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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

By ZeptoLab UK Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-04-19
  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 191.48 MB
  • Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 3,006 Ratings

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Build your own battle bot and unleash its power in this stylish PvP game! From the creators of the hit games Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, comes the most ingenious and stylish battle bot constructor! Join more than 55 million players from all over the world and become the star of the Arena! Unite into powerful gangs, participate in gang battles or create a super-strong Ultimate machine to dominate the Ultimate Leagues! Make every opponent bite the dust! Features: • Be a master engineer: design, craft, upgrade, and improve the ultimate battle robot! • Take the role of a mean street cat and fight against other players in fast and hilarious PvP action! • Discover dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes, including bad-ass Ultimate Machines! Outsmart your opponents with your unique robot design! • Create a powerful gang and rule the streets! Participate in gang battles to win unique parts, make new friends and share your secrets in gang chat. • Battle against real players and fight your way to the top of the World Championship! • Bet on other bots and share replays of your best fights! Get the game now for free and become the star of the Crash Arena!

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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Reviews

  • Terrible

    By sundaygamer69
    The game is just pay to win the time you have to wait on box’s is ridiculously long and the more you pay the better parts you acquire basically the games needs more quest base stuff
  • C.a.t.s

    By Tyger o
    I think it’s fantastic
  • Ruined it

    By chappaz2k9
    The balloon weapon is horribly over powered. Anyone who has that can beat you easily as it makes the front of your machine float up so you can’t attack. On top of that, it’s yet another example of an overly greedy game. If you don’t spend a LOT of real money, the progression is incredibly slow. Even spending some real money (like £20 or $20), which is a huge amount for a phone game, doesn’t get you very far. It’s a shame really. Devs of this game, and others, don’t care about how much people enjoy the game. They just want to extract as many in-app purchases as possible before you get bored/frustrated and quit. If you didn’t spend money, you’d basically play 15 minutes per day and spend the rest of the time waiting 1 hour or 6 hours for boxes to open. I’d actually love to spend even £10 to buy a game like this, but apparently it’s not enough for the developers. And annoyingly, almost every game has this in app purchase model as it’s the biggest money maker. Unless you’re willing to spend a good amount of real money on this, it’s probably best avoided. Don’t get drawn into it and addicted where you spend money because you’ll just regret it eventually and feel like you have to keep spending more.
  • Ruined

    By iDrewtc
    This game used to be my favourite but has gone massively downhill since the update. Can’t play the game without regularly purchasing gems now.
  • I find it a very good game because even 5 year olds can play it with their mates

    By MR.poopybutt hole
  • C.A.T.S

    By Ant 007007
    Ur updates you setup still not coming though so I may delete because not being able to play should set at App Store first. Still no up date
  • Amazing game

    By Smmum
    Good game! I love it!😂
  • Work in progress?

    By Sid-on-ee
    I was a huge fan of this game but the last update has created a couple of issues. 1. The old league/championship structure was good because on alternate days, you would either get a promotion (if your machine was good enough) or get a league reward but with the new league set up, we no longer have a reward on alternate days. 2. There are now even fewer videos available to reduce box opening times. (I get the chance to watch 3 x videos per 24h period). 3. The new league system is a little confusing as parts cannot be sold or upgraded. (As a result, the parts I've unlocked for my league machines are quite poor and I am floundering around the bottom of the league with little chance of getting any higher whereas on the old system, I was a gold league player. I am hoping this will improve over time) This was an enjoyable game that was incredibly easy to play without having to pay for the privilege but it's started to get over-complicated and good progress is starting to get more and more reliant on spending gems/waiting for longer periods.
  • Update horror

    By l3ad Man
    After leaving players 8 months building the ultimate build and spending over £150 on this game and felt very good that I would be on the leaderboards, they updated the game and made everyone lose so much time and money just for greed, it's a pay to win system after the reset of all builds, horrible black hole game with no aim are direction to be a part of anymore apart from starting all over again for top players . Don't waste your time are money on this game as they don't care about the player only money, 5 stars before the update, 0 stars now
  • Used to to a great game.

    By Isamma
    This used to be a great game to play. But since the release of the latest update I cannot say the same. It has now focused on pay2win and the game now sadly reflects this.
  • Good game Ruined by greed

    By Tkkhgd
    Last update completely ruined the game. No prestige ranking so less boxes to win. No fast forwarding boxes with adverts. Useless new feature with a super league. Worse / lower items in boxes now. Development team = idiots
  • Poor

    By Smiffy0987654321
    Good to see more game creators become money hungry
  • Brilliant

    By eyez73
    Because you can take the boxes🦊
  • Excellent game and developers :)

    By Teabagalot
    Super fun and addictive game from a brilliant developers that listen to their community! Get involved and you won't regret it, look forward to seeing future changes in further updates! Happy gamer. :)
  • Good

    By Angry user 7583
    Well done - good recovery !!!!
  • Ndndhdjdnshsn

    By Khaliman sam
    I do not like the new update about the down button stuff it’s weird not good and confusing and very pointless it’s like being in two leagues and I quite liked stopping at 10 I don’t think it should go higher and you should get more legendary boxes
  • Not the same game, been ruined

    By iow
    I’d dip in and buy the occasional IAP, Not anymore, they appear to now be driven by greed and changed the mechanics. Avoid.
  • Terrible update

    By fcuk-off
    Latest update makes no sense what-so-ever. Why get rid of prestige levels? Championship does not give rewards like it use to. Ultimate section is totally pointless. Game was much better before the latest upgrade.
  • Give us all your money

    By Head like a what?
    This game is not even pay to win. It’s pay to play. Shocking money grabbing tactics in the new update.
  • New update

    By rabbit112298
    The new update they have ruined it

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