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The Weight Watchers app can help you lead a healthier, more active life. With your membership you can: • Post pics, share progress, and get inspired on the NEW social experience, Connect! • Track your weight and follow your progress with the newly designed weight tracker • Add your favourite meals to the Recipe Builder • Swipe right to quickly track multiple items from your Favourites, My Foods, and Recently Added • Sync with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints Happy tracking!

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Weight Watchers Reviews

  • Fantastic

    By lindyloo0
    I am a list person, so found this perfect for me..easiest stone I have ever lost..
  • Terrible upgrade

    By Angela11111982
    I absolutely hate the new update. Please just change it back. I haven’t spoken to one person who likes it!!
  • Wonderful App

    By Trevor Church
    I find that by having the App that I can keep on track and very useful being able to Scan. I find the App very useful in finding the points for various foods and being able to scan food labels. I am not sure if I can print a week of tracking.
  • Excellent

    By kittiekittie333
    Just started using the app and it's great. I especially like how my Fitbit syncs to it to record my activity.
  • Update rubbish

    By Mummy Kenty
    Found the app really user friendly and easy to use, then they updated it! 😲 rubbish! Can't easily see what you've tracked, the list of commonly used items annoying scrolls back to the beginning when you've pick an item and has to refresh to get the complete list, think this update has made my mind up, as I'm at goal won't be renewing the app when next payment due! Will be looking at alternatives 😠
  • It crashes all the time!!!!

    By Florie w
    Since it’s last been updated I can no longer open my app - I am using an iPhone 6 so I am not sure if it’s due to the new IOS or the new app itself. I am literally FUMING! I have deleted the app FOUR TIMES and downloaded it again but it always crashes when I attempt to log in... am I the only one??? Hope this problem will be fixed ASAP as I am paying a subscription to use something that doesn’t work... :(
  • Great App

    By Thomas' mummy
    Essential for keeping you on track!
  • Weight Watchers

    By Coco Bunny The Great
    Great app just wish it had more eating out places on here but overall excellent. Lost 11 pounds so far between 1-4 pound weekly loss!
  • This app is so easy and so much help.

    By sycmioyo
    Just a shame that after all this time, and updates, you still can’t delete items from your frequent lists. I have items in mine I’ve only used the once weeks and weeks ago and they’re just unnecessary clutter, making it harder than it should be to track.
  • My obsession

    By Paddyscor
    So this app is brilliant I love everything I've learned so far about it What I need to learn about I discover from friends & support xx
  • Losing weight made easy

    By Sixty plus scot
    Easy peesie. Great app makes my journey so much easier. Keeps me on track
  • Tryingagain69

    By tryingagain69
    So im still working out the app - better than the points calculator i had years ago! Its motivational:)
  • Not impressed with the UI update

    By ColinB
    The majority of this app is brilliant! But your new top level UI change makes is much slower to use and a pain to navigate. It’s a backward step and I hope it doesn’t stay too long! Now it takes an extra click to get started. Previously you could start entering food straight away. Please revert the UI.
  • Couldn't be without it

    By BevH17
    Best app ever! Barcode scanner is amazing, search items or use calculator. Meal building, recipe building, restaurant guide, weight tracker, motivational messages, gets my weight off and keeps it off!
  • Essential app - terrible update

    By Slurp78
    I use the app every day - it's an essential part of my day BUT the latest update feels like a completely pointless change-for-the-sake-of-change - adds nothing to the app, and actually makes it a bit harder to navigate the day, and look at previous days. It's still a good app if you're following the plan, and I use it religiously, but the new update was a bit unnecessary.
  • New to the app but so far loving it

    By 2jackinthebox
    It helps me make good choices whilst dining out....... I love it ❤️
  • Won’t connect to Apple Health

    By kelanjo
    Disappointed that no matter what I try the app won’t pull through the data from Apple Health for activity tracking. Assume it’s a glitch in the WW app as I’ve spoken to support and they can’t help either. It’s a shame as it really limits the user experience of the app as a whole.
  • Hate the update!

    By bwitcheduk
    I live by the app but really hate the update. I used to see exactly what I needed but now it’s a pain having to go through to see what I ‘ve had. Can’t see if I miss something either, without scrolling. Definitely slower to use! Please revert!
  • I love it!!!!b

    By Isabellauk
    This tool has made me stay on track! I love scanning!
  • My life line for staying on track

    By Foxy vegas chick.xx
    Love this app, the bar scanner is brilliant for when I'm shopping.

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