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trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards

By Molatra

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2009-10-12
  • Current Version: 9.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 166.22 MB
  • Developer: Molatra
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Learn Chinese with an amazing dictionary (plus OCR) and flash card system. trainchinese will teach you Chinese, with a free and complete dictionary, thousands of vocab lists, example sentences, audio recordings, measure words, character animations and Optical Character Recognition — not to mention a powerful flash card training system that even includes handwriting training! • Our dictionary prioritises commonly-used words and phrases above the obscure and obsolete, while example sentences and measure words (classifiers) provide crucial context to help you decide which Chinese word is the most appropriate translation. Other dictionaries just leave you guessing! • We've got Optical Character Recognition (OCR) too. Spotted some Chinese you can't read? Capture a photo of some Chinese text from a menu, book or sign, and the app identifies and translates the characters for you. • Search for words by part of speech - simply type the abbreviated type followed by a period (.). For example, "ma n." gets you "ma" words that are nouns. • Mistyped a word? Helpful spelling suggestions get you to the right results fast. • Words feature both example sentences and measure words for nouns. It's time to move beyond "个"! And best of all it's all connected: tap examples and measure words to open them as full dictionary entries. • trainchinese is great for students: it includes more than a thousand vocabulary lists covering topics from International Relations to American Football Teams and more. Feel like something's missing? Users often get in touch to ask for lists on the topics they're studying, and we're happy to oblige! You'll also find lists containing HSK-level words (both old and new standards), plus TOCFL lists for students in Taiwan! • Highlight words with your finger for super-fast access to character animations, related searches and more! • Whether you're studying the Simplified (mainland China and Singapore) or Traditional (Hong Kong and Taiwan) variants, we've got you covered! Easily switch between them or choose to display both in dictionary results and on flash cards. Even better, you can use the phonetics you're comfortable with - choose from Pinyin with tone marks, Pinyin with tone numbers or even Zhuyin characters (from the BoPoMoFo system used in Taiwan). • Create flash cards with audio and animation from dictionary entries. Organise them into lists, and share them with friends (or students). • Our Spaced Repetition system ensures you'll memorize words for good. • Train your way: each card is available in four different modes to test different aspects of Chinese study. See Chinese, Pinyin or English and get tested on translation, and even compare your handwriting to a stroke-order animation side-by-side, synchronized! Or if you prefer, there's multiple choice training too (for a real challenge, try it in "Dictation" mode!). • Flash cards are saved on your device and synchronized with, where you can also train with them and find more great content. • Add study notes to your flash cards - they're saved and backed up at Don't forget to check out our other apps (tap our company name in iTunes for more info): - Chinese Writer - Chinese Audio Trainer - My Chinese Library (phrase books) - Pinyin Trainer - Number Trainer

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download trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards appstore reviewdownload trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards appstore reviewdownload trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards appstore reviewdownload trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards appstore reviewdownload trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards appstore review

trainchinese: Dictionary & Flash cards Reviews

  • Essential app

    By HotLittleBiscuit
    The app is an essential for any student learning Chinese. Easy to access dictionary, photo recognition for easy translations and learn modes make learning mandarin easier than ever.
  • Amazing!

    By artorwar
    Brilliant collection of apps. I never buy in-app-purchases but I signed up for a full account. I built a custom word list to match my class and I am loving it.
  • The best app for vocabulary revision out there

    By Justusme
    This beats all the other apps by a long shot. It allows you to practise the different modes of translation (reading, listening, speaking, writing), it has a great dictionary with proper recordings of pronunciations and fantastic examples for most words. Finally, it also features vocabulary lists from all common textbooks, which saves a lot of time. To fully use the app you have to subscribe to their service at least once (for a few quid), but it's definitely worth it.
  • A great study support

    By MFH_UK
    This app is just perfect if you are studying part time and need to fit practice in between a busy schedule. It allows you to revise anywhere with minimum effort, and it is fun to use!
  • Subscription expires = lose all cards.

    By JackLavalette
    It was working perfectly until my subscription expired. Once expired, all of my lists and information was wiped from my phone and I cannot even sign back in! Considering that trainchinese assures us that all cards and lists paid for will remain ours after the subscription expires….what a complete sham. Very disappointed.
  • The best Chinese flashcard app out there!

    By Astriddg
    I have been using this app for a year and have found it incredibly useful. It is especially good for serious learners: a huge database of words, all aspects of each word given in details and example sentences for most words. I love it! The fact that you can either choose to create your own list of words or to pick from pre-set ones is actually quite rare. I am learning Russian too and am praying for an app of this kind to be created for it! To prove that I am honest about it and not trying to sell it, here are a few drawbacks: - English entries come before Chinese ones in the search so when you are looking for a simple Chinese word, you have to scroll for ages - the colours on the characters don't really help with the tones and get annoying. If you are serious about learning Chinese, you won't regret buying this app!
  • Highly recommended

    By Midori0
    Great if you're serious about learning to read Chinese! The app allows you to use existing lists of characters or choose your own from the dictionary, I prefer the latter as I like to work with characters from texts I'm already trying to read. Training lists can become rather addictive which is more than can be said for most textbooks I've encountered - I have made much more progress with reading and typing Chinese using this than with any book or class. Prompt customer service response and very good value for money.
  • Very good indeed

    By Longshu2
    I have used this app for 6months now and getting on well. If you need an answer from the developers they get back to you right away.
  • Fantastic app!

    By Spacefossil
    This app is a sheer delight. Everyone and anyone looking to learn Mandarin as painlessly as possible, and at a pace to suit them, should use it. It is well in advance of the competition and appears to have been designed by someone who is both a Mandarin speaker and a programming genius. The characters are introduced in a fun way and over time they become familiar friends. At such a low price for flash cards, any businesses seeking to trade with China should mandate this app for all their employees!
  • Silly thing

    By VonZulu
    Won't work unless you go thru some registration process. Annoying.
  • Excellent

    By Rowan_
    The search capabilities are excellent and the store of both practical and idiomatic phrases is very extensive. Learning languages through memorising interesting phrases has always worked for me and this is the best tool I have found for doing this. Highly recommended!
  • Great!

    By Charlie_Mij
    This is a great app for anyone who wants to learn Chinese. highly recommended!

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