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"An epic strategy war game you absolutely can't miss! War Of Colony takes you back to the age of colonization! Assemble your army and plunder resources to fuel your conquest! Build your base and repel invaders; your army needs your full efforts to grow stronger! Work up from Private 3rd class to Grand Marshal, and expand your territory to every corner of the world! Game Features: Base Development World conquest starts with building a formidable base. Increase resource production and storage; soldiers are no good on an empty stomach! Upgrade castles, barracks and technologies to improve your base's defenses and military power. Troops Units have their own strengths and weaknesses. Use this knowledge to counter your enemies! Generals each have their own special skills! Excellent commander utilizes the battlefield environment to maximize the effect of troop deployment. Learn to get the best results with minimum costs! Battle: The age of colonization is an age of war! PVE, PVP, 1v1, or even World War; the choice is yours! Alliance Join an Alliance to speed up development! Rally your allies to attack and defend simultaneously. Strength in Unity! Ready yourself for blood-boiling Alliance Wars that will rock the very world! Visual Effects: Stunning graphics presented by top artists devoted to polishing every detail of the game. Experience the features of that glorious era, and recreate the sites of history's greatest battles. For more details, download the game now!"

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War of Colony Reviews

  • Thieving immoral developers

    By Cowrn70
    Like many others ripping off other games in adverts to get you to download a rubbish game, in this case total war Do not encourage this behaviour, download and rate one star! Anything else I see from this developer I’ll download and do the same again.
  • False

    By Gc12312345123
    Nothing like the advert. If you have to sell your game using footage from something else, then your game is obviously crap.
  • Locked Out!

    By Virritable
    Game says needs to update & directs to App Store, which reopens game & back to square one!
  • Heavy bug plagues the game

    By Toton Totonius
    Thats it had enough, waited a whole day for the problem to be fixed, me and my team of 30 players are leaving this game today after months of playing! Bye bye. Awfull customer support awfull bugs!
  • Very poor

    By DsDsWoods
    For starters the adverts are not an accurate reflection of this game in any way. The game itself is poor and riddled with errors, often resulting in technical glitches. The developers are poorly equipped to sort out any problems. Avoid; there are much better games of this nature available.
  • Great game

    By dipps1074
    1 of the best games I ever played
  • No iTunes support

    By CroftyB23
    Recent update for iOS has wiped ability to play game. You are referred to a link that does not allow the update. iOS users be aware!
  • Problems

    By Wanting my music bk
    Yes I can it’s a good game but you need too allow me Bk in the game I’m not receiving the update or new version I don’t want money to go to waste if I don’t receive it I want mi refund back or this site or sites daylight robbery 🤬
  • The adds are fake people, the adds are fake

    By Tinybummum
    I thought this was a 1st person shooter like the adds said but nope.
  • Horrible

    Gameplay is not what I expected and a simple rip off of the other games Mechanics don't have any visible flaws Fake ad's to mislead players Pay2Win THE ADS ARE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE
  • False advertising

    By Pissedoffproc
    When I see advert on another game it looked like a first person shoot, don’t know what game you stole that video from but is wasn’t this game. I am sick and tired of people falsely advertising games. By that I mean stealing another’s inplay video and saying that this is the game. Grrrrr stop it. Stop it now you bunch of c**ts
  • In game purchasing

    By Blow Santa
    This game rips people off they have very unfair exchange rating for uk players Eg. $14.99 = £14.99 Should be $14.99 = £11.43 that’s a huge rip off of £3.56 each time a uk player do this purchase. If everyone in uk who plays this complains then we will get a fair deal too I’m shocked
  • Developers never respond

    By keirkdnd
    Game is glitchy and you constantly lose troops and equipment. Avoid at all costs.
  • False advertising

    By Gdjekekdmnd
    You can’t even play as the soldiers let alone have fun with it
  • Zero stars

    By Bbdklcjinfssjh6683
    Absolutely nothing like the videos shown in the advert. This is DULL as f**k. The battle action is pathetic and the strategy aspect is boring. Some like these games, that's fine, but don't show me a video of a shoot em up action game then give me this trite. Seriously, I would strongly recommend you don't bother. Free is too expensive, that's even before they start trying to get you to micro pay for in game content. Yawn fest.

    By Vladachenko cornbeef
    UPDATE.. 10 days, 7 emails, the 'developer' has not replied so indicates refusal to communicate regarding the 'random number generator' and its FALSELY CLAIMED '1% SUCCESS RATE' AS STATED... The 'developers' have a random number generator that supposedly gives a '1% success rate' using command books when upgrading a players command level.. after 150 attempts at 'upgrading' it finally dropped, 2 upgrades before it took 200 command books to drop the upgrade in.. 1% success rate??? Command books cost 28gems each so the total cost of those 2 upgrades was indeed AN ABSOLUTE RIP OFF @ 9800 Gems (£200 total 'gem' value) EVEN AFTER MAILING THIS 'DEVELOPER' 4 TIMES I AM STILL MET WITH ABSOLUTE SILENCE AND NOT EVEN 1 MAIL IN RETURN. Customer Service? Absolutely NON EXISTENT. AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNTILL THEY LEARN WHAT 'COMMUNICATION MEANS.
  • Great game

    By Section boys
    Nice game
  • Enjoyable game

    By Bigjockknew!
    Seen the advert for this game the video is nothing like the game but its still enjoyable
  • Ok

    By Container261
    It’s ok but when you fight you have no action
  • War of lies more like

    By Not bad but not brill
    The advert for this game is fake. It's first person shooter and it looks so cool on the advert but when you play it. It's a whole lot of lies. Trust me

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