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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

By Warner Bros.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-27
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 152.75 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,524 Ratings

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Certain that it will help overthrow Sauron and raise himself as a force for good in his place, Celebrimbor has forged a new ring of power. Alongside this ring of power, he has forged a series of minor rings that are bound to its fate and call to Champions across Middle-earth; wage the Shadow War and overthrow Sauron's armies. Continue Talion's journey through Mordor and wage real-time battles to turn Sauron's army against him with the Champions of Middle-earth and your own personal Orc army. COMMAND ICONIC MIDDLE-EARTH CHAMPIONS -Collect, equip, and upgrade iconic characters from Shadow of War and The Lord of the Rings such as Talion, Celebrimbor, Gimli, and Galadriel, all controlled by the new rings of power. FIGHT REAL-TIME BATTLES -Battle your way across hostile regions of Mordor. -Direct your team's combat tactics in real-time and launch powered-up special attacks when it matters most. AMASS AN ARMY OF ORCS AND NEMESES -Dominate your Orc nemeses or accumulate a trail of dead. Each Orc you face remembers your decisions, creating a unique experience for every player with the award-winning Nemesis System. JOIN A FELLOWSHIP -Strategize with your friends and request/share upgrades to help your journey

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download Middle-earth: Shadow of War appstore reviewdownload Middle-earth: Shadow of War appstore reviewdownload Middle-earth: Shadow of War appstore reviewdownload Middle-earth: Shadow of War appstore review

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Reviews

  • Solid game

    By chris_rose83
    Been playing this for 3 months now on a daily basis and haven’t spent a penny. Up to level 54 with 28000 Power. Never feel inclined or pushed to spend real cash and always feel I get a fair rate of growth to input. The daily missions take 5min to complete and reward you with gems the the warlords battles also give you gems. So all I do is horde those for weeks until I need something decent or more mirian (you don’t ever earn enough of that though!). Nice community, always lots to do and not a big time commitment either. Good job. PS thanks for iPhone X support. Game looks great full screen 😬
  • iPhone X Support?!

    By ry2mk
    Don’t know why this doesn’t seem at all optimised?
  • Pointless

    By DarrenVanHalen
    What is the fellowship for? You are literally in a team, but to do what? No missions or raids or anything. It’s Just a table of who is stronger within the fellowship. Don’t get the idea
  • Middle Earth

    By nialloshea09
    I really enjoy playing this game as it involves so many different things and when you start playing it you can not stop playing
  • Shadow

    By Caits dad
    Great game glad I found it
  • Joke

    By vladd_
    You guys are obviously messing with us Every single time I used the gems to buy something I got the minimum stuff you can possibly get. F*** you and your greedy
  • Good but glitched up

    By Sparkbert
    There been a glitch can’t progress on. I’ll killed the orc leader,but also all my characters I can’t progress further as it’s saying I need to kill him but his dead and still the next level not upgraded Other than this game amazing please fix this soon
  • Shadow of war

    By Adzdrag
    Nemesis won't refresh, tried reinstalling the game but didn't help, I can't progress in the game as there is no one I can fight to proceed
  • One does not simply, winter is coming

    By Tyronne21
    Cheaply made version of Star Wars galaxy of heroes, however did give the game a try but it failed to give me guaranteed characters from the Aregon event pack
  • Slow

    By LoZking
    Very slow paced due to the massive lack of resources and slow energy gains. If you pay it would probably help but knowing that makes it less enjoyable. Basically another bleach, legion of hero’s, digimon clone all the same model really nothing special here.
  • Everything is gold dust

    By jesselala
    Good game but don’t spend much time on it due to limitations
  • Great gatchapon game

    By BeastOfTheHeath
    I really like this - easy to start and deep enough to keep me interested.
  • Great game but needs a little more

    By Jamoward
    Absolutely love the game but you need to add more to the game, definitely need more characters I could think of about 40+ you could include and need another system to earn money and experience for you and your characters id suggest more daily challenges and achievements, and I feel like fellowships aren't offering enough maybe a reward system for using types of characters or maybe tournaments. But I still love this game 👌
  • Bugged/fixed

    By LilleyKD
    The app has bugged out and won't let me open or uninstall, one starred in the hope a fix will be made/ this problem fixed itself after a week or so and I'm really enjoying my progress through the game.
  • Good but needs more content

    By Grahamey
    I’m enjoying the game but it needs more content..... maybe another way to gain glyphs, plus a pvp arena would be good.... keep up the good work
  • 💵

    By : Funbucket :
    Orc duels are fixed so you have to pay to revive your orc...needs sorting, not balanced at other people have commented you can have about 1/2 hour playing then have to pay to continue...overall ok game played for around a week but do get the feeling the developers are trying to have your pants down
  • Potentially good game ruined by constant crashes

    By Monyeo
    I’ve been playing this game for about a week and even though I’ve had to upgrade to VIP 1 to make it easier to grind with multi raids and level up faster, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the number of times I’ve had to restart the game due to unexpected crashes everytime I try to go into my Orc Army section or choose an orc to support me in battle. I feel it’s just a matter of time before I completely give up. I’m on the iPhone 8 plus and it seems I’m the only one having this issue.
  • Nearly

    By mond0905
    Good game, it’s just a shame it’s pay to win. So many developers are drawing people in with a game that’s free to download and costs a fortune to progress in the game.
  • good game.

    By Ycephyre
    So, I like it, nice graphics gameplay ok. Already spending gems on energy, coins, more coins, characters, yet still hit a wall. Even though I have been grinding, all my toons maxed at my level, orc tank maxed level to two stars, it becomes very difficult to progress. They want you to buy the starter packs and start to pay to vip. Even if you have gems you can only refresh energy once a day unless you are a vip2. Updated to four stars, I like the gameplay, hopefully updates will make the game better.
  • I can’t create new fresh account :/

    By 👋👋😣
    I made a mistake during the game and want to create new account but whenever I delete the game and reinstall it , old data’s become online :/

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