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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-16
  • Current Version: 8.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.16 GB
  • Developer: SEGA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Score: 4
From 598 Ratings

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Football Manager Mobile 2017 is the quickest way to manage your chosen club to glory. With compatibility across the majority of smartphones and tablets, FM Mobile 2017 is designed to be played on the go. Take charge of any club from 15 countries across the world, including all the big European leagues. You decide on transfers, tactics, who plays and who sits on the bench. It’s down to you to keep the players, the board and the fans happy and lead your club to victory. FM Mobile 2017 delivers many new and improved features over previous releases in the series. Two New Leagues You can now take control of your favourite clubs in Poland and Turkey – more leagues than ever before. User Interface Further improvements have been made to the user interface to make FM Mobile 2017 more intuitive than ever before. Improved Scouting Getting player recruitment right is an important part of football management. Search and hire your own scouts to help with future signings. Additional Transfer Options Loan players with a future buyout clause and appeal work permit applications, giving you more ways to get in that ideal player. Tighter squad control Poor performances, unprofessional behaviour and dismissals in prior matches can all be actioned against. Discipline and fine players to show them who’s boss.

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Football Manager Mobile 2017 Reviews

  • Playable League's

    By Wingnut 82
    Top game as ever. A request for next update/game would be the inclusion of the MLS and the Chinese League please.
  • Unrealistic

    By Jamess pridee
    Very random game with random results. I went from winning the prem, europa cup, euro super cup, fa cup and league cup all in one season with arsenal to then being in 7th position and ended up getting sacked the next season with the same players, same tactics etc. Stupid!!
  • Underwhelming

    By thuglet
    Feels like your playing championship manager, without the nostalgia. Would not play again.
  • Where's the fun when you can't win?

    By Spudulike987
    Nice interface. Pretty game. But, oh Lord! The AI. The game seems to have a system in it where if you're doing too well it determines you WILL NOT win the next game. Not a chance. No way. No amount of save games or tactics changes or trying to figure out where you went wrong will solve it. I've been playing sides where my team are fresh, with £30m players, facing off against Southampton, with ten men, three injuries and their side is exhausted... and their team thrashed me with 20 shots on goal to one for me. And it doesn't matter how many times you reload. You shall not pass. I've had similar games against Burnley. One WBA game I replayed more than 40 times. Couldn't even pull a draw against a ten man side. Where's the fun in a game that's rigged like that?
  • Needs More Storylines???

    By Instagram-: seanlaurent11
    Great Game, I have spent hours playing this current title and well worth the price tag... Just feel that it would be so much better if the developers installed more storylines in the game to make it more exciting as being 4 seasons in the game starts to get a bit boring and unless you change clubs you can't really spice it up. During the season it would be great if you had things like a saga built up about you signing a new player or one of your players wanting to leave or having to deal with a player caught on a night out or even just half time team talks to get your players motivated. Just situations that relate to real life. Thankyou
  • Review

    By 4);£;2@,31@
    The number of offside goals given is beyond ridiculous, at time 2 a game. The number of goals conceded by set pieces, especially corners regardless of how tall, strong or talented your defenders are is frustrating. Some career modes I've found to frequently to get bizarre red cards in the opening minutes of games. Other clubs constantly stealing your transfer targets (only because you have just made a bid for them) before you have time to react. Number of late goals conceded in the final 10 minutes of again is disproportionate to reality. All of the above are long standing issues that need resolved, ESPECIALLY THE OFFSIDE GOALS, its bizarre and far to frequent. In one season I can recall having at least 15 plus offside goals given against ONE player. Still decent game and pretty addictive but frustrating equally.
  • Broken

    By DeathKiller121
    Great game but highly frustrating when your bid for a player gets rejected whilst a much lower bid get accepted. This keep on happening a kind of ruins the game
  • Fantastic, could be better

    By Kyle Bob 12345678910
    I feel like a veteran to the mobile Football Manager and have seen some fantastic additions to the game in recent years. However, so much more could be done to improve the experience of not just mine, but other users experience. We pay what, £6.99 for the game (worth every penny in my opinion) but here are some things that I'd love to see introduced: • Being offered jobs by international and league teams • Introducing the American leagues • Realistic aims and objectives set by the board • More player interaction and training • Development of players being more random (not just predictable real life wonderkinds) • Better youth promotions • Fix the loaning system • More media interactions and conversations PS, thanks for the amazing game and keep up the great work! Please just add some of the above features, it would make the game much more enjoyable and addictive!
  • Gets worse every year

    By Ubiwooby
    Just not very good anymore. I much preferred the older versions of a few years go. The newer versions are virtually unplayable for me. Results feel far too random, tactics seem to have little effect on the game. Basically irritating and dull.
  • Chinese league

    By Brett1989
    Great game a lot better than 2016 BUT can't play as manager for China teams. Is it possible to do it and I'm just not seeing it or is there a reason as to why I can't. Any info back would be appreciated
  • (England international)

    By 1z9hqmental
    Would be tempted to give 4-5 stars but on there is to many bugs with regards to internationals been waiting ages to take charge and England are in group D in the euros losing 2-1 to Azerbaijan and losing 1-0 to Gibraltar and still no sacking spite not winning any major tournament or even qualifying. On manager profile it's ok or at max "insecure " and that's the end no sacking no nothing. Just want this bug fixed as it would never happen on the real strange as England manager.

    By Hakakavhajavauhagajavauabaiaha
    Addictive but always changes my player roles without me changing them?? especially my striker always changes to a Target man without me doing it ☹️ messes me up time to time getting annoying
  • Okay

    By jottenham
    Good game but graphics go fuzzy sometimes
  • Review speaks for itself...

    By Rewritten69
    Unrealistic simulations Hundreds of disallowed goals! Constant injuries! Slow player development Tactical roles have no effect Instructions have no effect Team training has no effect Unrealistic transfer bids Team form isn't consistent This game was simply thrown out the door! Every year the same issues appear! Fix this ASAP
  • Could be so good!

    By KwakiDan
    I have played this series of games for over 20 years. This is one of the worst versions so far. The restrictions on work permits for players from the EU after Brexit is totally unrealistic. There is no way this is reflective of how the situation will really be. Secondly, the number of equalizing or winning goals conceded in the last five minutes of a game is disproportionately high. This game has been ruined by these two points. I strongly urge the developers to rectify this ASAP.
  • Terrible

    By scott.b.1996
    Terrible game which is really disappointing considering how much I normally enjoy football manager. It's unrealistic and half the starting team from bigger teams aren't even included. Absolute waste of money which is a shame
  • Internationals & Youth

    By SwarveyMcGarvey
    Great game, BUT.. Managing an international team could do with being a little bit better.. Being able to select what players from that country to be in the squad would make it alot better.. instead of the 1s given to you.. Also the youth is garbage, most of the youth are rubbish UNTIL you promote 1 or 2 of them .. THEN a new crop of youngsters appear, and they have better ratings.. other than that it's still great, bought for the last 4 years now..
  • Zero stars

    By Soccermad 123
    Awful. Make sure you get the touch version instead the mobile version. I can't believe you have to pay for this junk. I would still delete this app evens if it's free. I bought it as I thought it was the touch version as I have the touch 2015 edition. So so poor :(
  • Meh

    By Donadonaroma
    It's an amazing game, definitely worth the money! But why is my Chelsea team loosing Carlisle united? I lost 2-0 wtf😂😂😂😂
  • Very frustrating!

    By GwionG
    So many dubious goals awarded against you, as well as so many instant replies when you score. Players are ridiculously inconsistent, and team form goes out of the window!

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