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MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager

By J3 Software, LLC

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2010-06-23
  • Current Version: 2.5.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.59 MB
  • Developer: J3 Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 81 Ratings

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#1 Selling Salon Software app - MyChair is both iPhone & iPad app. More people choose MyChair over ANY other Salon App. "MyChair is the #1 iPad App Changing Businesses" - Huffington Post Article. You only have to buy MyChair ONCE and use it on iPhone & iPad. MyChair helps professionals in the beauty industry keep track of their clients, appointments, and histories. MyChair is the ONLY iOS App that defaults to 15 min scheduling. MyChair is helping professionals to communicate with their clients more easily by enabling users to search and query their client’s history and send mass communications to those clients have not visited in a selected duration. Check out our extensive Demo Videos at FEATURES: --Client Features-- -Separate Address Book from device’s Contacts -View and Save Appointments, History, Previously Used Formulas, Photo, Notes, Birthdays, Anniversary, Gender, Allergies & More -Search-able comments on each Client -Use comments for tagging -Quick View of next & last Appointments -Easily Keep track of referrals -Quickly scroll through contacts using alphabet on right --Reports-- - The Reports show the following numbers based on the selected duration ---Percent Booked ---Income made (services & tips) ---Percent of clients that use chemical services ---Percent of clients that purchase retail products ---Export Report Screen to email. -Reports are available for Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, This Year, Last Year, Or Custom Range --Scheduling Features-- -The most customizable double booking available -Schedule more than one service in one appointment -Completed appointments create history -View Daily Schedule in 15 min increments -Add Appointments from Schedule area -The most flexible recurring/standing appointments --Histories Features-- -Record Services, Formula, Tip Amount, Retail Amount, Date Time & Note -History formula automatically updates contact formula field --Query/Search Features-- -Search for clients that have not visited in X number of weeks -Search for clients that use chemical services -Search for clients based on gender -Search for clients that visited x number of weeks ago --Broadcast Features-- -Send thank you email messages to the clients who visited this week. -Send a Message to everyone who has a birthday or anniversary this month. -Send a Message to clients that use chemical services, to promo specials. -Send Mass Emails or SMS(Text Msg) to a search result. -MyChair breaks down large broadcast into smaller groups to help make sure they are delivered. Number of messages to send can be set in options. --Customizable services-- You can add custom services and set the Name, Price, Duration and Double Booking options -Ability to customized service calendar with color codes --Options-- -Customize your work hours per day - required for reporting % booked -Calendar day view, set start time -Import Contacts from devices Address Book -Default for Area Code, State when adding new clients -Sales Tax %, Booth Commission %, Retail Commission % -Export All data to files so it can be used in Excel or numbers --Device Sync-- -Sync Contacts from MyChair To a MyChair Group in the devices Address book ( helps caller ID work) -Copy Appointments to devices Calendar (Semi-Sync) -Auto Sync upon open

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download MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager appstore reviewdownload MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager appstore reviewdownload MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager appstore reviewdownload MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager appstore reviewdownload MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager appstore review

MyChair Salon Book Clients Appointments Manager Reviews

  • experience

    By salon owner201
    I purchased this app a few years back and it really changed my business for the good, that was until the last year. As there has not been an update for this app in some time, it often crashes and deletes my appointments, which is not good for business. I emailed support but they still have not resolved it. I wish there was an update coming soon.
  • Good app

    By Permcurler
    Got this for my new business (hairstylist) and really like it but I can only use this on my ipad as when you change the settings to link it up with iCloud so I can use it on my iPhone, it crashes it doesn't like syncing over iCloud if this could be fixed this would be great. For now I've had to go back to an appointment book that way I know I won't lose anything, but in all good app.
  • My Chair

    By Natrhys
    Terribly unpredictable, takes ages to set up, the in app functions don't work ie syncing with your contacts and calendar the app crashes, not supported with iCloud back up or other devices. Loss of all my data when trying to sync resulting in all contact all appointments and all product info lost totally unreliable.
  • Absolutely DO NOT BUY this app!!!!

    By Olli-Bean
    Utter rubbish, rarely updated, slow, lags, crashes a lot, and doesn't work properly with iOS 8. I was left with no access to my appointments, or contacts and my business suffered as a result. No response WHATSOEVER from the developers after numerous tweets and emails, disgusting way to treat people who have PAID for the app! I really do urge anyone thinking about downloading this to not do so, I found out the hard way! One star is one too many!!

    By CentreStageDogGrooming
    If you have just upgraded to IOS 8 and the app won't launch; this fix worked for me so it might for you too: 1) Back up your iPad to iTunes. 2) While connected, go to the iPad's apps, go to the bottom of the window, click on MyChair on the left and the database (Mychair.sqlite) will appear on the right. Click on the database and click on "save to" and SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER. 3) Disconnect from iTunes. 4) Remove Mychair from your iPad. If you have just saved your database, you can safely disregard the "you'll loose all your data" message. 5) Go to the App Store and reinstall MyChair. 6) Reconnect to iTunes. 7) Go to the iPad's apps in the menu bar and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on MyChair. 8) Click on the "Add" button and select the MyChair.sqlite file that you've just saved. 9) Disconnect from iTunes 10) Open MyChair on your iPad - you should see all of your appointments and all of your contacts. If this works for you, please be kind enough to recommend any other app that does the same job that also works on IOS8. Finally - even after you've done all of this, you will not be able to "Broadcast" to your clients using email anymore. ... Well, I can't anyway. My best work around was to reinstall it on my daughters iPad still running IOS7 where everything functions as normal. I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN REINSTALLING MYCHAIR. The tech support offered by this app's developers is absolutely 100% non-existent. No apology has been offered, no fix is being worked on, no answers on their Facebook Page.
  • Worthless rubbish!

    By Richard@682
    Since the ios8 update this app is total rubbish. I can't even get the app to open and have lost everything! Why can't they keep up to date with iOS like every other software company does? I'm now paying £15 a month to use Ovatu. It's fantastic and has far better features and control and well worth paying for if you value your business.
  • Great app... Upgrades equal client embarrassment

    By Benjaminty
    As above
  • Too complicated

    By Love Bundle
    Wanted something a bit more in depth than the 'my book of clients app' but app will not import clients from my address book and very little info on its features is available.
  • Not happy

    By Purple babe 77
    Same as the last review , send bug report and still having problems using it , might have to find a new one if this isn't sorted
  • Amazing app

    By Sian Marie
    Highly recommend this app, although it has crashed when updating before so always ensure you back it up at least once a week :) Would never use a pen and paper again :)
  • Great app.....very disappointing support :(

    By 8ee8ee
    I was happy with my chair, it was a great way to run my business efficiently. However when I updated the app 3 weeks ago it wiped ALL data. I have emailed my chair support numerous times (and sent bug reports) and I am still waiting for any kind of help recovering my data. This is extremely disappointing as before this happened I was singing the praises of this app.
  • Don't buy

    I've used this app for 2years with my mobile business. I went to use my chair yesterday and everything, clients data, all my appointments, all the history records and my accounts GONE. IF YOU RUN A BUSINESS DO NOT BUY, it's not reliable. I've had a very stressful week all thanks to this app
  • Not Good

    By N Dogg
    If this developer thinks any small beauty business is going to use this app, they are sorely mistaken! In the hair/beauty trade your appointment book is everything, if you can't trust an app then it's pointless! This app is pointless, don't trust it, a real missed opportunity to provide something that is sorely needed on the App Store.

    By Charlotte hair
    Downloaded this app and it was amazing to start with. As soon as I synced iPhone and iPad it crashed. Now I have lost all appointments, colour history and contacts. My business is a mess and all because of this stupid app. DO NOT BUY!!!!
  • Not worth it

    By Glitch1337
    Bought it, and its crashed the first give times I used it. I'm surprised I got that far putting all my info onto it that many times! Such a shame as had potential, I really needed the online syncing function too.
  • Very unstable!

    By Acw101angel
    This was a brilliant app which had everything I needed but lately it constantly crashes and have to open it 3 times in order for it to stay open and function. It has deleted several appointments on several occasions and caused mayhem for my business! And double booked itself on other occasions. It deleted all my client contacts, previous history records so I now have no backdated records! Even though the information was backed up... The back up records are in code and non readable!!!! Upon asking for help they start by trying to help then they ignore you. To be honest I don't think they can cope and are seriously understaffed and this was definitely not set up by a hairdresser and if it was....then I would be ashamed! Had enough now.. Persevered for a year and still being ignored so it will be getting deleted. Too unreliable. If this is your career do NOT download.
  • Chaos

    By LJ Osteopath
    Brought the app as it was perfect for my needs, fantastic you can edit and adjust treatments etc. but caused chaos in my business. Contacts and their appointments deleted. Double bookings occurred. Upset many clients. Many advanced bookings where booked in then noticed a week later they had all been deleted. Luckily I no longer trusted the my chair app and had started keeping my old paper diary up to date alongside my chair. Very disappointed with the app.
  • Rocky road

    By Martin Burfield
    I've had this app and persevered, and it has been a rocky road. I'm still eagerly waiting for their cloud option (web based version of app) so I can sync between multiple devices. However, I can't fault anything since last updates. I would also like to point out the amount of effort put in by the customer services team, as they have always advised correctly, with resolving my issues. I continue to support this app, as I have done for some time, and would happily recommend it to others. I've tried some other appointment apps and they either wanted what would amount to large sums of cash, or they just didn't perform, so I'll stick around. Yours truly, MB
  • F Judge

    By p3foe
    Useless, put info in TWICE! When I go out of app and go back in it crashes. Deleted and uploaded again and crashed again. Waste of money. Can't rate without even one star but to be honest no stars is my rating.
  • Rubbish

    By Ezina sanctuary
    When I first got this app was brilliant but since updating the whole thing has gone to pot, I cannot add any new clients to my contact list and add appointments, complete waste of time! Just up load new version, lost all my contacts with names addresses, emails etc...

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