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The Secret To Money

By Creste LLC

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-09-08
  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 24.52 MB
  • Developer: Creste LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
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The Secret to Money is an app that is designed to change the way you think about money, and to radically change the circumstances of money in your life. Inspired by Rhonda Byrne's worldwide best selling phenomenon, The Secret, in this app you will develop a whole new perspective on your own personal finances and potential to live a life of abundance. The Secret to Money is a personal development program of games and daily activities created by Rhonda Byrne herself, featuring 5 powerful Secret-inspired practices that will help you develop a wealth mindset: DESIRES PURCHASES MANIFESTED MONEY DAILY INSPIRATIONS AFFIRMATIONS DESIRES: In this practice, you create a list of 7 things you would buy if money were no object. This "Secret" list reminds you of why you want more money in your life, and what it would actually feel like to have the things you desire most. PURCHASES: In this practice, you will change your mindset about money by spending large amounts of money in your imagination. Every day, you will receive virtual checks in escalating amounts from the Bank of the Universe, as first introduced in The Secret book. Using your imagination, you “spend” each check on whatever you want or need, and record these purchases within the app. Currencies are localised for each country and set according to the language and location setting on the phone or tablet. MANIFESTED MONEY: In this practice, you record all the ways that you have manifested money today - money you have received, saved, were gifted or refunded. You will be surprised by how much "Secret" money you begin to manifest every day that you are practicing The Secret to Money. DAILY INSPIRATIONS: When it comes to money, a little bit of inspiration goes a long way towards increasing the money in your life. In this daily practice, you will receive inspiring, financially themed messages drawn from The Secret books in order to help you change the way you think about money. Each inspiration is available to share. AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are positive statements that you make to create a positive mindset and change your life on a particular subject. In this daily practice, you will read 20 unique affirmations of wealth and abundance inspired by The Secret to help change your money mindset. The Secret to Money was designed specifically for you as your invitation to use The Secret in order to live the life of your dreams. As Rhonda says herself: "When I discovered The Secret back in 2004, the first big subject that I used The Secret for was money. "Like many people, I was brought up with the belief that money is hard to come by, and that you have to work really hard for money. I even had the belief that I would never have much money because my family didn’t have money. "All these beliefs came from just one belief – a belief in a lack of money. "So, in 2004, while researching for The Secret film, I created many different money practices and invented lots of imaginary money games in order to change my belief in a lack of money to a belief in an abundance of money. I committed to these practices, and did them every day. Considering the decades I had believed in a lack of money, it didn’t take too long for me to see the circumstances of money begin to change in my life. And today, there is no lack in my life whatsoever. "I know that whatever I can do anyone can do – and that’s why we created The Secret to Money App. The Secret team has taken my life-changing money practices that took me from lack to abundance and put them into The Secret to Money App. The App is simple, practical, and designed to radically change the circumstances of money in your life, as it did for me."

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download The Secret To Money appstore reviewdownload The Secret To Money appstore reviewdownload The Secret To Money appstore reviewdownload The Secret To Money appstore reviewdownload The Secret To Money appstore review

The Secret To Money Reviews

  • A must to download

    By ania7
    Can't go without it.
  • Helps me to stay focused

    By Gxuduci
    I really enjoy using the app daily. The cheques make me realise how little I need to get the things I truly want
  • Fabulous

    By Happyp 29
    Such a great and fun filled app Delightful to use
  • Fabulous

    By PMA angel
    Love it got such PMA since I started using this app
  • Very inspiring and motivational

    By HannahMarsden
    This app helps me to believe in the power of the universe and has helped me to have a more positive outlook. I believe I will get there, it's just a journey I need to go on and this app gives you all the tools for that journey. Since using it I am finding money everywhere!
  • Love this🙌🏽❤️

    By Djanola
    Wonderful app, was a little hesitant at the purchase price initially. However has completely changed the way I use to fear money. It's also really fun, and spending huge amounts of money is not as easy as I would of initially thought. Wonderful!!! ❤️
  • Great app

    By iamjadestoner
    Wealth is a mindset & this app really helps you to get your mind right around money. It's designed to help you reprogram limiting beliefs around money & expand your mind so you can attract more money into your life. It's also a lot of fun, so download, use & enjoy!
  • Fantastic

    By Gridella
    Worth the price of £4.99! You will get that amount of money back in no time!!! A fantastic idea! Everyday the cheque is deposited into the account & you have a day to spend it! I went shopping in Liverpool the other day and as i saw something i wanted i purchased it on the App! It did feel good & has helped me shift my attitude towards money! I believe practicing spending everyday will manifest real results! 👍🏻
  • very helpful and fun

    By Aida.b
    I am so thankfull for this app , it makes manifesting so much fun and is very easy to use , very organised and you can use it any time of the day .
  • The law of attraction, believe it and it will come!

    By InviteEleanor
    This app helps you to feel the joy of spending the money it gives you. You write down what you have spent it on and then relax in the knowledge that if you believe it enough the universe will move anything in your way to getting it.
  • Grace and Gratitude

    By Angel in Norton
    Great for light workers, angels, elementals and mere muggles alike. Manifesting all your needs and desires is focused by the positive practice of spending money on anything that brings you and the world blessings and aligns you with your chosen path to bring more light and love to the world. This app, the positive statements and the layout all allow you to dream big, have fun and practise FEELING thoughtful, generous, grateful and graceful about money and about giving and receiving consciously. I have become a magnet for all good with the help of this app, so thank you to the creators, IT, designers and admin for bringing us an important spiritual tool for our earthly needs 😊💜✨
  • Fab

    By No more biscuits
    Brilliant app really helps u focus and it's amazing how quickly the money starts rolling in
  • Amazing

    By Mony mummy
    It's so great app to make you feel the reality of having all the money and experience of spending in real stuff 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Reminds me to think rich!

    By MillieMillions
    Love it.... Thank you
  • I'm happy

    By T20122012
    Waiting to see further results but it is really useful to focus on the other bits of manifesting I have achieved like vouchers, gifts, etc. Clever app.
  • Good fun!

    By Nancykitt
    Really does shift the mindset- and it's great fun spending the money deposited!
  • Amazing

    By Diva_dee86
    Amazing app, really does make you feel good about money! Also makes you think more positive, worth the buy! Since using the app I can honestly say the power of the universe is amazing. Good purchase! Thankful
  • Wonderful

    By I Kaminska-Mason
    Absolutely fantastic as all SECRET theory is. Before I get "the Secret" I followed Joseph Murphy with his "Power of subconscious" what is exactly the same! Thanks to God he passed this to another book!
  • Awesome App Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    By Very very dissapointed
    Have used the secret for years got all books tapes and audio on my phone, I listen to The Secret on my phone every morning vehement I rise and have a shower and get ready , sets me up for the day ! Been listening for years and still manage to find something never picked up on before. On this App I look forward to hearing the kerching kerching at 8 am every morning and decide throughout my day what I'm gonna buy with my daily cheque , love this and the Fabulous Feeling Of Been Rich and can buy what I like !!!
  • Money app

    By YPM123
    This app has completely changed the way i think and feel about money and how just talking and thinking about money can make more money. I love the daily affirmations. Just go ahead and buy it you won't be sorry

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