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WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game

By Scopely

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-01-25
  • Current Version: 0.161
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 144.10 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,530 Ratings

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WWE Old School…WWE New School…Let’s Settle This! Your dream rivalries are happening live in WWE: Champions, the free RPG that pits the WWE’s greatest Superstars against each other in the ultimate quest for stardom. Create and customize your team of Superstars, and battle them through the generations of the WWE’s greatest. Think you’ve got the best team? Prove it! Send your team into the PVP ring and test your fighting skills. Win, and your champions will live on as immortals. Lose, and face defeat at your opponent’s hands. The fast-paced wrestling action is easy to learn and rewards skill and quick thinking. Come join a community of fellow WWE fans battling for reputation, power and bragging rights in WWE: Champions! ==WWE: CHAMPIONS FEATURES== COLLECT Iconic Superstars From the 80’s and 90’s Through Today Travel the history of the WWE and assemble your dream roster of champions from the 80s, 90s and modern era. The Rock, Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage, John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Andre The Giant and more are ready to enter the ring. UPGRADE Your Dream Team With RPG Customization Earn XP from fighting in the ring and upgrade your champions to increase their power and customize epic moves. Combine a wide variety of skills and upgrades to create a completely unique team. ENTER the PVP Ring to Fight With Friends Team up with friends and tag team against rivals, or turn heel and fight against them for bragging rights. DISCOVER New Champions and Monthly Events Just like the WWE, Champions is evolving year-round. Join the community in weekly bouts that re-create upcoming Smackdown and Raw battles, enter monthly title events, and recruit up-and-coming Superstars. BATTLE in 1-on-1 or Tag Team Matches Experience a unique puzzle take on the WWE. Match puzzle pieces to attack, build up energy and even pin your enemies using signature wrestling moves. Think fast and play skillfully to unleash devastation on your enemies in epic battles that you can finish in less than five minutes anytime, anywhere. CRUSH Opponents With Signature Moves End games and obliterate rivals with signature moves like John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment and The Rock’s legendary Rock Bottom. Marvel at powerful upgraded moves that will have your enemies scrambling for safety. WWE: Champions is the ultimate puzzle RPG. Become a promoter in the brutal world of the WWE, play puzzle games to fight your rivals, and collect new Superstars to build the ultimate team. Bring your dream rivalries anywhere with WWE: Champions. Download for free and start battling today!

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download WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game appstore reviewdownload WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game appstore reviewdownload WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game appstore reviewdownload WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game appstore reviewdownload WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game appstore review

WWE Champions - NEW RPG Puzzle Game Reviews

  • Best in the world

    By Domerainaters FC
    This game is the most entertaining game I have ever played in my life.I like the game modes as well.
  • Long Haul

    By DomDodo76
    It's takes a while or would be expensive but once you have a few wrestlers and they are powered up then it gets better. Been playing grow months and just starting to get there
  • Awesome

    By TiffanyHirst
    Awsome game 10 out of 10
  • Loving the Game

    By daniel1993305
  • Do Not Get!

    By LordFishGandalf
    The game is rigged. Not only are the games rigged but the game is Pay2Win.
  • Quite expensive

    By Finastokie
    You can only get so far without spending money on packs etc not really fair and I have never known a game crash so much Very poor
  • Pretty addictive

    By Martin Grist
    Quite an addictive game, that brings back great memories of my childhood when seeing names like the ultimate warrior and Brett Hart on screen
  • The Worlds Hustle

    By Philkid224
    It's a good game with lots to do & different superstars to collect. I think it would be better if we could go for the titles to make our champions & creative superstar slot for our own
  • Amazing

    By Vendyx2015
    Absolutely amazing gaming experience
  • Disappointed

    By brawler81
    U save up gold and coins but u never get rewarded SO DISAPPOINTING
  • Can someone tell me what the songs are called

    By Hehdhebfirna
    Good game addicting broke my old phone playing it
  • Best game ever

    By a19b77
    You get the rock john cena undertaker triple h and more I highly recommended it to you
  • WWE champions

    By A11b253
  • Powerhouse

    By Vick2488
    Really nice game. Love to play it
  • Does not work after update

    By Dasher7532
    Does not even load. Keeps coming up with errors
  • Not bad

    By Scottyb31
    Decent enough version of the break block games. Would be better if they made it easier to get and upgrade superstars instead of making it so long winded and would be better if you can get rid of the side missions that you can't or don't want to do
  • Mega superstar

    By vito sardelli
    Could be better if it were easier to get mega superstars by this 2 star gold and 3 star bronze
  • Ok

    By Wheeler1989
    Not bad hard to unlock new superstars
  • Could be a great game, but...

    By greyhammeruk
    Like the title said, this could be a great game, but it is ruined by a three key failings... 1. Matches are very often rigged against you, with combos happening for the opponent roughly five times more often than for you. It is blatant and gets more blatant the further up the skill tree you try to go. 2. The character progression is far, far too slow. Compare it to another popular game of this genre that I also play, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and Champions is, quite frankly, a joke. There is a very thick glass ceiling that you WILL NOT get past, unless you are spectacularly fortunate to get a two or three star character from the free loot, or spend a ridiculous amount of money, which leads me to.... 3. What you get for your money is laughable. I decided to invest a tenner to give me a leg up, like I did with MPQ. For my money, I got a trifling amount of in game cash and a few useless trinkets (one or two of an item I needed ten of to progress my character). In conclusion, this game is set up to be one of the most brazen money grabbers I think I've seen on the App Store. The first advert on the main screen is most often a bonus pack costing £99! Awfully tempting for the demographic this is surely aimed at (kids). With WWE Network being such great value for money for a wrestling fan, I was really shocked by this game. WWE normally prides itself on its fan service and this is a real kick in the teeth.
  • More problems than jay z

    By Si3434
    It's a good game but it's got so many bugs and flaws. From not being able to see heal requests in faction chat to random crashes. Also it's massively pay to play but also has loads of adverts and today I can't even get on because it says data error when it loads 😡

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