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Bidvine for Professionals

By Bidvine Limited

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-04-10
  • Current Version: 1.9.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 83.56 MB
  • Developer: Bidvine Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 128 Ratings

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Bidvine is the best customer acquisition tool for local professionals in home improvement, events, photography, lessons, wellness, fitness, business services, design & web. “Bidvine delivers on their promises to traders, which makes me feel reassured that I am working alongside someone I can trust.” Royston Cole, Foreman & Builder Bidvine makes it ridiculously easy for local service professionals to meet more customers and grow their business. We send you qualified leads while you focus your time on winning business and billable hours. ***** How it works: Meet new customers - we send you leads based on the services you offer and the location you service - control which leads you receive by setting service filters - each customer answers 4 to 12 service-specific questions detailing what they need and when they need it Send a bid when the job is a fit - view leads for free - when a lead is a fit, pay a small fee to send a custom bid and message to the customer - typically the customer receives a bid from you and one other professional - if the customer does not view bids for their request, we refund the credits to the bidding pros Communicate directly with the customer - exchange messages to work out the details through Bidvine - take the conversation offline and speak by phone or email - it's your choice! - win the business, bill the customer directly, and keep everything you earn Bidvine is available across the U.K. for more than 800 services.

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download Bidvine for Professionals appstore reviewdownload Bidvine for Professionals appstore reviewdownload Bidvine for Professionals appstore reviewdownload Bidvine for Professionals appstore review

Bidvine for Professionals Reviews

  • Don’t bother; Time wasters.

    By BurnTape
    The site is full of fake jobs from fake profiles. People are mainly fishing for prices. Leads I have bid on and been asked to contact have been wrong numbers or confused people who’ve never heard of Bidvine. I’ve contacted customer services multiple times, on each occasion they ask for the details of these supposedly verified profiles. Why am I spending nearly £7 a bid to do your job? Until they genuinely verify customers or jobs steer clear.
  • The customers have no respect for professionals and bidvine does nothing about it

    By Boredom486446
    Judging by all the reviews I think its safe to say youre USING professionals and then making excuses when we highlight issues and problems we have and then you dont do a damn thing about it My same issue is the exact same as “stan” As professionals its ultimately US who are putting money into this app so when theres clients who advertise that they need a photographer and u bid on it and they say NOTHING no response no contact ask you to ring them and then dont answer Bidvine needs to hold them accountable! Theres a guy called “elnaz” eho keeps requesting for a photographer keeps getting bidded on and responds to NOONE How docwe know hes not just a fake account put there so that professionals use up their bids faster and then have to put more of our money into the app so far all bidvine have done is make EXCUSES for the clients lack of professionalism or decency to simply respond with either “sorry im not interested” bidvine needs make sure that theyre not just fobbing pros off I was recommended to use this app and I thought I might aswell since it could really benefit me but so far every single bid uve made has simply just been ignored and im not even getting my credits back when ive wasted them on someone who doesnt have the curtesy to respond like an adult even though I was told I would if I didnt get hired I would receive my credits back Bidvine professionals are literally tellin you the issues and problems and concerns we have, dont you think its time you did something about it?? Because at the end of the day youre making money out of us And if we dont get hired you still get our money and the more we have to top up the more money you get.... do you see how his makes you look shady?? To the customers Stop wasting our time
  • Daniel

    By KingGray
    Excellent app, we secure a lot of clients and work through the use of this app!
  • Time Waster

    By ...........Stan...........
    I don't normally write reviews but have to point out a few issues. You bid on a job and then the customer doesn't respond or the job expires and then the customer puts the same job back on for others to bid. This takes up credits that cost us money, only to be given the option to bid again.. No customer communication, this is poor. Only people that seem to be making money is Bidvine.. I have contacted them and explained the issue, they have explained that jobs expire and there for the customer reposts the same job. No mention of giving me the credits back that it took for me to bid. Bidvine shouldn't be taking credits for jobs that have expired. The jobs do seem to be random, but because of the lack of communication it makes me wonder if there ever was a customer ! Room for improvement I think...
  • Jockney

    By Cjfargie
    Would recommend this app to anyone who's looking for a bit of extra work very easy to use and the work is 100% real
  • Very good but needs improvements

    By Eglon.l
    The app not very good,information from clients not great
  • Poor

    By RM2968
    Very poor info from Clint requested by the app, some poor leads
  • Program is good

    By Hellboy192119
    Not working after last update on iPhone 7, not from wifi, not from normal broadband, just stuck on loading, do something, I can't get job
  • Bad for photographers

    By ioanaland
    I'm a professional photographer and have joined Bidvine a while ago. The app is fine, could do with some tweaking but mainly it works. The problem is that it encourages low pay. I mean why would I take a job for £50 considering I have to travel and the client only wants 2-3 photos. This is just waste of time. After you bid, unless the client replies to you or chooses you (never happened to me to be chosen) you have no idea what happened. Some feedback would be of help! I'm not at all happy and I don't think people should be encouraged to think they can pay peanuts for professional services. I have also seen they are working with bloggers and getting them to use their service so as far as I am concerned, the people on it may not even be "real" customers.
  • Junior

    By Mauzao15
    Easy to work with it
  • Awesome app

    By G-2897
    This app is really quick and efficient.
  • Approve Needed!

    By BarisCimenTV
    Many offers one after another! And I have to buy credits with hundreds of pounds! Every respond for offers means spending money. How do I know they're real human? All you can see the names and fiction seems like jobs?!!!
  • Great idea

    By Axelizard
    The app works well, the jobs keep flowing in and its an extra branch to reach out to new clients.
  • As bad as it can get!!!

    By murtdoc
    I don't usually write reviews, but in this case I had too. They tricked me, made me believe they actually have something to offer me, but beside 2 client over a 50miles radius, there's nobody. Plus those 2 clients don't even answer to their post. Time and money wasted!!

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