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Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes

By Chello Publishing

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2010-08-30
  • Current Version: 4.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 200.90 MB
  • Developer: Chello Publishing
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 399 Ratings

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Other calorie counting apps boast 5 MILLION+ FOODS, but **news flash** nobody actually eats 5 million foods! In reality, people eat the same things on a regular basis, so instead of showing you a long list of irrelevant foods, we think it’s much more useful to show you PHOTOS of the most common foods people eat. The Carbs & Cals app contains 3,500+ food photos to help you get your portion size just right. PERFECT for: • Type 1 diabetes (carb counting) • Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes • Weight loss (calorie/fat counting) • Anyone on the 5:2 or 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet • Fitness training (boosting carbs or protein) • Healthy eating (increasing fibre or fruit & veg) The bestselling and award-winning Carbs & Cals products help thousands of people control their diabetes and weight every year. We’ve listened to customer feedback and this update has been completely redesigned for 2017 with a brand new style and user experience - check it out today! FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT, QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS, please email and we'll be happy to help. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SO HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Browse the foods. 2. Use the photos to select your portion size. 3. Save your meal and track your daily nutrients. It’s that simple! HOW DO I GET STARTED? Use the setup wizard to: 1. Select your nutrients. 2. Set up daily targets. 3. Download the food photos, and you’re ready to go! OUR FAVOURITE FEATURES • Up to 6 portion size photos for each food. • Save common meals as a My Meal for quick recall. • Updated user experience. • A new targets screen to keep your diet on track! • Your main nutrient is highlighted throughout the app. • Popular UK restaurant data now included. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS • FOOD PHOTOS: For UK, USA, Germany, Austria, Italy & Portugal. • PORTION SIZES: Up to 6 portion photos for each food item. • NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Choose from carbs, calories, protein, fat, saturated fat, fibre, alcohol units and 5-a-day fruit & veg. Your main nutrient is highlighted throughout the app. • 30 FOOD CATEGORIES: Lots of foods, meals, drinks & snacks. • BRANDED FOODS: Including Activia, Alpen, Domino’s, Dorset Cereals, Innocent, Kellogg’s, Nakd, Ready Brek, Ryvita and Weetabix. • SETUP WIZARD: Customise the app to your requirements. • DAILY TARGETS: Set your calorie and nutrient targets using the BMI calculator. See a graph of your daily intake vs your targets. • 5:2 DIET: Select your 5:2 days and target calories for your fasting days. • DASHBOARD: Easily track your daily intake for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. • MY FOODS: Take photos and add nutritional info for your own foods. • MY MEALS: Group foods together that you eat on a regular basis and save as a customised meal for easy recall, saving you time each day! • EXERCISE: Keep track of the calories you burn through the built-in exercise tracker. • EXPORT DATA: Save data as a PDF or CSV file - great to share with your healthcare team. • iCLOUD BACKUP: Backup and restore your data. • GRAPHICS: High-resolution graphics for retina displays. • USE THE APP OFFLINE: Download the food photos to your device so you can then use the app without internet connection. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK “ Life would be so much harder without this App. Five Stars! ” “ I LOVE your App. I’m a visual dieter, so you have made dieting a breeze for me. ” “ I would like to say how amazing I think your app is. It is responsible for helping me lose at least 2lb a week since I started using it. ” “ This is brilliant for anyone who needs to count their carbs and calories! ” “ A must for people with diabetes ” “ Gives a real representation of how many carbs are in different portion sizes, and this is invaluable. ” “ Guesstimates are often way out, so this is a huge help. ”

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download Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes appstore reviewdownload Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes appstore reviewdownload Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes appstore reviewdownload Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes appstore reviewdownload Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes appstore review

Carbs & Cals: Visual counter for diet & diabetes Reviews

  • Carbs & Cals app

    By AB' FAB'
    Brilliant quick way to guess how much your having than to be told weigh this n that but rarely will you remember that portion size. The app is excellent for new diabetics trying to get their head around information - here you see it quickly. It’s currently my bible so thanks
  • The one that works!

    By Neil1951
    I’ve tried several apps for recording nutrition. This one works. Having said that, it did take a little time to get to know it’s little idiosyncrasies. Now that I’ve mastered those it’s excellent. One very useful feature is being able to sync between iPad and iPhone.
  • Great app

    By Mags7101
    Great app I just got told I am diabetic and that I have osteoporosis and also water retention in my legs all need to be regulated by food and I needed a chart for all this just what I needed
  • Easy to use

    By 32nbvcxe
    Great app. So simple to use. The perfect way to monitor carb intake and balance calories and exercise.
  • Will not download

    By Aspirational Girl
    0% images downloaded - cannot use app.
  • Book lover

    By Flamemyst
    The books are brilliant so easy to follow with the correct information very informative . The app is a godsend could not be without it. Easy to use. I want to thank you so much it is really great l,m losing weight steadily. So thanks again.
  • Brilliant

    By cas 65
    Love it makes life easier and can control intake much better
  • Not at all useful

    By fallenstorm
    Certainly from my point of view. I can’t find most of the things I eat so I’ll be sticking to reading labels at home to enable sensible guesstimates when out and about. Additionally most chain restaurants have detailed nutritional information online - far more accurate than the app. My DSN is normally spot on but I’m not impressed by this app in the slightest. Wish I’d saved my money. If the people writing this app want to see a good food database have a look at the Fitbit app. Excellent break down of foods - and if you search for a brand or supermarket own label item you find it. Far better than this. First time I’m regretting listening to the hospital. Would love a refund please.
  • Huge disappointment

    By Roberne
    Used this app in the past and thought it was great. Have come back to it to find an updated version which is not user friendly, took forever to download, takes up a massive amount of memory and is clunky to work through.
  • Once Again You Have Destroyed a Fantastic App

    By dpirevive
    I have used this app for over 4 years and found it invaluable for carb counting and insulin calculation. Since the version 3 update the app is completly useless, the update completly erased all my 'myfood' inputs for the past 12 months and the data base reference appears to have been written by a child. With alot of tweeking I managed to get it functional less loads of data. Then on the 7th Oct the app received an automatic update for more food pictures, great I thought I usually download all the pictures. How wrong I was, the UK food index now has hardly any catagories and I have to toggle between UK and US food references to find basic foods. Will you please stop trying to fix what isn't broken! I live in the UK so provide me with a data base of foods applicable to me, I don't live on beefburgers and pitza. When I have to reference the US data I have to make additional allowances for the fact their food portions are larger, the bread slices thicker a nd the liquid measure is bizzar. Now once again you have attempted to fix something that isn’t broken. I have been ignoring the messages that said it wouldn’t run on the latest iOS but my hand was forced. I have lost over 4 years of data with your new look app. Please stop pandering to twats, the vast majority of us who have a brain liked the app in its original form, it was simple and practical. I paid money for this app in the beginning and it did its job well. Today I wouldn’t pay you in washers. Please stop pratting about.
  • Amazing tool!

    By mc1950
    So informative and helpful for my diabetes control.
  • Not working after update on my iPhone or iPad

    By Kazhol64
    Since updating the app will not load the images and so therefore is useless. Please fix this as this is not a free app and should be accessible.
  • Carbs to Cals App

    By Jeff~B
    Negatives: The custom food items and meals could be a morsel better (edit & delete) and also appear in the standard listings; being able to modify the supplied database items would be nice. Navigation around the app is not quite intuitive, but easily workable with a little practice. Positives: Quite straightforward to use; very easy on the eye, I might even say pretty. Most of the icons are nice and large, clear, easy to use with my iPad touchscreen. The supplied database is quite extensive. Star Rating: I give it a 4.5 Suggestion: A new module to help turn a home cooked recipe into a custom food item or meal from its ingredients, cooked/raw options if relevant.
  • Doesn't work ! Not Happy

    By Vicki ha ha
    This won't load at all, what's the matter with this app? I need the UK version, that's what I paid for, that's what I expect!
  • Brilliant app

    By Luca Britton
    This app is brilliant I'm type 1 diabetic and my nurse showed me this app. I can count my carbs and inject to suit. Would highly recommend. Is also helpful to show my nurse what I've had as I log everything
  • 5 STAR

    By Tackleberry1945
    This app is the perfect companion to the book Carbohydrates & Cals. Easy to use and perfect aid for diabetes management. I couldn't sync it at first between my iPhone and iPad. Support gave me the answer. The problem was the iCloud not res leasing the backup data fast enough. To sync, backup data on iPhone, wait a couple of minutes for iCloud, then restore on seconded device. Job done! Recommended to all my friends. Well done!
  • Features not working

    By Sungquee
    The principal of this is great, but on my first day, the photo option is not working, the Help FAQS quote a cheaper price for the 3.99 (I paid 4.99) and the 'send an email' (complaints or queries) is not working either hence a public review. Perhaps these things should be sorted ASAP.
  • New app won't work

    By bells01
    I updated to the new app, but as yet unable to use as it will not upload the uk food database. Unsure of what to do now - the old app was easy to use and really helpful for me
  • 2 days

    By froggychops
    Only been using the app for 2 days and already I am addicted to managing my food intake. Expecting great change over the next couple of months. So easy....
  • Carbo

    By Frozen Magnolia 7"
    This new update does not work At ALL! It will not download the food data! I used the old version a lot but can no longer use this app! Don't waste your money on it

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