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By AssistiveWare

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2009-04-21
  • Current Version: 5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 810.91 MB
  • Developer: AssistiveWare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Proloquo2Go is an award-winning symbol-based communication app that gives a voice to those who cannot speak. Over 175,000 people already use this AAC app as a powerful tool for expressing themselves and increasing their communication skills and language development. Its innovative features let users, parents, teachers and therapists quickly personalize the app. Proloquo2Go is an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app used by people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses. It is available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch. “Users can open Proloquo2Go and begin to use it for effective communication immediately” – Susan Berkowitz, MS-SLP, AAC Consultant. Feature highlights • Crescendo™, a complete research-based core word vocabulary with 10,000+ fringe words • Quickly and easily customisable – everything from the vocabulary to the appearance • Designed for a range of fine-motor and visual skills with options like 23 pre-programmed grid sizes • Use your regional vocabulary and accent with Australian, British and American English, European and Canadian French, Castilian and American Spanish, and Dutch and Flemish. The app also supports bilingual use, and you can even switch languages mid-sentence • 100 natural-sounding free voices across all languages, including children’s voices Research-based Proloquo2Go puts the user’s development first with features based on clinical knowledge and user research. Studies show that just 200-400 words make up 80% of what we say – known as core words. Combined with best practices like modeling, teaching core words has been shown to grow language and communication skills. Our Crescendo™ vocabulary is based on this insight and puts core words front and center for easy access. Grows communication skills Proloquo2Go is one of the few AAC apps designed to support all users, from beginning to advanced. This lets someone develop from single words to full grammatical sentences in the same app. With over 10,000 words available, there’s no limit on what you can say. Our Progressive Language feature reveals words step by step. This helps communicators learn words and their location as their vocabulary gradually grows. Research has shown that consistent placement of objects supports easy recognition, known as motor planning. With this in mind, Proloquo2Go's thematic templates keep core words in the same places throughout the vocabulary. This helps communicators by reducing time wasted trying to find words. Easy customisation and accessibility Buttons, pages, navigation and access - the whole app is customisable. With just a few taps, you can make it suit both vocabulary and accessibility needs. For the most important things, you can add your own buttons. The app comes with more than 25,000 symbols for new words – but you can use your own photos too. Accessibility settings support scanning and Apple’s VoiceOver, for users with fine-motor challenges and vision impairments. These make the app work with how you’re comfortable using it. Comprehensive support With Proloquo2Go, you get more than an app – we’re there for you every step of the way. Our website has free e-learning videos and PDF tutorials, and the Assistiveware Core Word Classroom includes resources for using AAC effectively. You can also connect directly with our AAC community on our Facebook groups. And for any questions you might have, our support team is available by email 7 days a week, and is always happy to help. Discounts available with Apple’s educational Volume Purchase Program – 50% off on 20 licenses or more. Joan Bruno’s Gateway to Language & Learning© vocabulary is available as in-app purchase (English only).

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Proloquo2Go Reviews

  • Given a 5yr old a voice

    By Jamiejsy88
    Amazing communication app with symbol support. Brilliant for autism - Brilliant for both children and adults. Customise it's look, words, colours, symbols and styles. This app has changed a young boys life for the better who I currently work with - he has come on leaps and bounds. This app has actually encouraged his own initiative to practise his own speech. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a reliable primary communication device. iPad / iPhone are both equally good.
  • A life changer

    By Tunde Cockshott
    Few apps can have the sort of impact that Proloquo2go has had on my daughter's life. She cannot talk but she now has a voice. She has had other communication devices one costing over £3000 which have made a difference. But proloquo2go has many advantages. It is affordable. It gets regularly updated. It is very customisable to exactly meet her distinct needs. It is super easy to add new content. The standard vocabulary is extremely large and immediately useful- if somewhat US centric. The quality, and again customisation, of the voices are fantastic. It works on small devices, we benefit from all Apple' future innovations and the iPad or iphone is a cool device which makes my daughter fit in, not stand out. Thank you Proloquo keep up the good work.
  • Brilliant, well worth the money!

    By Katilea
    I have had this app since 2010 when I first got an original iPad. It has come a long way since then. The developers are very responsive to people contacting them and asking if you can make it do something so top marks for customer service. For example when I originally got it word prediction wasn't on in typing mode and you can also now create shortcuts via the general iPad menu which will work when typing in P2G for eg if you set up 'hhu=Hi How are you?' when you hit letters 'hhu' it will type and speak the full phrase. It also now has additional help for fine motor co-ordintation issues such as selecting the right button and not hitting the wrong one or multiple ones's at once. it can now work out which button you were intending to hit by allowing you to 'select on release'. This means if you touched page with 2 or 3 fingers accidentally then just lift the one thats on the button you want it will only select that one. Due to this feature I can have a bigger grid with more buttons and planning to upgrade (from original ipad) to an iPad mini to make my device more portable. It also now has switch scanning for those who need it and a number of other features. The reason I chose it was because you can completely design your own pages from scratch and this helps my memory to remember where I put phrases, rather than trying to remember a vocabulary system that is not my own. I have my own home page with only what I need on it. You can also copy and paste a category onto your own page for speed say if you only wanted 'food' and 'drinks' from the original vocab you can just select those and copy across to yours, re-order it so what you like most is at top, delete one's you never use if you want or just put them on 2nd page out of the way. If you prefer to start with the built in vocabulary it has a very good updated core vocabulary, though as an adult I prefer to use typing page with prediction for one off sentences and situations where I hadn't predicted what other person would ask me and use the grid for pre-stored pages of sentences I need for specific situations where the explanation would be the same each time eg my name and address, my medical condition. It is very easy to make new pages quickly and I have done so on the evening before or morning of an appointment so I can say a longer sentence with just one press of a button reducing keystrokes and time the other person has to wait for my reply. Overall an excellent app with alot of flexibility to make it your own voice and at a fraction of the cost of 'dedicated devices', and still with excellent customer support!
  • Can get my words out now :)

    By Rainbowspirals
    Im an adult with autism I use proloquo2go when im stressed and its great.. The pictures are very good for my understanding and the choice of English voices is amazing. Since I started using it it has been updated lots of times this new update is the best so far.
  • It's great

    By Shrekw
    I love use its great
  • Margaret

    By Megoogall
    My 27year old son uses proloque2go and we think it's fantastic. I also use it in a special school. It is so easy to program in your own words and pictures and I am 56. It is wonderful to see the youngster who uses it being able to communicate with his friends and make his own choices. Thank you proloquo2go.
  • Excellent communication aid

    By Colkeat
    A very affordable AAC when compared to others such as dynavox which cost around £5000. We replaced my son's AAC with an iPad and proloquo2go. So much lighter and easier to program. I set up the grid to match his previous AAC which our son, who has downs syndrome, easily adopted. If you are thinking of a new AAC and especially a replacement this would be a good choice.
  • This is not just an app

    By Mariadad
    When you think of app then you think of a cheap and cheerful computer program to make a quick buck. Fortunately not all apps fall into that category. This is one of them. I have two apps that I have paid a significant amount of money for, and both of them are excellent. This app not only does the job you would expect of an AAC utilty but it is extremely well thought out and superbly configurable. All credit to the designers who have spent a lot of time making it so user friently. Given the developers are from the Netherlands, I am surprised there is no Dutch language voice - only American, British and Indian English voices are available at present (although I would like to see more childrens voices available in all these versions). This app is not just useful for Autistic people - Down, Rubinstein-Taybi and a host of other syndromes all have similar problems of language development delay. It works beautifully on an iPhone - you don't have to have an iPad. My four year old is perfectly happy to use the iPhone version (however she has good eyesight, hearing and fine-motor skills). The licensing allows you to buy this app and to download it to up to five devices - which includes an iPhone, iPad and iPod. So it's well worth the cost and by far the best and cheapest application on the market. By the way, I have no connection with the company - I am simply a parent of a language impaired child. I have only just bought this app and my daughter played with it yesterday. It remains to be seen how much it helps her, but if it doesn't then it won't be the fault of the application - which is worth every penny.
  • On the iPad

    By Roscovitch77
    We have a a little girl who is a non-verbal autistic and this is just brilliant for her. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting to use this app.
  • Good with Room for improvement

    By Kay222
    I've brought this to help me communicate as I'm very weak/often mute with M.E. I was quite disappointed with the voice quality on my iPod, even with a speaker (maybe it's better on an iPhone?). It could be clearer & less electronic. Hwvr I now know they are the respected "acapella" ones so it's not the fault of this particular app& they are to be found on other similar AACs aswell. The female "neo speech" voice (go on the Gus communication's web page>iPod to listen to both) is definitely clearer but unfortunately, for the iPod, they dont do a symbol-flow based AAC. On the positive I like the interface, GB voice option & the typing view with it's excellent, learning word prediction (the text of which can be copied & pasted in other apps, handy!!) To improve i wd say it Cd do with more customisation options, icons/ pg & background colours etc & i would appreciate an easier one button press to access typing view. Rather than >options> type> options> grid. Also snippets or text expander integration wd help alot. & more subtle adjustment of pitch is required - I don't want to sound like mickey mouse at the level above normal! The acapella female voices do need to improve. The comparable AAC "touchchat" with acapella (own also) has some feature advantages (& disadvantages) which should be weighed up. & the Gus "type & phrase" based AAC for iPod with neo speech "EZspeech" is worth investigating as are their AACs for laptop/tablet.
  • Supherb !!!

    By Viniiii
    Well worth the money, fabulous upgrades, all is fantastic about this ap.
  • Exactly what we have been waiting for...

    By Gilliemac
    The word prediction feature in this new version is exactly what we have been waiting for. My son has always preferred to type words into Proloquo2Go but would struggle when he couldn't spell a word. The word prediction feature in this version is fantastic: it gives a great choice of words if used on the iPad and appears intelligent! We have used word prediction elsewhere and this seems excellent; it has been worth waiting for something that really works, Thanks.
  • brilliant

    By fergie1970
    This is the best thing I have ever bought for my daughter She has no speech and thanks to this programme my 13 year old daughter has now got a voice thanks to apple iTunes !!!!!!!!! Before this programme it has been very hard for my daughter to tell me what she wanted and always spent ages trying to figure out what she wanted now I don't need too as she now has the perfect programme to be her voice I really recommend it to anyone who has a child with serious speech impairment to get this programme it is worth every penny and will tears to your eyes to hear you child finally have a voice............. I hope apple have got ideas for further products for children with speacial needs Thankyou apple for giving my daughter a voice
  • great app

    By DrMikeThomas
    This is a great peice of software that turns the iPad into an effective communication aid for disabled people. My daughter has had more fun and use out of it in a week that she had from a Dynavox in a year. Easy to customise. Throuble is I now can't get may hands on my iPad! I think I know what she'll be getting for Christmas
  • A great and more importantly an affordable AAC solution

    By Cfoxy
    I work with people who have communication difficulties and was looking for a solution for someone I work with. Proloquo2go is a brilliant solution. Please keep at the introductory price for as long as possible. I would like to see Assistiveware make a desktop editor so that we can make and edit on the mac, this would make things easier when you are working with more than one user. Also the scrolling needs to be improved as it is not very smooth on my iPhone but I am nit picking. For a version 1 application this is an amazing achievement. Well done, I can see this causing quite a stir in the AAC community. When British English voices are available could we have them as a no cost option to replace the American voices. Just downloaded the update and I think scrolling is still jerky and should be looked at. Still an excellent product.
  • Amazing!!!

    By Mstar768
    I was in the process of looking into AAC devices and finding the high cost of such devices to be highly prohibitive and resigning myself that I would never be able to get one for my six year old non verbal autistic son. My son is absolutely obsessed and in love with his father's iphone as we have downloaded educational apps for him which he loves to play as he is so into computers. We mused that it would be amazing if someone could utilise the interface and the hardware capability of the apple iphone to develop a speech output facility on the iphone. Thanks to proloquo's marketing strategy of putting this app on the front page of the appstore we stumbled across this niche product and hey presto - our dreams have come true. An affordable option for us as a family with a disabled child plus I know my son already loves the functionality and use-ability of the iphone. We just got it tonight and I had a quick playaround customising it for my son's favourite things - so we'll wait and see what happens tomorrow when we start training him to use it! Hopefully he won't faint - as he is now getting his very own itouch and hopefully reduce some of the frustration from people not understanding his signing. We'll still continue with the signing but will be using the itouch for him to communicate with people who don't know sign. Just want to say thank you to the creators of this app - you have taken something so essential - the power of communication and made it accessible to some of the most vulnerable people in society.
  • Communication for the 21st century!

    By ImogenMay
    Its possible that many people won't have even heard of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) before so understanding the breakthrough this app has made may be hard. Usual communication aids are large laptops that are either attached to a wheelchair or carried about by hand. They are often heavy and there cost is huge. Costing around £5000 each, communication is far too often reserved for those who can afford it .. not a system I believe in as a social model using disabled person! This app offers me communication that is as easy to use as writing an e mail while on the bus. It is so simple to start, even though this is my first AAC, and can be ammended with personal information or terms with 3 clicks. Having it on my iPhone means I can listen to music, watch last nights Casualty & tell the bus driver where I want to go. I have yet to use this app to its full petential but it already gets 5 stars from me. With a vocabulary of over 5000 words & the ability to use sentences I created yesterday, I have the chance of indeligent convsation where ever I go. Not to mention the value for money! Thanks guys!

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