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By Pengfei Ji

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-12-07
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 278.83 MB
  • Developer: Pengfei Ji
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.

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It now supports Chinese Simplified / traditional version, and has been adapted to iPhone X. The feeling of driving a modern chariot is super, and it's hard to have tanks to compete with it! Fighter planes are the secret weapons to control these monsters, and you must master the battle to get positions. - run on the steel monster to vent its anger, only those who can manage the ACE commander. The war is the biggest tank only rely on you, not what these horrible than the behemoth more damaging. In order to show the unique structure of each tank, we move the battlefield into the game, using the latest U3D engine, each scene has done a proportional transplant, so you will have more real combat feelings. The historic ace will join the battle commander, regardless of the outcome of the war, but they are the real heroes. The fighting with the ace Commander: Karl Jos, Wittmann, Ralph, Ken Speer, in the years of gold, Abrams, Bray Manny, Mario Gordon, Scher, Wen de Rolfe etc.. I think you've admired captain Karl Jos for a long time. He's the tiger king who created the strongest record of land warfare. A lot of tank models are very similar to the original, and the tank models available now are available: PzKpfwV E (tiger), IS-2M, T-34-85, PzKpfwV G (Panther), M26, PzKpfwV B, PzKpfwIV H, M4A3 (76) W HVSS, KV1, Churchill, Panzerkampfwagon, A tiger driver destroyed 28 M4 Sherman in a battle, but in the game you have to combine a variety of tanks, because your opponent may be better than you, to win every battle, you must use good tactics before the war. We do not advocate individual heroes, only with the Legion of people constitute a powerful alliance, you can get more resources, occupation of more territory, the real glory is to put your flag inserted into the enemy's strategic areas.

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download 坦克使命-真实模拟二战军事战争 appstore reviewdownload 坦克使命-真实模拟二战军事战争 appstore reviewdownload 坦克使命-真实模拟二战军事战争 appstore review

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