talk Recorder appstore reviewdownload Dream Talk Recorder appstore reviewdownload Dream Talk Recorder appstore reviewdownload Dream Talk Recorder appstore review

Dream Talk Recorder Reviews

  • Awful

    By Emgray9
    Can’t use unless you pay, can’t even try it before you buy.
  • So good it helped me get an opp for my breathing

    By Goldie_1967
    I was snoring very badly and making bedtime a vet stressful time for us both. After using this for a few weeks it became obvious very quickly that I was in trouble at night. My breathing was stopping and starting which meant a visit to the specialist. I ended up having an op to rectify something that was wrong in my nose. I was also exhausted because of trying to breathe normally every night. I'm so glad I had the paid version, it literally improved my health, by giving me the tools to backup my issue when seeing the specialist. Would highly recommend it to anyone who even has a suspicion of not breathing right at night.
  • Just paid for the full version but it wants to charge me again

    By Sydes2
    Really annoyed. Paid for the full version through in app purchase/. But it hasn't unlocked it. The information says to "restore' if this is the case. But this doesn't work either. Ripped off.
  • Yoboze

    By Yoboyogeez
    Love this app. I've got the paid version which is great, wks all fine. The thing is is that I have the app on standby to record my sleep and all I hear is my bloody snoring, man do I snore, it's enough to wake the whole neighbourhood up. I'd love to one night hear me say things instead of the tossing and turning and not forgetting the bass'y snoring 😂
  • 2 hours

    By vuvfiic
    This app is good but you can only record it your sleep for 2 hours if u don't have the better update.
  • Some set backs without premium but otherwise good

    By SleepTalker555
    It's annoying that they've chosen to change the free version so you cannot even record for long than 5 hours at a time, also randomly comes up with a notice reading "this feature is unavailable without premium option". Other than this the app is very helpful for finding out what I say when I sleep and not hours of recording to go through
  • Not Happy !!!

    By Jaqfaw
    Paid £1.99 for extra recording time ( 10hrs ) and it still only does 2hrs what a con !! Also the clock is in a different time zone and there is nowhere to change it so all recordings are incorrect, not a happy bunny 😡
  • Good but

    By CaitlinMcG01
    How can i link my two apps ? I want to keep my old recordings on my account on my new phone ???
  • No

    By Annjookeeeee44
    Paid £1.50 near enough to find out it's false advertisement. Can't record over the maximum of 5 hours. Disappointed dream talk.
  • Amazing!!!

    By Mooster01
    It is very funny to see what happens when you fall asleep and to hear yourself snoring or sleep talking. Amazing app and definitely recommend it!
  • Not happy

    By Jessderry98
    Used to love this app then I bought it and unlocked it it then wouldn't give it me this is stupid
  • Funny as hell

    By Mishmash2511
    Brilliant app Great fun to play back Had such a great time with my friends laughing at some of my ahem sleep talking
  • Gutted - lost everything.

    By J.f.t.t
    I had so many sleep talks that I saved over a few years. We still laugh about them to this day... However after last backing up my phone everything has been deleted! This seems to have happened to a few people now..
  • Dream talk

    By Cheerstabye
    Great free app. probably best free dream listener app around.
  • Nothing

    By Kernowes
    It used to work now it don't so I'd give it nothing if I could
  • Good app!

    By Kaz121
    I can't believe nobody's reviewed this yet. Great app, records whenever you wake up in the middle of the night so you can track your sleep. A*****
  • Great but flawed

    By Schmooglepoo
    Great to be able to hear your sleep talking. Recently it has been unable to share to other services such as whatsapp.
  • Dream sleep recorder...

    By CityCarDRiving333
    Easy enough to use. Only free if you only want to record up to 5 hours. The only thing that rates it down for me, is when you're listening to the recording there's a lot of interference noise. No matter how close or far away you record from.
  • Max recording hours

    By April11481
    Disappointed that you can only record for 5 hours. This is a new feature, the old version allowed you to record all night. There are other free apps that don't limit recording time.
  • Wife was right

    By AsnLewty1972
    Oh my how loud do I snore.... And this app is great for finding out.nice and simple to use.

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