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Day One Journal

By Bloom Built Inc

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-02-04
  • Current Version: 2.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 174.51 MB
  • Developer: Bloom Built Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 985 Ratings

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App Store Best of 2016 *50% off for a Limited Time!* Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One's elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure. --- With Day One 2.0, we're proud to provide Day One Sync — a fast, free, and secure service for syncing your data between all your devices. Day One Sync lays the foundation for many new features: a web app, an IFTTT channel, private-key encryption, and more. In tandem with Day One Sync, you can also use iCloud for backups. PLEASE NOTE: iCloud and Dropbox syncing *are not* supported in Day One 2.0. If using iCloud or Dropbox syncing is essential to you, use Day One Classic. For more information, see: --- “Day One, our favorite way to journal with your Apple devices, just got a huge update. Rebuilt from the ground up, the plethora of features that made Day One so great are still present.” — The Sweet Setup --- WHAT'S NEW: - Multiple Photos per entry (up to ten inline photos) - Multiple Journals (up to ten journals with unique colors and names) - Day One Sync 2.0 (See for more details.) - Map View - Custom Reminders - Entry Management (select, move, tag, and delete multiple entries at a time) - Timeline Filters (star, tags, location, year, activity, and music) - Timezone Support - 3D Touch - Local, Exportable Backups --- “It's hard to make the best even better, but the sequel to Day One lives up to expectations—and then some.” — App Store Editor's Choice --- OTHER FEATURES: - Passcode Lock with Touch ID - Automatic metadata (location, weather, motion activity, step count, and music) - Apple Watch App - Search - Tags and Stars - Export to PDF with smart filters - Today Extension - Share Extension - Export to PDF and plain text - Elegant Markdown Editor --- “The new Day One has a slicker design, a much bigger emphasis on photos, and a handful of new ways to filter your journal to see entries from a certain place or time or from a specific topic.” — Wired Magazine --- LEARN MORE: Day One 2.0: Day One Sync: --- For technical assistance or other inquiries, email:

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Day One Journal Reviews

  • Please bring back calendar UI of version 1

    By iDan_touch5
    This is undoubtedly the best journal app for iOS & it's a delight to see that it is regularly updated and refined. The only major disappointment is the removal of the far superior calendar interface from the original Day One - whereby the lower third of the screen showed the entry of each day and would change as your finger glided across the calendar dates... it was both elegant and useful for exploring your entries. Please reinstate this, if only as a "calendar preview" option. It would really add to the user experience.
  • There's a lot to like

    By Pixsmith
    I'm new to mindfulness and keeping a journal. Day One is a great app for enabling you to capture your thoughts and experiences wherever you are. I like that I can upload photos, reference web pages, and tag entries. The immediacy is great. I don't think I'd keep it up if I was using a paper journal. Thanks for a lovely app 👍 It would be great if you could add video clips to an entry too - maybe one for a future update?
  • Brilliant App

    By Zaksky
    Particularly helped me when I was ill and going through a bad time. I love reading back through the old posts and the 'on this day' feature shows you the entries for the same day a year, two years and three years ago. Seeing how I reacted to life events like bereavement is a real eye opener and actually helped me when facing such experiences again. I would recommend this app to anyone but it is particularly helpful to write down your thoughts when going through a difficult time, whatever the reason. On a long trip to the Falkland Islands I was able to log my experiences every day and added photographs to remind me of what we did each day. Brilliant. Just go for it.
  • Very good

    By Jamassey
    Couple of tweaks needed on the interface, but otherwise brilliant. It now journals most of my life, thanks to the IFTT integration. Hope book printing comes to the UK - only writing this stuff down to give to my kids in later life!
  • Back into Journalling

    By Mrsstreakauserroooooo
    My mental health has improved exponentially since using this app. Unlike the insecurity of paper (will someone find it? will this take up too much space?) Day One is safe, secure and secret. It's also much quicker to give an account of your thoughts when you're typing > writing them. I journal as soon as I'm dressed, everyday. Make a habit out of it!
  • Great App

    By Sen Eng Har
    I'm loving the app for my daily musings. Very quick and easy to jot down a few notes and attach a photo or two. Encourages me to keep my journal, where other apps have failed. Only been using it a couple of months but can see its already become part of my routine. Three months on, and as predicted it has become part of my routine. Great product.
  • Journaling beginner

    By Jd550
    Very good app for journaling
  • Once billiant app, currently crippled

    By T0m77
    Let me be clear, I've been using Day One for several years now and of the 300+ apps on my phone this app has always remained in my top 5 apps. I've recorded over 7,000 entries and it's become an invaluable record of my children's lives. And until about 6 months ago I was making several journal entries a day with no issues, and have always had an excellent response from the support team. Unfortunately the app has become unusable in the last few months and despite reassurances from the development team and several updates in that time it doesn't appear to have got any better. So with all that said, this review is more a last resort plea for help than a scathing review. This app has, and should be a solid 5 star app, so I write this with the hope that I will quickly be able to edit it back to its proper deserved rating. The reason it should be 5 stars is because, when working, it is the simplest and yet most intuitive journaling app I've encountered. Allowing quick and easy entry of a wide variety of journal types and the ability to tag and geotag entries making it easy to find entries in the future. The 'on this day' feature is a wonderful way to review you past entries and relive memories from the past few years at a glance. However - for the last few months the following issues have prevented the app from being usable and have led to such frustration that I feel this review is the only recourse I have left: 1. The app is now unstable and frequently crashes after attempting the first entry (I'm running it on a 256GB iPhone 7 so there should be no problems handling the processing) 2. When trying to enter photos from your photo stream the photos won't load and aren't viewable from the app, so what should take a few seconds becomes a long and arduous process as you don't know whether the photos will load or the app will simply crash 3. The system for tagging photos no longer functions properly. Whilst tags used to appear almost instantly as you began to type them, they now take up to half a minute to load each time, making entering new journal entries a long and tiresome process. 4. Even after entering a journal the app frequently refuses to save it and often crashes 5. The 'on this day' feature often pulls up random days for no apparent reason 6. The app eats battery life at an insane rate, heating up the phone after about 10 minutes constant use (this is a long standing issue, but I hope it would have improved with the newer versions of the iPhone) As I said, the developers always respond quickly when contacted, but after several updates and the situation worsening I'm losing faith that these issues are resolvable. Over the years I've been evangelical about telling my friends about this app, but the recent issues have made me reluctant to do so. So if you're considering a new journaling app my current advice would be to wait and see if these issues get resolved in the near future because when working there's no other app that can touch this, but in its present state it's not worth the cost in time and frustration.
  • Lovin' it!

    By English Paula
    Brilliant app. Use it daily. Better than spending your time uploading to social media, this one's for keeps. Would like PDF print out to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing please! But does everything I need. :-) Update... Still using years on 😊😊. Still happy with it!!
  • Awesome

    By MartynRawr
    This app finally got me journalling on a semi-regular basis. Super happy.
  • Best journal app out there

    By 32WindsorGardens
    Simple to use but also powerful should you need it. Without doubt the best journal app available.
  • Oh

    By CohanRobinson
    I had heard this synced using Dropbox, apparently no longer does. Means I can't sync with my log.
  • Amazing app

    By veneziabonita
    I love this app!
  • Thank you for this App

    I have been using Day One Apps since 2014 and have loved every minute. Using this diary has been fascinating as well as therapeutic. It has been great to look back upon 'This Day Last Year' to see all the subtle changes in my life. Recognising the past enables you to move forward into the future. Many thanks for the Day One App.
  • passcode is useless, app is insecure

    By AppSupApp
    all the journal can still be seen in a task manager after the app is in background still a valid concern with the latest updates
  • Easiest way to do gratitude journal

    By Obi1uk
    Haven't missed a day since i got app over 4 months a day. Longest i have kept a journal in my life. Easy to post photos quotes etc
  • Frustrating!

    By Is any username available
    Update: continual frustration that despite the app having the ability to add 10 photos to each entry, that it crashes if you try to add more than 2 at a time. Dayone just want crash reports which I can't get them because my laptop is broken so I just have to put up with it?!?! I bought the original DayOne app and loved it. Lots of improvements were promised through future updates. Now those improvements have been introduced through a new app which I have to pay for?!? I feel like I've been conned out of £3.99. The sync issues are a MASSIVE step backwards. Sort out the Dropbox sync please.

    By Musicchell
    I love this app & the latest update has really made it more fun & attractive and easier to use :)
  • Brilliant App

    By Tootles1000
    Simply great at what it does. I love the way it works. Highly recommended.
  • Improved

    By davidjahughes
    I stopped using Day One after the 2 update. But paper journaling doesn't work for me so I'm giving it another go. Better UX/UI on the iPhone - the activity feed is improved. Still missing an entry only 'minimalist' writing view on the iPad - this would make it an amazing app. Still have concerns over syncing my personal thoughts via their servers. Would love a return to Dropbox or iCloud.

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